The Tell~Tale Lunatic

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Diverting the human mind is an evolving art....

Submitted: June 07, 2019

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Submitted: June 07, 2019



Here are some disturbing real life stories ~

Before I tell you the gut-wrenching story of how I ended up in this putrid purgatory, let me first share with you something profound about yourself. Let me offer to you a fact of your own reality about which you may wish step outside of your normal routine and theorize. Your mind and body are under a constant barrage of attacks by a multitude of varying power factions whose covert agendas are, at times, diametrically opposed even to each other. I caution you, however, not to misinterpret their infighting as a sign of weakness; because, what they learn from battling each other, they quickly apply to their onslaught of you. It’s all part of the Witch’s diabolical scheme.

Permit me to give you a for instance. Meat and dairy products are heavily promoted by the Corporate Controlled Military Industrial Complex as a means of enslaving the general population and accelerating environmental mutation. It is open public knowledge that Cro-Magnon, a now extinct species of so-called early modern humans, possessed a cranial volume which was on average larger than that of the humans of today, that is to say you and I, but what the consumer controlling Establishment isn’t telling you is that people who lived even as recently as two hundred years ago possessed larger skulls than we do today.

What is really being released into the air when the mosquito spray truck passes inconspicuously through your neighborhood at night? Are those white, puffy lines that crisscross the sky really vapor trails left by jet exhaust, or are they mind-control chemicals dispersed high in Earth’s atmosphere to rain down upon an unsuspecting populous? Have you ever heard the term Genetically Modified Organism, often abbreviated GMO? What is being done to us at our unawares? What insidious plot is being executed upon you at this very moment? Can you feel the secret, hidden eyes watching you? Do you ever glance over your shoulder to see the hideous shape of the monstrous agenda that is breathing down your innocent, hunted neck? Can you hear the whispering voices chanting the ancient tongue?

The rapid rise of commercial livestock populations made possible by technological development has led to a marked increase in the consumption of meat and dairy products by the average person. A diet consisting of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb in combination with regular consumption of milk, cheese, butter, and ice cream has had a profound effect upon human anatomical development. The carcinogenic mutagens contained in meat and dairy products are causing increasing numbers of infants to be born with smaller head circumference which, of course, leads to an adult human population of ever decreasing cranial capacity. Smaller heads = smaller brains.

This physiological deficiency is accompanied by deficits in general intellectual functioning. Students perform poorly across a broad model of fundamental critical thinking skills and development tests. There is a notable weakening of human resolve based on dramatically shortened attention span and radically lowered sensory awareness of environmental surroundings.

Do you know what POPs are? Persistent Organic Pollutants are organic compounds which resist environmental decomposition, some requiring as long as a century to degrade. Meat and dairy products contribute substantially to the concentration of POPs in the soil, water, and air of the planet upon which we all depend for life.

The numbers of livestock have reached an all-time high, many orders of magnitude beyond anything animal husbandry has ever before seen on our world. Have you ever considered what such unprecedented numbers of cattle, swine, goats, and poultry are doing to our planet? A molecule formed by the covalent bonding of a carbon atom with four hydrogen atoms is one of the most potent of all greenhouse gases. Methane is being flooded into Earth’s atmosphere by the ever increasing quantity of animals being raised for human consumption. The sheer scope of the voluminous emissions of methane from the belching, flatulence, and decomposing feces of commercially raised livestock is shocking to behold.

Meat and dairy products, fossil fuels, hydrofluorocarbons, gas guzzling outboard motors and SUVs - the natural environment of Earth is being insidiously and secretly transformed in preparation for the coming of a new breed which shall emerge from the incomprehensible shadowy depths of the stealthy, invisible hunger that stalks the human mind as its prey. The theory of the psychological primer effect coupled with sensation transference is being employed by the manipulators of the mass media to distract us from the fact that our diet is being used to genetically alter us and, in the same fell swoop, fundamentally reshape the planet upon which we all live.

