Singlism Do HMRC want their Staff to read this

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An Article written for HMRC Gender network Bristol.

Submitted: June 07, 2019

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Submitted: June 07, 2019



When Harry Windsor attended Pippa Middleton’s wedding he committed a great disservice to the UK citizens who are single. Many suffer from Mental Health issues or could be Invicta games competitor’s causes he allegedly supports.

It was widely reported and never been denied that Pippa Middleton used the “no ring no bring” excuse to prevent the then unmarried Markle from stealing the limelight.

In fact Single people are also blamed for the cost of weddings often refused a plus one to keep the costs down when a proper budget has not been considered.

It may alright for a Prince to drive 150 odd miles to collect his then girlfriend and bring her to an evening event, however Meghan Markle speaks out against Race and Gender discrimination and said nothing about singlism.

I believe that the civil service including HMRC and its staff should set an example and never encourage any form of Relationship status discrimination in or outside of the office. Harry, Meghan, William and Kate should be setting an example also, they should not be by their actions condoning the second class treatment.

There is simple solution to the problem of those who are single either by not being in a relationship or unmarried and that is not to stereotype, stigmatize or discriminate against them.


In the case of how many guest to invite the solution is simple

  1. Calculate the maximum number of guests in total at event.

  2. Divide that figure by two and invite one relative or friend with a plus one (not named)


Many colleagues travel solo for business purposes staying in hotels or flying can be especially stressful for the solo traveller.

Have you ever seen or heard of a married couple split up on a plane to satisfy the wishes of a solo traveller? No

However what do you think of a situation where a female solo traveller having reserved her seat is ejected to satisfy a couple.

Or where a solo male traveller is ejected from a plane that is overbooked when the Last in Last out is not applied.

This happens and more. It is because of this and the many examples where Single people are legally and unfairly discriminated against that many believe “Relationship Status” should be a protected characteristic.

Unfortunately HMRC are required to operate a discriminatory form of legislation on behalf of the Government. This is called the married persons allowance!

It is a shame that our leaders have not or cannot point this out despite or inclusive policy.


Are you a victim of singlism


There are many laws that discriminate against single people. Bella DePaulo has written and listed those in the US. No doubt they are repeated in the UK


In the UK a wedding group believed they could flout local bylaws and take under 18 into a restricted area. They also ejected a solo sunbather who was not in the way.

The local council refused to challenge or prosecute the offending group despite having photographic and written evidence.

So Torbay council also believes in discriminating against single people!


Ruta Kate, Kaunas, Lithuania, 11 months ago

Also, no children are allowed in the park. They police, town, who ever takes care of the park should fine the couple and the parents of the children

Another regular example is when friends or work colleagues discuss meeting up in couples. They ignore or do not invite the solo colleague or friend.


There is a group on facebook called “Fairness for Single People” which records these incidents. Take a look you will need to join to view.


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