A Zodiac Odyssy Part 1

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Genesis awakes from a terrible nightmare, only to be greeted by nothing but white snow, and frigid cold. eventually he finds sleep once more. he digs with other archaeologists trying to uncover
what kind of object, if any had impacted the barren wasteland of ice and snow, in hopes of him finding his brother.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Whispering of fate

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019




Chapter one

The whisperings of Fate


Darkness swirled around the world of Terra and flooded every corner of every continent, and with only a few minutes left before Dark Orionus came forth and engulfed all that existed, Genesis ran with the three other last heroes into the Temple of Orion. The darkness trailed quickly behind all four, swallowing all land and light that it touched. Keeping Orion’s forged soul close to his body, Genesis continued running with the only three people left alive encircled around him to ensure he doesn’t fail his mission.


  All four heroes ran towards the stairs inside of the temple and started the long climb to reach its peak that watched over the world.


  “We must hurry! All this can’t be in vain!” yelled one of the heroes to Genesis.


  “No, it will not be, we have lost too many friends getting this far, We do this for them, all of them…” Genesis said with tears in his eyes as he stared down at the only thing holding the souls of the world together.


  “Stay vigilant buddy, Kelga has warned us about this moment. This is the exact area as he described to be our doom.” Another hero said.


  “Brother, I have fought for years by your side and ill be damned if this is our grave. I am so sorry that you lost Kasi..” The hero was quickly stopped by a bitter cold voice that sounded all too familiar to each hero but still just as chilling.


  “Ashes to ash and dust to dust. From the earth we have all rose and to the earth we shall all return,” the voice echoed.


  All four heroes turned around and saw him standing there giving his cold stare to each and every one of them. “It is time to finish what I started. The last of the heroes are here and you couldn’t have made this anymore convenient than what it already is.”


  “Everyone, evasive actions!” cried one of the heroes.


  As each of the heroes came forth to strike, The being of darkness predicted and countered all. Genesis came from behind to try a back attack strike, but was knocked against the wall and bound to it by an invisible unmoving force, preventing him from escaping and forcing him to watch the last of his friends die, one by one.


  “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Genesis screamed and cried.


Moments later Genesis awoke in his sleeping bag, completely shaken and terrified by the nightmare he had endured.


  “cold...its so cold” thought Genesis to himself.  I really should’ve thought this through more before coming to Antarctica”. Due to the sheer cold Genesis could not sleep for the rest of that night. He laid awake for what seemed to be hours in his sleeping bag before he realized he was getting no sleep.


  “Why did I go on this stupid expedition? Why the heck would Dom be all the way up here?” Genesis started fiddling with his necklace staring at it thinking of his older brother Dom and the last words he said to him before he disappeared. Genesis started recalling in his head what he could remember.


  They were sailing away from Malaysia. It was dark and stormy, and people were out to get the two. Genesis had only been 19 at the time and Dom was 21. The two were exploring the eastern sea border together and ran into some trouble along the way. They ended up accidently killing a man in Malaysia. and set sail that night despite the storm otherwise they would’ve been hanged for their crime. When they left Malaysia, they headed west bound for the Indian ocean. Genesis wondered why when their next destination was Peru and it would make better time heading east, but Dom insisted west was the best option. When they hit the Indian ocean, the storm had gotten so bad and rough to the point that it was really hard to navigate the treacherous waters.


“We need to turn around Dom!!” Genesis had yelled.


“No!! We must continue! There’s a purpose for everything Genesis! Listen I haven’t been completely honest about our past brother, do you know what is supposed to lie in the middle of the Indian ocean?” he exclaimed.


  “Wait what!? Ugh Dom we don’t have time for this now!!” he stared at Dom shocked.


Dom was short but had very broad shoulders with a strong core. He had Hazel eyes and long brown hair and quite a big nose. His hair came down to his eyes and always  seemed to be straight. He wore his favorite tunic which was colored white. He differed so much from Genesis himself.


  Genesis had brown hair too, but his was a lot more shaggy than straight. He had blue eyes with a gold slit in his left eye covering almost half of his iris. He also had a smaller nose and was much lankier than dom. Genesis had a scar below his right eye on his cheek from when they were younger and went through foster care.


