The Roogy Mirror: Preview

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Simon discovers that there may be more to the theory of the Roogy Mirrors than he first thought.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - They Call Him Professor Work

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



Romania, 1882 (Jensen and Edward)

Edward was a historian. He had been on many archeological expeditions, all of which contributed in some form to the greater knowledge of humankind. At least, that is what he told himself.

Jensen, on the other hand, was a wide-eyed entrepreneur. He had developed a taste for funding bizarre research, and this case was no exception. What was new, however, was his attendance in this particular instance.

The two of them were exploring an abandoned castle, with estimates placing it as one of the earliest Romanian castles.

“I didn’t know there were castles outside of Transylvania,” said Jensen. “This place is fascinating.”

“I would say that there’s a lot of things you don’t know,” replied Edward, frustrated by his cohort’s eagerness and honesty.

“Well, you’re right about that. For example, I don’t know how we seem to be the first to explore this old castle.”

Edward was in the midst of thinking about what Jensen had said when the two of them heard a deep voice ring out from somewhere else in the castle.

“What is that?” asked Edward.

“I see you two. You’re looking for me, aren’t you?”

A smile spread across Jensen’s face. “It’s what we’ve been looking for, Edward.”

“This is highly irregular.”

“I want to see the two of you. Particularly you, Jensen,” said the voice.

“An ancient mirror should not be producing a voice,” said Edward. “I am sure that our associates would laugh at us if we tried to explain this.”

“It’s a roogy mirror, Edward.”

“Nothing but fairy stories.”

Jensen said that Edward should not be so dismissive. Edward argued that the mirror they would find would not be nearly as interesting as the legends say. The voice shouted at them that it was very pleased with Edward’s skepticism, but was insulted that his visitors did not believe in his existence.

Jensen and Edward walked through the castle, following the voice’s directions hoping that they would find its source. Jensen was curious, and against Edward’s advice, started a conversation with the voice, and sustained it in-between their receiving directions.

From this conversation, Jensen had learned the voice did supposedly belong to a roogy mirror, and that its name was Bahsm. It liked logical sequences, rational discussions, freedom of expression, and the month of October.

“Okay, Jensen, you have a very admirable imagination, but really? A mirror that talks and likes the month of October? I don’t know anyone who likes that month.”

The mirror took offence to this, stating that October was the best month of all, and that the subject was not up for debate.

“According to the legends, each mirror had their own favourite month, but no reason for it,” said Jensen.

Edward dismissed the notion as preposterous, and they continued to walk towards the voice. As they turned through corridor after corridor, the mood began to change. Though Jensen still maintained his eagerness to find the roogy mirror, the former saw the abandoned state of the castle they were navigating, and felt uneasy.

“You know, Jensen, what reason do we have to be this deep in the castle? We’ve been here for hours, and surely it must be getting dark outside…”

“You can head back if you want, Edward, but we are almost there. The discovery of a lifetime calls to us!”

Edward reluctantly agreed and they continued forward. They reached a dark and musty room.

“Ah, I see you two have made it,” said a voice.

The two looked, and saw in the darkness the outline of a mirror frame. As they looked, light began to emit from its face. The room was lit up, and the two explorers were speechless.

A blue head floated inside the mirror.

“Welcome Jensen Keller. I have been expecting your arrival for quite some time. Your friend is just a formality, someone to relay my message to anyone who will listen: for thousands of years, the roogy mirrors have been separate. Know that the unity of the mirrors is closer than ever before.”

“So, you’re Bahsm,” said Jensen. “I wonder what your world is like… a world on the other side of a mirror. I would sure love to see it.”

“You are honest, Jensen, so if you wish to join me, you may cross over.”

“And what about Edward?”

“Your friend hides that which he is insecure about. He may not enter this dimension.”

Jensen did not argue the point any further, and instead slowly walked towards the mirror. Edward protested, but the former felt that he had to see the other side.

Jensen left the real world behind as he entered the mirror. Edward never saw his friend again, and no matter what he told his colleagues of what he saw that day, no-one would believe him. Coinciding with this unfortunate truth, the events he bore witness to had changed him, and he would never lie again.


England, 2019 (Simon and Jonathan)

Jonathan Keller was a young post-graduate student learning under the finest minds that the Aligned Skies Institute had to offer. This mysterious group had many universities across the globe, and London was no exception. Jonathan became a student so that he could have something easy to do and rely upon, as the thought of entering the workforce scared him.

Simon Berth was a professor at the ASI, studying the ancient artefacts often dismissed by most other scientists. He and others worked in what was colloquially called the “Fringe Education and Research Division”, or FERD. Simon thought this name was preposterous, and would regularly say as much whenever he worked at the lab. For the most part however, he worked from home, and this was his comfort zone.

