The Venue in Spring

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This is an article that I wrote about the Venue in Spring, Texas which was published on the NewsBreak app online recently. The original publication can be found by searching "The Venue" on the NewsBreak app on your phone.

Submitted: June 07, 2019

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Submitted: June 07, 2019




Moving is one of the most stressful, expensive decisions that we will make in our lives. It is critical to research a potential neighborhood to discover as much as possible about a property before you commit the effort, finances, and trust into a place that you will call your home. Honesty is paramount to making an informed choice, but it can be difficult to ascertain authenticity by online reviews alone. I’d like to share a few of the key characteristics about this estate that I wish I’d known before making the adjustment and settling my family into this community.

Two years ago, I needed to move to a property in-district for my RN program and my daughter's college-prep academy. There is a plethora of opportunities to select from when seeking to rent in this area. I toured a variety of comparable developments in Spring throughout the process of finding our new home. Serendipitously, I have been blessed with a worthwhile stay at the Venue apartment complex on Spring Plaza drive in Spring, Texas.

This complex was manufactured in 2016 by Cortland properties Inc. which began leasing the following year. At a price point of around $1,400 per month, our two-bedroom apartment home has proven to be more valuable to us than equivalently furnished properties in this zip code. After much deliberation, we selected the Venue and have not regretted our decision.

The grounds are immaculately maintained and the unit we moved into was brand new. The groundskeepers are prompt and efficient. Whenever we need service, we are taken care of swiftly and with great precision. The office always emails and texts us to let us know when we have a package awaiting us in the storeroom. Office attendants give lollipops to children after school and always decorate for holidays. Our neighbors are cheerful, working-class people who are a joy to chat with. Elevators make carrying groceries and moving furniture a breeze to transport. Our parking spaces are always waiting for us every night and we never have trouble finding a space, which is a major problem for other properties in the area. There are no potholes in the lot either, which is greatly appreciated.

The office hours are very convenient. I have never had to wait longer than about 10 minutes to speak to someone when requiring assistance. Some representatives exhibit an uppity, combative attitude- while others are beyond friendly and helpful. A glamorous cinema is available by reservation to watch movies on a big screen, complete with rows of luxurious seating and a handsome popcorn machine. A spacious common area is provided to residents to play billiards and shuffleboard with friends and family.

I love being able to rely upon the facility's printers when I need paperwork printed out for my school or for work. Four touch-screen apple desktops are offered in the resident office, along with a conference table and several television sets overhanging the walls. The WIFI signal is strong in all corners of the property. A generous community gym is accessible 24 hours a day- which is a considerate asset for night-owls and people who work late. The pool area is my favorite amenity, a true delight after a long, hot day. Natural gas grills are available to prepare steaks and grilled vegetables whenever you may get the munchies.

Key fobs are utilized to enter the gates and access the amenities. Replacement fobs are $100 each, so be sure to keep yours safe and secure. My daughter accidentally dropped one of ours down the gap in the elevator shaft, which was painful to replace. In addition to a balcony for every dwelling, washers and dryers are installed in each unit. Garbage is collected in a waste room on every level. The appliances are standard, and you have several floorplans to select from which may contain either carpet or faux wood. Ceiling fans and white window shades are installed in every bedroom and living quarter.

Unfortunately, we have been robbed twice since we moved here. The first time, our truck was stolen. The other time our truck window was broken, and our tools were stolen from the backseat. We are far from alone as victims of crime in our community, and we have heard of far worse violations in our area from our neighbors here and at other complexes in the neighborhood. The Venue is a gated territory, yet somehow the thieves were able to either scale the fence or to come in behind another resident entering the gate. I have reason to believe the thieves were not residents, but perhaps acquaintances of a resident. One bad apple certainly spoils the whole bunch in this case.

I notified the office attendant at the time of the burglary, and we called the police. When I made the report at the front desk, the rep on duty communicated an apathetic reaction, accompanied by an ineffective, helpless response. She failed to show compassion or to convey that we had been heard. She offered no reasonable expectation of protection for the future, which told me that the Cortland Partners do not have a plan in place to ensure the safety and security of residents; despite the gate surrounding the property. This is certainly not unusual for this area, to be clear.

Gratefully, the police were able to locate our truck within hours of its disappearance thanks to our OnStar membership subscription. The second time we were robbed, however, we were unable to recover the tools that were stolen which added up to a $2,000 loss for us, plus the insurance deductible to repair the window. Hiring a security officer to patrol the estate would perhaps reduce the crime. Yet, at the price we pay currently, that protection may be an unrealistic expectation. We always carry everything into our apartment each night without fail, no matter how inexpensive it may seem.

We recently renewed our lease and were made aware of a few issues by the attendant helping us. The consultant who assisted me that day offered to have the property manager contact me to ensure that our lease was renewed, and all was in order. I failed to receive any communication whatsoever in the form of a telephone call or email, so I called and left a message and received a recorded promise of a callback. As the week went by, I never received a call or an email pertaining to my lease renewal. Worried, I personally emailed the property manager the following week. I did not receive a reply or any type of indication that my message had been received, which surprised me and provided an additional layer of anxiety to my typical load of burdens.

After a few days, I visited the office on my way to school to solve the problem. A front desk clerk argued with me, but ultimately acknowledged the issue by the time I ended the conversation and offered a handshake. I thanked her with a smile and trusted that my issue had been resolved. I have thick skin, so this brand of conduct is not a deal-breaker for me, but it could be for others. There may be someone who instantly dislikes, disrespects, or fails to dispense dignity to you no matter where you choose to live. Behavior is a complicated ideology that affects everyone it touches. It has been worth the risk for me and my family so far and we can bear a few obstacles along the way, with patience.

Having owned and managed homes across Texas and Montana throughout the years, I am genuinely impressed by the caliber of engineering that goes into the management and organization of this estate overall. I would suggest this complex to young families and professionals alike who work or attend school in Spring. One of the best things about living here is the principal location, which lies in the matrix of acclaimed medical facilities and beloved universities, as well as a wealth of distinguished restaurants. Not to mention the exceptional shopping nearby and plentiful commerce available at a stone’s throw.

Overall, I am pleased to reside here and would recommend the Venue to hopeful candidates searching for a convenient, modern rental home in the Spring area- who seek to enjoy a comfortable quality of life and are ready to try new, exciting things. The rates are reasonable and competitive for all of the benefits and amenities afforded to you, while the locus could not be more prized. I have enjoyed my residency and would make the same decision to move here again, knowing what I know now.

If you sign a lease, get a copy of it right away and have your lawyer examine the documents to ensure you understand the terms and to determine if every aspect is exactly what you agreed to. Maintain a security system for your vehicle and lock all valuables away in your home or in a safe depository, which goes for every complex in Spring. Conduct all business in person for the best results. Keep in mind, the attitude that others display towards you is often a reflection of their own feelings of self-worth, and not what you deserve. If you can overlook a snooty desk clerk or two, you can enjoy a worthwhile stay at the Venue apartment complex in Spring. Best of success on your quest for happiness, and welcome to the neighborhood!


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