“Hold the main mass!” he cried to Genesis.

 Unfortunately, the storm was too vicious, and the fog had thicken so bad they couldn’t see past their fingers. Waves crashed into the boat and within seconds genesis had lost his balance. He fell backwards and hit his head on one of the barrels that laid in the corner.


  Muddled and dazed, Genesis heard Dom cry out “Genesis!!!“.


  Genesis had passed out right after and didn’t wake up again for what he assumed had been a couple of hours. The mist and storm had cleared up and he was close to Madagascar. But Dom was gone.


“Dom? Dom!? “. Genesis yelled. Frantically he looked everywhere. But his older brother wasn’t in sight. That was five years ago.


Genesis snapped back into reality now realizing where he was again.


 “If there is the slightest chance you had been here Dom, I’ll find out. I will find you brother,” he said to himself.


He pulled out a note from his pocket that was ripped and crinkled from time.  He reread it for what seemed like to be the thousandth time now.

Dear Genesis Novae Terrae,

Ive heard you’re an expert explorer and archaeologist as well as I know what you are looking for. I have information that may be useful in finding your brother, but I need you to do something for me first. In Antarctica there was a recent find of a massive cavern across the Arctic ground.  No one knows how it got there but they have reason to believe the chasm had been created within the last 20 years. In the cavern is an anomaly that’s very...peculiar.


My request is simple. Join the expedition and go to the excavation site and record details. Any information you have you must bring to me. Meet me in Bermuda when you have all the data.


 Kelga Wulf.


  Genesis crumbled the letter in his hand and held it to his face.


  “Geeeeneeeesssissss” said a strange voice that seem to carry in the wind. 


  “What the heck was that?” he whispered to himself.


  Genesis slipped out of his sleeping bag and tiptoed past the other archeologists sleeping on the ground. He walked out of the tent and looked around. It was barren for miles with snow falling everywhere. It was probably already twenty below, past the point of freezing. Genesis peered inside the other tents and everyone else was fast asleep.


  “I wonder where the guard on duty is at? Probably went to sleep because he knows nothing is gonna happen this far away from civilization.” He said.


There were at least a dozen tents in the area housing at least four people a tent. They were all spread out in a circular pattern and in the center laid the HQ tent. On the side next to the HQ tent was a long tubular shaped machine that emitted heat to help battle against the sheer cold of the arctics.

“Geeeeneeeesssissss” he heard the wind say again.


Genesis rubbed his eyes and looked at his watch. It read 3:40a.m. and he stared past the tents to the excavation site. The sight was barely visible at night, let alone it being a ten minute drive just to get there.


“Am I dreaming?” he wondered.


“Follow my voiiiiicee” it than spoke.


Genesis stayed where he was frozen in place, not by the chilling weather, but by the weird ominous voice that seemed to be coming from the excavation site. He knew if he was to get caught in the excavation area without proper clearance he could get in huge trouble, but he had to figure out what was calling out to him. If it was a dream, nothing will come of it, but if its real...” maybe I’m going crazy,” he thought to himself.


  “Aghhhhhh I’m crazy I can’t do this… maybe I just really need some sleep.” Genesis whispered to himself.


He walked back to his tent and laid awake a little longer, forcing himself to close his eyes and ignore the cold, before he finally drifted off to the world of dreams.


That next morning, Genesis woke up to the sound of the military cooks calling for breakfast. He got up quick and put his shoes on. Genesis wondered to himself if last night had been a dream. Did he really hear something calling his name in the wind? He was curious now more than ever to see what was at the excavation site. It’s been almost a week since he has docked these shores and he still has no idea why he is here, what has been uncovered or barely any of the people he was surrounded by.


  Genesis headed outside and joined the rest of the group to eat and finally debrief. Genesis got in line with the rest of the team and waited his turn to get breakfast. He looked around and most people looked as lost as him. Even a lot of the military troops. They were all dressed in blue camouflage outfits and all wore masks so none were identifiable.


“Hey move it along and stop daydreaming! we are all starving here!” said the guy behind Genesis.


  He looked at everyone before him as they all mean mugged him. He quickly hurried along and grabbed his food. He went back to his tent to eat and heard what seemed like the guy in charge barking orders.