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, ammonium chloride, monosodium glutamate - health zealots lambaste about the dangers these industrial food additives pose for the human body, but does anyone ever consider what these commercially produced and widely spread chemicals are doing to the human brain? What are these synthetic molecular compounds that are used as primary ingredients in all processed foods? What unknown effects are these scientifically engineered substances having on your mind?

Our diet is reducing our intelligence and lowering our subliminal threshold so that what remains of our minds can be easily controlled by the aforementioned hidden, warring power factions.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. You are resolutely convinced that you make your own choices and that no outside influence can alter your decision making power in the slightest way. I’m not arguing with you about your capability to take care of yourself and guide the course of your life with defensive skill in even unexpected and desperate circumstances. I am the first to commend you on your independence and your vigilant sense of self preservation. The significance of the individual with respect to society as a whole is what the philosophy of a democratic free world is founded upon. Or is it? All I’m asking you to do is analyze objectively how many of your choices arise as a product of your own volition and how many are dictated to you by the vulpine handiwork of a finely spun, masked influence of which you may not until this very moment have been aware.

As a show of faith, I shall now share with you some important esoteric knowledge. This is no ad hominem. It is implied from what I am going to tell you that my words possess the essence of truth.

A human being has, counting the primary dentition, a total of fifty-two teeth. There are fifty-two weeks in an Earth year. There are fifty-two cards in a standard deck. The enigmatic builders of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids constructed these megalithic edifices on an angle of fifty-two degrees. Fifty-two years represents a complete cycle of the highly accurate calendar used by the Mayans and Aztecs. Their pyramids and palaces - sacred sites such as the Temple of the Inscriptions and the Temple of the Sun - incorporate the transcendental code of fifty-two. The temple at Copan, for example, is constructed with a designated series of steps completed every fifty-two years. The angle from your eye to the center of a secondary rainbow is exactly fifty-two degrees.

If you want to label me as culturally deviant, that is your right. I suppose I am crazy in a way. You see, I hear voices in my head. Would you like to know what the voices inside my head are saying to me right now? Very well, I shall tell you. It sounds exactly like a room full of elementary school students with their right hands over their hearts facing a red, white, and blue star spangled banner as they recite in slightly staggered unison the Pledge of Allegiance. The ominous chant of the voices inside my head goes a little something like this:

We can give you anything you want. Close your eyes and look deep within yourself. Take a moment to sort out your conflicting desires, then tell us what it is that inspires you to resist the mortal call of death. Tell us what it is that you want more than anything else on earth. We can give it to you. We are so glad you are here with us today. It is our pleasure to serve you. Your wish is our command. We are entirely committed to your happiness. You have all of our attention. We are your friends. You can trust us. Relax. Allow your heavy eyelids to remain closed. You are in a warm, safe place. There is no need for you to worry. We will protect you. We shall provide for you. Feel the weight of your burdens slide gently off of your shoulders and into our vortex. Our abyss is fathomless. It is vast and infinite. Nothing can harm you now that we are here. We know how weary you are. You can let yourself rest. You can leave it all to us. We will take care of everything...

This is what the voices inside my head keep repeating over and over again. I hear the voices day and night. I hear them when I am awake. When I sleep, they bleed through from the emptiness into my dreams. Nightmares, I should say. I can’t remember the last time I had a good dream. All I can think about is that place - that malignant harbinger of apocalyptic portent which sent me to the deeply sorrowful trough of misery in which I now find myself. Can a rooming house be a living thing? Is it possible that an old wooden structure containing hidden chambers can, by the very design of its construction or the antiquity of its age, invite horror? Can such a place be a portal into a dimension of terror? A weathered exterior built around an ironwood frame situated on a lonely island amid crashing waves which unceasingly batter an isolated expanse of rugged shoreline is an ill-omened quandary. When such a place is abandoned by people, does something else move in?

The published books I have authored contain volumes of the darkest subversive secrets and diabolical shadowy plots that plague modern humanity, for I have devoted decades of my life to researching psychological warfare and documented reports of alien contact with Earth in order to reveal publicly the dangerous socioeconomic undercurrents which lurk just beneath the aesthetic façade of glamorized globally broadcast mass media.

© Copyright 2019 Sean Terrence Best. All rights reserved.

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