Different Is Different

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



At this point it’s either gather myself and go to my next class since my earlier attempt to attend my first class didn’t go so well or go home, hide under the covers and never leave again. I would normally go with the second option but I have to make a change. Change is why I’m here right? 


I made it through high school. I made it all the way here from my town. I can make it through a day of school. 


I hold my right hand out in front of my knee to adjust the ring on my left pinky finger making sure it’s right side up. 


I miss my old University so much. My sisters weren’t too happy when I told them my plans to move to a whole new state. They were ashamed but yet they understood the reason. I had to get away from that man. 


I could have just moved to another city maybe but that wasn’t enough. If I was going to move I may as well do it right because a few miles wasn’t enough. If I was to get home sick I would have just driven an hour or so back home and the cycle would have repeated.


I needed to be where I wouldn’t see any familiar looks or hear any whispers that spread from lip to lip like saliva during a kiss. Where people hadn’t heard any stories or whatever version of the story that had been repeated over and over again until sometimes I even questioned what really had happened two years ago.


None of that mattered here. No one knew me. No one had any rumor of me to spread. No one had any reason to suspect anything. And no one knew why I wore this, ice white, ring on my finger no matter what. 


I know my sisters hated the fact that I would be so far away. I hate it too. I love my sisters but they don’t really understand that I had to leave. If I would have stayed in Texas I would have been dead. 


Looking at my cell phone to check the time, I grabbed my bag to sling it over my shoulder and sprung to my feet. There is no way I will be late to Anatomy class. 


Anatomy class was to the left side of The Eatery. There was a statue near by that looked like an elderly man pushing a tree. It was weird. Everyone was always walking with someone. I think the smallest group I saw was a group of three. I didn’t feel left out or like I needed to fit in. I liked being the unknown girl. I liked the freedom of being unnoticed. 


I’m over the failure of this morning’s attempt at a great first impression. I enter Greengate and walk down the long hallway. There were students all along the walls waiting for the next class to start. I kept walking straight as I pass different groups laughing and some even looked half asleep. Room 197 was toward the very end. I looked for the emptiest spot , in the corner, across the classroom to sit as I cross my legs and put my back against the wall. I play with the rips in the knees of my jeans, waiting for the professor to enter. 


If everything goes the way I hoped. In eight years I’ll be inside one of the largest medical facilities in the world, changing lives and picking brains. That beats being a stay at home wife trapped inside of an unhealthy marriage any day. 


“Hey, why are you all the way over here?” 


I quickly raised my head to see who was speaking to me. My face quickly became a smile as I noticed those white teeth surrounded by the caramel tone, of Tyrone Johnson’s handsome face. We met during orientation two weeks ago, and I think we have the same class together after this one also. He’s kind of shy at first but you can feel how kind hearted he is. 


“It’s quiet back here. It’ll help me focus.” I noticed his apparel was nice fitting. Jeans were tailored cut. I’m guessing he’s well into fashion. 


He leaned against the wall supporting himself with his shoulder. “Why are you here so early? Did you skip class on the first day?”


“How’d you remember I had a class before this?” We only switched schedules for a second or two when we met at orientation. 


“I’ve got a good photographic memory. It’s usually when I see something I don’t really care about though.” As he winked. 


I laughed. “Really? I’ll keep that in mind.”


“So why are you being a bad girl?” He placed his left foot on the wall, supporting his upper body with his back and slid his hands in his pockets. 


I looked at him and shook my head in embarrassment. “Well, technically yes I skipped but it was because I was already late. I hate going into a classroom after class begins. Everyone just stares and it makes me feel like I am the worst human on the planet. Maybe I should just drop it before Thursday” 


“Drop Calculus? No way anyone would ever agree with you. I would have taken it now if all of the underclassman didn’t fill every spot in two seconds. You’ll need it anyway.” 


“Well the difference is you didn’t almost kill a guy on the way to said class that also attends said class.”


His eyes opened wide in confusion but slight interest. “What you mean?” A girl began to enter the room and he stood upright from the wall. “Yo, T! Come here real quick!”


A slim blonde haired girl stopped in the middle of the door and looked to our direction and smiled. 

She made her way over to us and stopped next to Tyrone. 


“Tamisha this is Bliss.” Tyrone said with a smile. “Bliss, Tamisha. Great, now we’re all best friends.”


“Hi.” We both said at the same time as Tamisha gave me a slight wave. 


“Bliss said she almost killed a guy today on her way to class.” 


I looked at Tyrone wondering how this became breaking news. The look on Tamisha’s face was as if she was more curious than confused which I found interesting. 


“Oh! I’m listening.” She said with a smile. 


“Well not literally almost committing murder but it was embarrassing to say the least. I may have been the one that died on the inside though.” 


