Bad Civilians

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The Ontario's move into a house that they all like. Cindy meets a boy, and has a panic attack walking the streets alone at night time. She doesn't know what to do.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Meeting Him

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



Chapter One- Meeting Him
When I awoke, I was naked and tied up, I was still in the outhouse, and I could hear someone screaming my name, and it was my dad. They were at the outhouse in a minute, and opened the door to see a startled me, with my mouth gagged. I looked at my father with the look of terror. My father quickly untied me, and took me into his arms. I sobbed. 
"I don't know what happened," I said when he questioned me. "I was knocked out. I didn't even see his face."
There was wetness in me, and I knew he had came in me. I cried. When the police questioned me, they took me to the hospital, and got me checked out. When I left, I cried all the way to Cumberdale. 
I looked out the window at the dreary night. It's crazy how if you stare at something for hours, how gloomy they could be. This was a time where I was officially scarred, and I was crying. Tears welled in my eyes. Sam pulled me into his arms, and we cuddled. 
"It'll be okay, Cindy."
He was beyond mad when they found me, as was my dad. My dad and Sam said if they ever find the man, he was a dead man. When we finally arrived at Cumberdale, it was the dead of night. I was the only one up besides my father, who looked weary and tired. The town was down a slim road, a road which looked like a graveyard road, and it was through an arch which read Cumberdale in big letters at the top. I thought that was odd. 
We went down the road, and I was scared. I felt like we were all gonna die. To my surprise, the road went into a larger, two laned road, which led to the town. We saw a couple of stores on the outskirts, and a motel. We stopped there because we needed a place to crash. The person at the office seemed nice enough, but he acted a little strange, my father told us. His name was Rick. I sat patiently in the car before my father came back with some keys. We walked to room 4. I guessed that they didn't have a lot of guests in the town. Still scarred, I laid down on the bed with Sam. He looked exhausted, and went straight to sleep. 
There were two beds in the cheap motel room. Dad gave the beds to us kids, and he slept on a chair. I slept with Sam, while Tori and Tara shared a bed. The room looked cheap, and was very badly decorated. It looked a little western. I fell asleep cuddling up to my brother, and was the first to wake up that morning. Dad was still asleep. I went into the bathroom and looked at my face. Long red hair, I had. All of my other siblings had red hair too, expect for Sam. Sam had light brown hair, like my mother had had. I looked miserable, with bags under my eyes. I took a shower, and sobbed while I was in there. I got out and dried my hair with a towel. Afterwards, I went out to see everybody had woken up. They looked all extremely exhausted still. 
That day, we went out and dad started looking for houses. A few simple houses didn't catch his eye, but there was this old timey, big one that caught his eye. The realtor told him to take his time, that there weren't a lot of new comers that came around these parts.
Dad asked us what we thought. I thought it was beautiful. It was for rent, and dad had the necessary funds for it. So we got it. On the outside, it was a dark green, with a white front porch, and a patio out back. The interior was a dark golden colour, with wooden floors in the front room, as soon as you walked in. There was a staircase in that front room, a little ways back. To the right of the front room, and at the back was a white kitchen. It seemed pretty enough. And to the left of the front room, all the way to the back, was a room that was the bathroom. Up the staircase was the second floor, where all the bedrooms were. The second floor had brown carpets in the hallway, and doors. Tara and Tori had to share a large room, the largest besides the master room, which my father got. As soon as you walked up the staircase, there was a room, with a whitish door. That one would be mine. I walked in there, and it was white. The carpet was blue. It looked pretty spacious enough for me. Back in the hallways, next to mine, would be Sam's room. It looked white as well, with blue carpet. Then next to his room was Tori and Tara's, which was light green, and white carpet. There was a bathroom at the end of the hallway. My father had the whole third floor to himself, with a large master bedroom, and a study. We weren't to go up there, unless we were told to, unless it was an emergency. I loved the house, it was gorgeous.
When we got moved in, we felt homey, and comfortable. Out back on the patio, I sat in a chair, observing the back yard. There was a trail going up a hill, leading into the woods. I knew Sam would go exploring. I would go with him. It would be a blast.
My room had a single bed, with purple sheets, and an orange blanket. It was cozy. I put my clothes away in a wardrobe. It was a brown wardrobe. It was a gloomy Saturday. Rain clouds filled the sky, but the rain was holding off. I was in my dark purple, spaghetti strapped dress, and some converse. I wore skinny jeans beneath my dress because it was pretty short. I went out in that. There was a kids park down the street, so I went to that to swing on one of the swings. I loved swings. At first, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but then I noticed a boy laying in one of the tunnels. He looked emo, with jet black hair, and his hair was over his eyes. I couldn't make out his facial features just yet. My first thought was the run away screaming, because of what just happened to me. But then I would look like a maniac. However, the question always stuck in my head of, what if he was a maniac? I wouldn't k ow if it was too late. In my nervousness, I got up from the swing. He looked at me. Then I noticed his face. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He looked like an angel. I stopped and stared. I couldn't help myself. 
He walked up to me. 
"I know what you're feeling. Stranger danger," he said, his voice a mellow light, yet deep voice. It reminded me of Sam. "But I won't hurt you. I wouldn't hurt a fly. Especially a pretty girl like you."
I looked at him with the gaze of tranquility. For some reason I felt I could trust what he said. 
"How did you know that?" I asked, my voice as mellow as his was. 
I stared at him with blank eyes, his golden eyes looking at me with calmness. "I saw the look on your face," he stated.
I knew I wouldn't hide that good, I just knew it. 
"I'm Zalian," he said.
All of a sudden, I felt really light headed. 
"I'm Cindy," I said. "I gotta go." I felt like I could pass out. I stumbled through the park. When I was out of the vicinity of Zalian, everything seemed okay. I didn't know why. Maybe I was just nervous. The night had fallen, but I didn't wanna go home. I walked through the streets, and it felt like someone was following me. Then I started to get light headed again. I started to panic, which sent me into an anxiety attack. Then Zalian was there. 
"Are you okay?" His voice sounded disoriented, as I was close to passing out. As he got closer, the lightheadedness increased. I was so close to passing out, but I fought it.
He picked me up.
"Can you take me home?" I whimpered. "808 Nicolo Street." 
I passed out, not being able to fight it any longer. There was something about Zalian, I noticed, that made me light headed. Or maybe it was just my imagination.

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