  “Ten minutes to eat and then everyone will meet at HQ for debriefing!” the officer said.


  Genesis hurried and munched down all his food and quickly joined the rest. Dying with curiosity and anticipation he listened to the commanding officer.


“My name is Lieutenant Lars. I will be who you all answer to from here on out. I’m going to be honest with everyone here. We don’t know what we are dealing with right now. We have the site secured, but it is unstable from what we gathered from our geologists,” Lieutenant Lars said.


  “There have been a few tremors and we have lost a man so far due to falling in a fissure so please be wary. We need all of you to do what you do best. Dig until you find something.” He continued.


  “There are showings on the satellites of a meteor falling and there is a lot of energy in the area, but we can’t find any trace of a meteor or an impact point. We need something to report So let’s get this show on the road. That’ll be all,” Lars finished.


  Soon after, everyone was rushed to convey trucks. Genesis squeezed in where he could fit, but it proved to be a tight fit. The conveys started moving shortly after and finally he was off to see why this Kelga guy sent him here, and hopefully a clue to where Dom might be.


“Hey whats your name?” he heard someone ask behind him.


He looked behind and heard another guy talk.


  “Draco Lynch. I’m a geologist. What about you?”


  “Sanji Nakimora. I’m just a foot soldier for the military. Any idea what we are about to see?” Sanji replied.


 “No idea, I heard that they haven’t found shit since they been out here and they have been here for a couple of weeks. All anyone has been doing is digging or they have been researching the fissure.” Draco said.


  “Well that’s depressing. Well whatever, the pay is good and it’s an easy job. I don’t have to kill anyone” said Sanji in a joking manor.


  About ten minutes later they all arrived at the dig site and Genesis joined the rest of the archeologists. He looked at the dig site and was astounded. They had already dug almost what seemed like ten to fifteen feet under and 20 yards around, but nothing showed. Still it was apparent something was there. The air felt so heavy, giving Genesis an immense feeling in his stomach, almost making him lose his lunch.  Small tremors would happen every couple of minutes with the occasional huge tremor that would shake even the vehicles. 


  There was a massive fissure to the right of the dig hole that had been made from all the ongoing activity and they had a squad of soldiers grappling down to explore its depths. Genesis was appointed to a group with three other individuals and a dig spot in the massive hole. Two of the three were female twins and the other was a male. The man was tall and stocky. He wore glasses and had long blonde hair that he had put up in a ponytail. He wore brown pants with a white polo shirt and had a issued utility belt that everyone had been equipped with.


  The two women both had brunette colored hair, but one had her down to her shoulders and the other past closer to her breasts. They both wore matching outfits and looked somewhat like explorer uniforms.


  “My name is Dr. Mezzalini, but you can just call me Dr. Mezz,” replied the man.


His voice had a heavy boast to it. he spoke with deep tone but it was a calm and smooth. The two girls spoke afterword’s.


  “Hi my name is Mindy,” the girl with long hair said.


“And I’m Rose!” the other said.


  “My name is Genesis, it’s nice to meet you guys!” after saying that Genesis shrugged them off and started to dig.


  After a while of digging, lunch time soon arrived and everyone gathered quickly, all happy to take a break of what seemed to be pointless digging.


“I can’t believe we have been digging and still found nothing” said Genesis.


“I know and to believe they all have been here for almost two weeks already. But it pays well and after this I’m off on vacation for a while” said Mezz. “I’m headed to the Bahamas. Maybe I’ll find someone I can marry off and settle down for once, instead of messing with passerby’s  and brothels,” Dr. Mezz said.


  He then started laughing and genesis laughed with him giving Dr. Mezz his fake laugh that Genesis always seemed to give.


  “What about you? What are you doing here and whats your plans?” he asked.


“well honestly, I have no idea, I’m just as lost as you when it comes to this place but I’m in search of my brother. He disappeared five years ago.” Genesis exclaimed.


“Well, have you thought of the fact that he might be well… you know… be dead?” Mezz said reluctantly.


Genesis stared off in the barren wastelands of snow that stretched for miles on end and sipped on his coffee.