Jonathan arrived at Simon’s house with the intention to greet him, though it seemed that fate had other plans. Simon was in the midst of working through his latest box of pet projects: things that the university had left in his care because they were not interested in pursuing them further.

The file he was currently reading through talked about an alleged alien artefact, shaped like an hourglass. It was found with pieces missing and the area around it was affected in a myriad of bizarre ways. What utter nonsense, thought Simon. They always insist on pushing these fairy stories into my lap.

Simon heard a knock on the door. He put down the file and answered it. “Who is it, and why are you here?” he asked.

“It’s Jonathan Keller, Professor. I’m here to ask you about the tutoring.” This was all he could say before Simon interjected.

“Oh my, did that start today? I thought it started on the fifth.”

“It is the fifth.”

“Well then, that does explain why I’m so tired. I must have been working non-stop for the past three days.”

“So, is this a bad time?”

“Time is neutral, it is neither bad nor good. You came to learn, and learn you shall.”

Simon opened the door wider and greeted his new student. The latter awkwardly smiled and introduced himself, a bit uneasy at his professor’s formality. The former asked his guest the time, explaining that he had removed any method of time keeping from his house, as knowing the time would distract him from his work.

As Jonathan followed Simon inside, he looked around Simon’s house and was intrigued. The house was very clean, and there was very little decorating it. The only notable decoration was a painting in the living room, a portrait of an old man.

“Absolutely regal, isn’t he? That is Charles Berth, my great-great grandfather. His work ethic and honesty has inspired me my whole life to be the best version of myself.”

Jonathan gave a short but validating answer, as he did not know either Simon or his ancestor, and did not wish to offend. However, this did not have the intended effect.

“Come now, Jonathan, lying in front of my ancestor’s portrait? Have you no self-control?”

“How do you know I’m lying?”

“I can tell when people are lying, Jonathan. Now, we’ll have no more of that. You’ve come here to learn.”

Jonathan nodded nervously and continued to look around. He noticed the box of folders resting on Simon’s desk. He walked up to the box and started looking through it.

“Help yourself. The university always gives me the dead ends, and I have to sort through them, analysing why they’re a waste of time and money. Waste of my time and money, if you ask me. It’s been years since I actually contributed something worthwhile, and all because they thought I would be better off stonewalled!”

Jonathan gave Simon a concerned look, as if to say, look I get it, but ranting about your problems to a stranger won’t solve anything. He then looked back to the box, looking through the files for something interesting. The Golden Sun-Dial, The Hairy Vase, The Clairvoyant’s Carpetsome real weird stuff in here.

“Hey, how about we actually look into one of these? I mean, they can’t all be dead ends. Surely one of them has to be something worth investigating.”

“Oh yeah, like what? The magical alien hourglass? The glass man? Poseidon’s trident? It’s all fairy stories!”

Jonathan thumbed through the files and picked one. “How about…” he paused to read the name. “The Roogy Mirror?”

“Roogy isn’t even a real word. Who makes this stuff up?”

“Well, who knows. But if you’re not going to look into it, can I look into it for you?”

“If you want to waste your time chasing myths, be my guest.”

Jonathan took the file from the box and put it in his backpack. He then spent the rest of the day learning from Simon about the artefacts he used to research. It seemed the latter was not interested in pursuing the more outlandish historical artefacts, but was broadly interested in the pursuit of knowledge. The former suggested that he give at least one of the files a closer look, and actually investigate them.

“My talents are not for wasting on things that aren’t real. End of discussion,” said Simon.

The day ended with Jonathan leaving, and taking the file on the Roogy Mirror with him. He was going to do some reading.


United States of America, 2019 (The Shrouded Group)

Late in the night, a group of four cloaked individuals gathered around a mirror with a square frame made of an unknown material.

“We gather here today to observe the mirror the ancients called Saal-Uar. Oh wise mirror, show us your elegance!” said the cloak-bearer standing in front of the mirror.

“Oh shut up, you sorry excuses for people will get nothing from me! Go away,” said the mirror.

“It talks,” said the cloak-bearer standing to the right of the mirror, as if surprised it would.

“Of course I talk, Mary! It would be pointless keeping it from you even if you are not honest enough to interest me.”

As the mirror said this, an orange head appeared in the frame, floating in the middle of it.

“We prefer a certain level of anonymity, Saal-Uar,” said the cloak-bearer standing to the left of the mirror.

“Bah! Foolish mortals. In front of me stands Blake, to my right is Mary, to my left is Colin, and behind me is Logan. All of you are scared to admit to yourselves that you are dishonest. You are all plotting to push the reset button on this world by uniting the five mirrors. I can tell you now - you won’t succeed.”