“I think a few of us have had those moments. Embarrassing stories are always the best stories.” Tamisha said. 


“Ok, so what happened Ms. Embarrassed?” Tyrone said impatiently. 


I let off a sigh and made sure I lowered my voice so the whole class didn’t hear about my humiliation. “I was running to Calculus class because I was late and I sort of ran through those double doors on the second floor and then ran smack into this guy as I turned the corner.” 


“Yikes.” With a concerned look on Tamisha’s face. 


“Right. I almost knocked him over which would have been even worse. I dropped all of my stuff. It was pretty epic. Life threatening.” 


Tyron’s face lit up with humor. “He was ugly, right?” 


“Ty.” As I gave him a blank stare. 


“Oh, so you like him.” He said as he rubbed his rugged beard. “That’s like the best ice breaker in history. Like, if you guys were to fall deeply in love you could tell everyone the story of how you hit him from behind before he hit you from behind.” 


“Oh my God.” As I blushed and put my head down slightly. 


“Tyrone you’re dumb.” Tamisha told him jokingly. 


“Ok now I see why you were embarrassed if he was fine” Tamisha was super pretty so I don’t know if she has ever been embarrassed around a guy. I could tell she understood my feelings but Tyrone was amused by my failure. 


“So describe him, girl. What did Mr. Handsome look like? This is kind of on the need to know.”


A part of me didn’t want to tell them because the thought of Adonis made me all sorts of uncomfortable for many different reasons. “Umm.. well he was okay I guess. Taller than Tyrone that’s for sure.” 


Tamisha laughed while Tyrone just shook his head. 


“Anyway, he was nicely built, I guess. He had dark blonde, curly hair.” 


“Was it a let-me-add-chemicals-and-things-to-my-hair curly or more like I-just-let-it-do-it’s-own-thing type of curly?” Tamisha said with a smile and giggle. “If it’s the second one I’ll be running into him next.” 


“Yeah, it was kind of like the second one actually.” I wondered if my face showed how nervous and embarrassed I was. “He was so gorgeous. His eyes were like—“


“Wait.” Tamisha gasped and her eyes opened wider before continuing. “Was his eyes a little low? Like lazy sort of? And was his eyes brown but like a beautiful, dreamy brown that they kind of looked fake? I know that may sound weird but just answer.”


That was both weird and creepy but also kind of funny. “Yes to everything.” 


“Oh my Jesus.” Tamisha laughed really loud. “What was his name?” 


I made a face of confusion. “Wait, what’s funny? Do you know him?”


Tamisha leaned toward Tyrone to get his attention before turning her focus back to me. “Was it Destin Young?” 


My jaw dropped to the floor and eyes widened. 


“I knew it!” Tamisha said while slapping Tyrone on his shoulder. “You bumped into Destin!” 


Tyrone wasn’t smiling. He was just looking at me which made me confused and worried. I sort of became defensive also. 


“Girl do you know how lucky you are? I would donate my boobs to run into Destin. I’m so envious of you!”


I choked from laughing so hard. “That’s a serious decision.” While I continued to laugh. 


“It would be Destin you ran into.” Tyrone said with a hint of jealousy. “Now I’m not surprised at the way you were acting.” 


“How do you guys know him?” I asked because we were all freshman. Why does it seem as if they know him personally. Destin has to be at least a junior or senior. 


“Everyone knows him.” Tyrone replied. 


“You just got here like I did!” 


He grinned. “I get around.” 


I could only laugh and shake my head,” Understood, sir. But he’s hot, so what?” 


“I’ve been known Destin. We were in high school together.” Tamisha said. “He’s about two years older than me but he was the shit in school. Everyone wanted to be around him or with him then. It’s pretty much the same thing now. He just has it.” 


Tamisha just reminded me of someone else. Now curiosity was starting to rise. “You guys are from around here?” 


“No. We went to high school in Clarksville. I don’t know why he didn’t choose to stay there and go to college but I left for a new beginning. I didn’t want to stay there with the same people and around the same environment.” 


She had no idea how much I understood that. 


“Anyway.” Tyrone interrupted. “No one really knows him outside of school and the stories we hear. He’s a cool and outgoing guy on campus but when he leaves he’s pretty much a ghost. The only thing anyone really knows is he stays off campus.” 


“Well in high school he had a reputation.” Tamisha cut in. “It was a good reputation though and well earned. He’s always been a really cool guy. You can tell he has a big heart and cares for people. Very funny and all but there was also another side to his rep. He was basically a man-whore. He could have changed now but you know roots are roots.”


“But those are just rumors. No one really knows, right?” Tyrone said defending him. 


“Okay. It doesn’t matter.” As I twist my ring. “I mean that’s good to know, I guess but at the end of the day I ran into Adonis. That’s all I really know about him.” 


