Contemporary Idioms,

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These are a collection of New Idioms,

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



Raven’s Caw

Raven’s Caw as an idiom means the arrival of some fortunate news. I hope to get a raven’s caw today.



Missile as an idiom means criticizing someone strongly. My boss became a missile.


Showers of Blessing

Showers of Blessing as an idiom mean getting a large sum of money through a windfall. Lord give me showers of blessing.



Mercury as an idiom means, being secretive. I do not carry mercury with me.


Claws of a Bird

Claws of a bird as an idiom means, mocking someone.  Many people enact the claws of the bird.



Honey as an idiom means gaining a large sum of money perhaps by a windfall. Dear Lord Jesus Jehovah grant me honey and bless me.


Green Grass

Green Grass as an idiom means being an intellectual. The existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre is a Green Grass.



Coffin as an idiom means to be coldhearted. My boss behaved like a coffin.


Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine as an idiom means doing a work with diligence. When it comes to studies, she is a sewing machine.


Melody and Rhythm

Melody and Rhythm as an idiom mean being filled with happiness. I experience melody and rhythm when I am with my dear children.



Masala is an Indian word and it means various ingredients used for making meat.  Masala as an idiom means various thoughts going on the mind. My mind is a masala.


Flight of a Bird

Flight of a bird as an idiom means getting a lucrative job offer. I won’t mind a flight of a bird occurring to me.



Coolie as an idiom means to work for a low paid job. Right now I am a coolie.


On Board

On Board as an idioms means trying your luck at the lotteries. I am always on board.



Beer as an idiom means accomplishing something. I am preparing myself to be a beer.


Floating Balloon

Floating Balloon as an idiom means an increasing financial status. I wish to be floating balloon.



Rainbow as an idiom means to be very charismatic. Jesus Christ is a rainbow.


Bound in Chains

Bound in Chains as an idiom means being lethargic. I am sometimes bound in chains.



Signature as an idiom means showing off or being highfalutin. The affluent man indulged in being a signature.


King with a Crown

King with a Crown as an idiom means being very lucky. Lord I wish to be a King with a crown.


Stale Mangoes

Stale mangoes as an idiom means being stressful. Sometimes my mind is a stale mango.


Queen as an idiom means a beautiful lady. Princess Diana was a queen.



Vodka as an idiom means to succumb to temptations. Dear God Jehovah Jesus I am weak in the flesh and sometimes I fall for a Vodka.



Nectar as an idiom means a blessing of God. Oh God Jehovah Jesus pour your nectar upon me.


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