“Well, if you insist on making our identities public, we will make your identity public, Saal-Uar.”


England, 2019 (Simon, Jonathan, and Fazelatte)

At the Aligned Skies Institute, Simon was in a meeting with Professor William Fazelatte. They were discussing the nature of assignments that he was being sent.

“If you’re here in person then it must be serious. Say, have you received that Roogy Mirror file? There’s a new viral video from The Shrouded Group,” said Fazelatte.

“Those clowns? They fake half their videos.”

“Still, they are in a room with one of the Roogy Mirrors. It seems to desire more honest interviewers.”

“Why do you even care what nonsense I’m wasting my time on? You have some cutting edge robotics to attend to. They’re like something out of one of those N-Y-A comics that Jonathan is always reading.”

“I want you to discover something, Simon. There was a time when you used to do so, now you just reject everything.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t reject everything if it wasn’t all so outlandish and an obvious waste of my time.”

“You can’t know that until you investigate.”

“Fine then. Show me the video.”


The video was called ‘We Found Saal-Uar’ uploaded by The Shrouded Group, a channel with three-hundred and thirty thousand subscribers, with a verification mark in the name.

In the video, a group of cloaked figures stood in front of a mirror with a floating head.

“Do your worst, you cloaked fiends. I don’t care who knows, it was never our choice to be secret. You humans decided that in ancient times. It won’t make a difference, all dishonest humans will be forever unable to access the other world.”

“You heard it here first, folks,” said one of the cloaked figures in a deep voice. “Saal-Uar the Roogy Mirror is real, and the other world exists. We issue a challenge to the world: find the remaining mirrors or we will shatter the one we have found.”

“You can try, but you won’t succeed. A Roogy Mirror cannot be shattered. And rest assured, there will come a time when all mirrors have been found. But you will not like what happens. Your incompetence when faced with a power you have never experienced will be your undoing.”


Simon stood there, jaw gaping wide. He could not understand it, but there was an unmistakable sense of truth to what he saw and heard. It was as if the mirror had spoken to him directly, as if it were imperative that he find at least one of the other mirrors, as if he had to discover such a thing for himself.

“Simon, is something the matter?” asked Fazelatte.

“No. In fact, everything is as it should be. I would like to find one of these Roogy Mirrors, let me know what the university has for me to look into.”

“We already gave you the file on the Roogy Mirrors.”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. Well, Jonathan has it. Could you inform me of his address?”


Jonathan lived in a low-rent house with three other tenants, all of whom attended the Aligned Skies Institute. Mickey “Boss” Wickham was studying to be a mechanical engineer. Walter Foreman was researching the ability to replicate human DNA. Lisa Rodney was the oldest, developing technology that would allow humans to glide like a flying squirrel.

Jonathan was well aware that the Aligned Skies Institute was a place on the cutting edge of new technology. They were creating things he’d only read about in science fiction.

Still, even at such a place, there were topics of research considered to be on the fringes - hence the nickname Fringe Education and Research Division. Jonathan did not mind being part of such a division, but his fellow tenants were less mindful.

Jonathan sat on the couch while his friends bothered him.

“What are you reading?” asked Boss.

“The Roogy Mirror Hypothesis - The Improbability Dimension,” said Walter.

“Look, it’s marked ‘Fringe Education and Research Division’,” said Lisa. “He’s actually reading something from FERD.”

“Ha, what a FERD nerd,” said Boss.

“Really man? Grow up,” said Walter. “Clearly he’s a FERD-brain. How could you argue otherwise?”

“Both of you quit it,” said Lisa. “Besides, he’s a FERD degree burn. But he isn’t, because the days of deriding fringe research should stay in the past. Haven’t you heard the news?”

“I don’t watch TV. Have any YouTubers talked about it?” asked Boss. “Cause if they haven’t then it’s not important.”

“This is because of a YouTube video, Boss. The latest video by The Shrouded Group.”

“Those guys are total losers. They only got three-hundred thousand subs by faking shit,” said Walter.

“Except they’ve found something real. The Roogy Mirrors that Jonathan is reading about Boss, they are real. Which means that fringe research is just stuff nobody wants to take seriously - but there could actually be more truth to it than expected.”

“I don’t know, Lisa,” said Boss. “All this sounds farfetched to me. Bunch of fairy stories.”


Simon was driving to the address that Fazelatte had given him. He had not had such a clear vision of what he was to do in several years. Yes, back then, they called him Professor Work. It was a name he begrudged on the outside, but secretly admired, as it allowed him to develop a sense of pride in his work ethic and achievements in his field.


England, 2013 (Simon and Fazelatte)

Roughly six years before the current events, Simon worked like no other member of the FERD, which had only started in 2012. Before then, he had worked as a historical researcher for the ASI. He had yet to become disillusioned by the zany nature of the research projects.