  “Yeah, I have. I know it’s a possibility and I know this all could be pointless but he was all I had. I have to at least know what happened...you know?” Genesis said with a sad look upon his face.


“I understand that… How old are you?” Dr. Mezz asked.


  “I’m 24 years old” said Genesis. “I lost him when I was 19. He would be 26 now” He continued.


“Well I hope you find him, or at least what happened to him so your soul can finally find peace.” Mezz said happily as he smiled.


  “How old are you?” Genesis asked.


  “I’m 31 years old. I don’t have any siblings though, just myself. And my parents are off living their happily ever after waiting for me to bear them children still.” He said laughing with hesitation.


“Well don’t disappoint them!” Genesis said jokingly.


Soon lunch was over with and everyone was back to digging. Hours went by before anything came out of anyone’s mouth.


“I found something!!” yelled Rose with joy.


  “Really??? What did you find??” asked a couple of people from the other groups.


Soon soldiers and scientists alike were surrounding their dig site, along with Lieutenant Lars.


  “Hmmm it seems to be a piece of some kind of outer world organism!” she replied.


  “So it is true. Something did happen here. Okay people keep digging we are getting close and all of our hard work will pay off!” said Lieutenant Lars.


Everyone dug until dusk came creeping through the Iceland and finally the day was over. The next few days went on like this. Everyone kept the same dig spots and continued to shovel at the ground. Piece by piece objects were unearthed, indicating that something indeed had impacted the area.


A couple of days had passed, and the seismic activity had increased, making the vicinity quite unstable. On the fourth day of digging one soldier returned from the fissure with a grimace look on his face. Lars rushed to them along with a few other soldiers. Genesis followed them so he could eavesdrop on the conversation, thinking it might pertain to his brother.


  “What did you see down there?” Lars asked.


  “Sir... everyone died in our group. I’m the only one who made it out alive. We went five miles below into the chasm and discovered a cavern at the bottom in the walls, but there’s no way of proceeding once you get to a certain point.  There is an anomaly of some sort down there preventing us from continuing the expedition.” The squad leader exclaimed.


  Genesis’s ears shot up when he heard the squad leader say cavern. “It’s just like the note said…” Genesis thought to himself.


“What kind of anomaly are we talking about exactly?” Lars asked.


  “Well...it’s hard to explain. There’s some sort of energy field blocking the entrance to another cavern inside the cave. We have no idea what kind of energy it consists of but there’s no passing it or even seeing through it,” the squad leader said.


 “Hmmm. Okay that’ll be all soldier go get some rest. You guys deserve it. is there anything else you saw down there?” Lars asked.


“Yes…I can’t exactly explain it but there was some sort of presence as well. It was not of earth origin.” He said with fear. “Though we never had visual on it, we could hear its voice echo throughout the whole cavern talking in some kind of language we have never heard of before,” the squad leader finished.


Everyone saw the terror in his eyes before he fainted and fell over on to the icy ground.


“Get this man to the medical station immediately,” Lars said.


Genesis inched his way to the fissure while the commotion was still going on and peered over the edge. It looked as if the hole itself went on for miles upon miles with no ending in sight. Just peer darkness. Feeling dizzy from the height he fell to his knees and backed off a little.


  “Geeeeeennnnneeeesssissss” he heard the air from below carry. Shocked he kept looking. 


  “Cooooome to meeeee” he heard the voice say. “Geeeeeneeeesissss, Geeeeeneeeesissss” he kept hearing it say.


  “Genesis!” Dr. Mezz whispered loudly snapping him back into reality. “Are you okay?” he asked.


  “Did you not hear that??” Genesis asked.


“Hear what??” Dr. Mezz asked.


  “Uhh…never mind…” Genesis said.


Dr. Mezz shrugged, then he and Genesis joined the group again. Shortly after the event that took place the Lieutenant ordered everyone to regroup back at HQ. Everyone jumped into the conveys and headed back to camp. It was a little after dusk when everyone made it back, and when all gathered around the tent Lieutenant Lars made his announcement.


  “Okay so as everyone knows, we had made a discovery in the fissure, But there are some complications. It seems we won’t be able to just walk in, and I fear we can’t use any explosives because it could cause a cave in or another earthquake or such so…any ideas?” Lars asked.