“Adonis?” Tamisha blinked really fast. 


“Yeah?” I grabbed my bag to find my book. Class should be starting soon. 


“People who don’t know him call him Destin. Only his friends call him Adonis.” Tamisha said with her eyebrows raised. 


“Really?” I said kind of depressed. “He told me that’s what people called him so I figured every one did.”


Tamisha didn’t say anything. I didn’t understand the issue. Destin, Adonis, Billy Ray or whatever, he was just being nice considering I almost injured him in the hallway. The fact that he had these rumors going about doesn’t do anything for me. I can either choose to stay far away or get to know him for myself. 


The professor entered the room and all of the students found a seat. We sat in the back corner with Tyrone sitting between Tamisha and I. 


“So are you going to drop Calculus still?” Tyrone asked while taking his notebook out of his back pack. 


“No.” Even though I kind of wanted to. “Why?” 


“Because I want to know how this story will unfold.” Tyrone laughed as he took the cap off of his pen. 


“Why? It’s not like we will ever talk again. This was a one time thing I’m sure.” 


“Those words are so famous you should get paid for saying them.” Tyrone said before preparing to listen to the professor for today’s lesson. 


All I could do is smile. 


The rest of the day was pretty bland. Nothing eventful compared to my morning. No running into cute boys attempting to knock them over. Except at lunch when Tyrone jokingly ran into me to mock me, I was happy he and Tamisha had a break around the same time as me. I was planning to be alone all day and everyday for a while but it was nice to have a small group of people to casually converse with. By the end of the day I had pretty much forgotten about Destin and that failure of a morning start. 


Before leaving campus I stopped by the library to pick up a work-study application. I didn’t need the money, I just wanted the time to keep my mind busy is all. My name ended up being placed on the extended waiting list due to no available spots being open. 


The campus was actually pretty quiet. Way quieter than I expected it to be. There were trees everywhere. Well kept gardens and flowers in bloom. Large buildings and modern structures. Best of all everything that you needed was within walking distance. 


On the way to campus parking I actually had time to look around and enjoy the scenery unlike this morning when I had to rush to class. Four houses, side by side, had groups full of college aged guys populating them. I’m guessing this is like a version of fraternity row. 


One guy looked at me with a beer in hand. He smiled but it was quickly interrupted when a football smacked him in the back of the neck from an open door of the house. Curse words were exchanged. 


I think it’s safe to say that this is fraternity row. 


I began to pick up my pace, speeding pass the houses. I stepped off of the curb to cross the intersection separating the campus and the parking lot and nearly got slammed by a red truck. It was one of those big ones that you had to grab the door and step up to get into. My heart skipped quite a few beats before it slammed on the breaks, blocking the walk way. 


I stepped back onto the curb. I wondered who would yell first, the driver or should I express my near death heart attack first. 


The tinted passenger side window rolled down and I almost had another heart attack. 


A totally shirtless Destin Young grinned at me through the window. A totally shirtless- chest out Destin. Wow. And he had a tattoo on his upper right arm that were just letters. Maybe initials for something or someone. 


“Bliss Odan we run into each other again.”


He was the last person I was expecting to see. I just can’t catch a break. “ Destin Young ... Hey.” 


He leaned over more toward the window. Did I mention he had some really nice eyes. “Will we always meet in situations like this?”


Will we? I needed to stop staring at his eyes.. and lips.. and him. Wow this is so awkward. 


“You ran over me? I almost ran over you. It’s like Final Destination waiting to happen.”


I had no idea how to respond. My thoughts were so scattered. 


“Where were you walking to?”


“My car.” I said forcefully. “I’m in a hurry.” Not really, unless hurry meant going home to my wine and Netflix but he didn’t know that. “So..”


“Well how far down did you park? Hop in so I can give you a ride.”


It felt as if all of my nerve endings met at one place and exploded. Blood rushed to all parts of my body in a confusing way. “No, it’s okay.”


 There goes that smile he has. “It’s the least I could do for almost hitting you.” 


“Thank you but I’m—“


“Yo! Adonis!” Football neck jumped off of the porch and jogged down the sidewalk, giving me a quick look as he passed. “What’s up, man?” 


Thank you football neck. 


Destin’s gaze didn’t leave me but his smile slowly faded. “Nothing, just you know.. having a conversation is all.” 


I began walking around the front of the truck onto the sidewalk. I didn’t look back but I felt him watching me walk away. That’s like a special talent of mine to feel someone watching me that I developed over the years. 


I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until I got behind the wheel of my car and heard the engine running.


My God. 


I slammed my head against the steering wheel and took deep breaths. Then I groaned and mumbled,” Final Destination? Yeah that sounds about right.”

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