The first FERD-designated artefact he researched was the Shark Pendant, a relic that was suspected to grant the ability to speak to sharks and locate Atlantis. Every lead so far had been nothing but dead ends, but he did not want to give up.

While staring intensely at the parchment which held a useless riddle, he entered an unfamiliar boredom. In this feeling came a sense of clarity, which allowed him to step outside of the problem that had wracked his brain. This helped him notice the odd patterns on the parchment. He had previously written it off as wear and tear, but upon closer inspection, it seemed to have some kind of shape.

He placed the parchment on a light board and turned off all the lights in the lab. He looked up at the ceiling.

“As I suspected, this is a map,” said Simon.

The expedition was paid for by the university, and Simon and a crew of five other FERD researchers found the Shark Pendant. The ancient tomb in which it was buried contained many symbols from an old dead language. One of the FERD scientists was able to translate… and found that the original tale of the Shark Pendant was less glamorous than the legend.

Apparently, the Shark Pendant was given to an extremely gullible pirate who spread the legend as truth, despite his efforts to find Atlantis being fruitless and leading to his demise. As for the speaking to sharks… that was also a non-factor.

Simon felt rather indignant that so much of his passion had been used to find a useless relic. This would hardly be the first time he would feel this way. Three more times, he gave his all to find ancient treasures that were little more than ancient practical jokes. The other scientists at FERD saw all discovery as progress, but Simon wanted to find things that would make him re-evaluate his worldview. The junk they found possessed no value to him.


England, 2019 (Simon, Jonathan, and His Friends)

Simon rang the doorbell, hoping that Jonathan would be home. He waited for thirty-seven seconds before having the door answered by Lisa.

“Hey old guy, what brings you here?”

“A student of mine borrowed some files in my possession.”

“Hey Jonathan, your teacher wants his files back.”

Jonathan came to the front door. “Hey Professor Berth. Why did you come here? Change your mind about the Roogy Mirror case?”

“New evidence came to light that I could not ignore. I think if we work together on this, we could find something that would allow people to re-evaluate how they think about the world.”

“Sounds cool. Want to come in?”

“Hey FERD-nerd, who’re you inviting in?” asked Boss from his position on the couch.

“Does it matter? I think we might soon be privy to something interesting,” said Walter.

Simon opened the wire door, stepped inside and removed his shoes. He sat on the empty recliner chair in the living room, and waited for Jonathan to join him.


The Roogy Mirror Hypothesis - The Improbability Dimension

Research Papers by A. D. Faulkner of ASI Sydney

(FERD certified research - priority level 5)



Since time immemorial, the universe has been governed by the laws of time and space. In this paper, we examine the possibility that there exists a higher dimension that flips our understanding of the world on its head. A dimension that can only be accessed through specific portals. These portals come in the form of the Roogy Mirrors. To fully understand the reality that these mirrors present us with, we shall start by defining our terms.


Roogy is an adjective, meaning atypical or strange. It is taken from an ancient language of an unknown origin. The reason for using this word in relation to the mirrors is that these mirrors were created by the speakers of this language.


The Roogy Mirrors are five mirrors that act as portals to a dimension beyond ours of time and space.


They continued to read the paper, learning many interesting things about the mirrors. It was two a.m. when they realised that they should probably give this a rest for today.

A few days went by, and the two of them learned as much as they could about these roogy mirrors. Simon was now convinced that they could find one - the only issue left was to discover a potential location. That’s where Jonathan’s family tree came into play. He had often heard of a folk-tale passed down by his family of a researcher who went missing, and his crazy colleague who insisted that he walked through a talking mirror. The event supposedly happened in an old Romanian castle. This same castle had been listed as an area of interest in A. D. Faulkner’s research paper, along with the location that the Shrouded Group were most likely filming at, and three other locations. It was interesting that only these five were ever mentioned, as one would think that there would be more than that - some fake claims to obscure the truth. But that did not seem to be the case.


Simon and Jonathan prepared for an expedition to Romania. They were going to find a roogy mirror, and this first location seemed to have the most evidence going for it - even if that evidence was only circumstantial.


Romania, 2019 (Bahsm, the Roogy Mirror)

In a dusty, dimly lit room of a Romanian castle, a mirror stood, an exception to the emptiness. In the face of the mirror, a floating head began to form.

“It’s almost time to meet Simon Berth,” the voice boomed. “What an interesting time that ought to be.”

No-one was around to hear Bahsm speak, at least not in his location of choice. For all five Roogy Mirrors were linked, and with Saal-Uar under constant observation from the Shrouded Group, echoes of Bahsm’s voice were heard by them.

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