  “Maybe we can dig past It or get a drill down there and come up from underneath!” said someone in the crowd.


  “Yes, but once again that could disrupt the stability of the area and cease all operations as well as cause casualties, and we can’t afford that,” Lars replied.


Dr. Mezz stood ahead of the crowd and spoke.


  “Well you said the anomaly preventing us from proceeding is formed out of some type of energy. So maybe it only prevents us from passing. What if we sent an AI unit or something that is composed of non-organic material? maybe that would work. But I feel like we need to see what kind of energy field this is comprised of.” Dr. Mezz suggested.



  “Hmmm…I like that. Okay we will go through and execute that plan. We need volunteers though,” Lars replied.


  Genesis looked around. Only two raised their hands. Both being the two guys talking on the convey earlier.  


  “No one else?” Lars asked. “Come on we need at least two more.”


Genesis let out a big sigh and stepped forward raising his hand.


  “I’ll go.” He said reluctantly.


  Everyone’s eyes locked on genesis, making him feel a little nervous so he stepped back.


  “Ugh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that...but that voice...it keeps calling my name.” he thought to himself.


A fourth volunteer stepped forward and raised their hand.


  “I will go as well sir” a voice next to Genesis said.


Genesis looked up from the ground to see who else was coming along. He was shocked to see it was Dr. Mezz raising his hand.  He then whispered over to Genesis standing beside him wearing a big smile on his face.


  “I can’t let you go in alone lad. After all you have to find your brother” Dr. Mezz said.


“You’re a good friend,“ Genesis replied.


  “Okay that will work. I want everyone to get some sleep and we will wake up before dusk and head out,” Lars said. “That will be all. As you were men,” he finished.


  Everyone left except Genesis and the other three. They all four gathered together and greeted eachother.


  “So we are the four going on this crazy mission huh?” Dr Mezz said.


“I guess so, well greetings friends. My name is Sanji Nakimora. I’m happy to accompany you all,” Sanji said.


Genesis inspected Sanji. He had jet black hair that he wore in a ponytail, and he had glossy eyes indicating he was on something. He seemed to be of warm spirit but had a cool guy attitude. He was of Japanese descent, yet his accent was more American. He wore the same military outfit that all military wore, blue camouflage with a mask and black boots but he kept his mask off.


  “Haha, well it’s nice to formally meet you Sanji. My name is Dr. Mezz. I’m a physicist that originated back from Greenland.” Dr. Mezz said.


  “My name is Drake Lynch. I’m just along for the ride. I’ll be recording all the seismic activity as we venture through.” Drake said.


  Drake had dark brown hair and was kind of short. He had about an average body build  and his eyes were colored brown. he wore a brown leather jacket with a black long-sleeved shirt and a camouflage black and grey pants, along with black steel toed boots.  All three then looked at Genesis waiting for him to introduce himself.


  He spoke up nervously, “Hi everyone. My name is Genesis Novae Terrae and I...uhhh... am glad to meet everyone.”


Genesis smiled and nodded his head not knowing what else to do.


  “Okay then, let’s all go ahead and sleep in the same tent. We will strategize there, and I feel its best we all sleep close by.” Sanji said.


“Alright sounds good to me. Let’s do this” Draco concured.


  They all ate dinner and went to occupy a tent. They pulled out hologram maps of what the previous squad had mapped out.


  “Hmm okay so it seems like a six mile drop just like the soldier said. After that, there is an entrance to the cavern, and it seems to split up into two directions there.” Draco said while he pointed at the split on the map.


  “Well the way to the right suggests there’s a dead end and of the four soldiers, two of them died right there. so clearly that is not the way.” Sanji replied.


  “Okay so we go left. They continue for about a kilometer and then they stop too. One died there so the last of the squad came back and escaped.” Draco said.


They all got up and Draco put the map up in his utility belt.


  “Okay so we don’t know what kind of dangers lurk down there, so we have to be prepared for anything. I think we should bring guns and flares as well as close combat weapons and some extra rock climbing gear just in case.” Dr. Mezz suggested.


  “Good thinking, I like that idea” Sanji replied.


  “What about you? Do you have any suggestions or ideas buddy?” Sanji smiled as he said looking at genesis.


  “Uhhh, if I think of something, I’ll let you guys know,” Genesis said with his signature half smile.


  “Okay well lads, we should all start counting sheep. We got a big day ahead of us. It might be our last too!” Mezz said laughing sarcastically.


  “Heh, no kidding” Sanji replied.


  They all laid down and went to bed, All but Genesis. Genesis stayed up a while longer thinking again. This time about the terrible nightmare he had the first night he got in Anarctica, and also of the strange voice that he kept hearing since he got here. Genesis got up to get some air. He exits the tent and sits staring at the stars. He then looked down and picked up his necklace and started playing with it. he looked back at the stars and thinks to himself. “Where are you Dom?”


  “What are you doing up so late? Especially considering the events of tomorrow?” someone said behind him.


Startled, Genesis quickly looked behind him to find Sanji talking and coming to accompany him.


  “Well I could ask the same of you” Genesis said with a half-smile staring back at the stars again.


  “I just needed some air. Tomorrow we may find some crazy shit going down. And we might not survive,” Sanji said.


  “Why do I feel like you’re going to say that a lot more in my life” Genesis thought.


  “Well same I needed some air. And when I stare at the stars it helps me calm my mind and collect my thoughts,” Genesis replied.


  “Hmm I see, well what are you thinking about that’s keeps you up? This isn’t the first night you have done this.” Sanji asked as he took what appeared to be a rolled cigarette out of his metal case from his utility belt.


Genesis stared at whatever was in his mouth while he lit it up and then answered.


  “You’re the guard that is usually on duty most nights aren’t you?” Genesis asked.


  “Ha smart guy. I am indeed. Well some nights anyways.” Sanji replied.


  “Well I am on a search for my brother I lost five years ago. I heard he might’ve had something to do with this place.” Genesis said.


Sanji starts to cough harshly after hitting his cigarette.


  “What the hell could he have to do with this place. Out here. In the middle of nowhere??” Sanji said jokingly.


Genesis smelled a weird aroma coming from Sanji’s cigarette.


“I’m not entirely sure honestly, a note led me to this place that I received a while back, and apparently this place might have something to do with him. or at least his disappearance. That’s not a cigarette is it?” Genesis asked


  “Can I see the note? And no, its not. I have a medical condition. Its some debilitating disease kinda like leprosy in a way.” Sanji said sadly now staring at the stars too.


  Genesis took the note from his pocket and handed it to Sanji. Sanji read over it before saying anything.  “Well, it sounds a little promising. But mostly eerie.” Sanji said.


  “I come from Hiroshima and to this day the poison they dropped still affects my family’s bloodline. Doctors have no idea what it is but medical cbd helps slow the process, leaving it almost in a complete stasis state, and take the pain away along with various other benefits.” He continued.


“Wow… I’m sorry to hear that…I don’t know what to say man...” Genesis replied looking at his feet.


  “it’s okay thats why I’m here. Ive heard Legends of a place kind of like the fountain of youth that could cure me of my disease. I know it’s just a legend, but if there is a chance I’ll take it, plus who doesn’t  love a good adventure?” Sanji said smiling. “What is that necklace?” Sanji then proceeded to ask.


Genesis looked at Sanji and held his hand out towards Sanji’s smoke.


  “Let me hit that.” Genesis said completely ignoring his question. He took a puff, almost coughed up a lung, and then gabe it back to Sanji.


  “I’ll help you. Help me find my brother and ill help you find this miracle spring place to cure you,” Genesis said smiling.


  “You know you didn’t have to hit that to fit in or gain my approval” Sanji said laughing.


“I know, I did it to make a point. I have a feeling this is a start of a great friendship,” Genesis said laughing too.


  They both grabbed each other’s hand and shoulder bumped, then went back inside the tent to rest for the upcoming day. That next morning everyone was up before dawn could even break. They were serving breakfast early. Genesis quickly got in line with the others and grabbed some food. they had eggs, bacon, and oatmeal. As all four ate, Genesis looked around taking in each of the others facial expressions. Everyone seemed excited. Drake, Sanji, and Dr. Mezz  were done before Genesis, and they wore a mask of curiosity on their face.


 Right after breakfast ended, all four gathered at HQ for the final Briefing. Lieutenant Lars was of course waiting for them, and many people gathered for what he was about to say.


  “Okay this is it. I want everyone to stay at their stations today, no digging. Not while these four are down there. it could cause another tremor or a cave in down there.” Lars announced.


  Everyone looked shocked and happy to not have to spend another 10 hours digging in the freezing cold.


  “Will the four volunteers please step forward, gear up, and meet me at the fissure” Lars finished.


Everyone else left and went back to the tents to relax and wait as Genesis and the others geared up at the armory. They all grabbed a 9mm pistol, some flares, flashlights, med kits, and extra rock climbing gear like they agreed upon the night before. They also grabbed some helmets, some bullet proof vests, and Kevlar made body armor as well as body cams for recording and head lights for extra lighting.  


  After they geared up Sanji looked at the other three and asked, “are we ready?” 


  They all nodded and started to head out. Sanji saw Genesis grab something from the weapon rack as they were exiting.


  “Whats that?” he asked.


“I like to think of it as plan B,” Genesis replied.


  “Huh okay, I like that” he said as he held his fist out.


Genesis bumped it with his as they left the barracks and headed to the convoys. All four loaded up in the conveys and headed to the fissure to meet up with Lieutenant Lars. All four were very quiet on the ride there. Feeling the awkward silence killing him, genesis decided to break that said silence.


  “Soooooo…what do you guys think we will actually find down there? provided we get past whatever is blocking the path?” he said with his half smile.


“You know buddy, I’m not sure. Maybe aliens or some ancient artifact or something,”  Sanji said.


  “Maybe it’s just some kind of natural phenomena too like a chemical reaction from the meteor,” Dr. Mezz replied.


Drake looked at them all as he spoke, “Well shit, you guys took the best guesses,”.


The other three busted up laughing. Soon after they all made it to the excavation site. All four jumped out and walked over to the fissure to greet Lieutenant Lars. When they all grouped up, Lars finally spoke.


  “Okay so we know the drill. You will rappel down into the fissure. Then gain access to the cavern, get to the energy field, and take some samples. Then you will launch a micro bot and hope for the best,” he said.


  “Are you coming with us sir?” Sanji asked.


  “No, I’m going back to HQ and I’ll be on headset. I know you guys can do it. but don’t die on me. I need you back here alive,” Lars replied staring at Genesis intently.  


  “Okay let’s get to grappling,” Dr. Mezz said.


  Lieutenant Lars left and went back to HQ as the others set up their grappling gear, hooking it on the fissures edge. Simultaneously, they all four started grappling down to the bottom of the six mile fissure. It took them about three hours to get down through the chasm and to the cavern entrance. The entrance itself was in the side of the fissure walls. Genesis looked down after all four made it to the hole on the side of the fissure to see how much further the chasm went down. Still miles of nothing but darkness far below them. They all worked their way into the hole and finally had all their feet planted on the ground.


  “This is lieutenant lars testing coms over.” Lars said.


  “This is Genesis. Coms are a go and we have gained entrance to the cavern, over,” Genesis replied.


  “Alright you guys may proceed. I’ll be watching on your body cams from here. Good luck. Over and out.” Lars finished before his voice went silent over the coms.


Genesis looked at everyone and nodded his head and turned around. He peered into the entrance of the cave.


  “It looks dark. I guess this is where I learn about my brother,” Genesis thought to himself.


  “Geeeennneeessiisssss,” he heard the wind whisper once more.


  “I’m coming for you. Whatever you are.” Genesis said as he turned back around and stared at everyone for a second.


  “Are you guys ready?” he asked.


  “More than ever lads. Could be our last. If so, it was nice to meet you all.” Dr. Mezz replied.


“the same goes to you. Now, let’s go,” Sanji said with excitement as he wore a face of enthusiasm.


  “Alright, let’s do this” Genesis said as he started walking into the abyss.


  The other three followed quickly behind Genesis, and the darkness engulfed all four as they entered the cavern’s blackened depths.

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