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Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



For some time, I had been trying and subsequently made progress in gathering information on intended ideation of opening a “rendezvous for intellectuals” in Hyderabad. The concept is to promote a sense of eudemonia among retired, working and consultants professionals etc. in Hyderabad. I had done enough with and drafted an uneven strategy design. It will have to go through for a final perfect.

This article is about it. I am inviting professional views from readers of this article to prune up the plumage of this article before the full-bird presentation.  At the same time, I am inviting interested-professionals to join me in building up this social and professional experimental project.


From the good olden days, it is known that people attained notable success attribute some aspect of success to others, in particular, those in their circle of inspiration. But today, spending online has become a fashion of the day and wasting away precious hours of active day time. In the present tech-savvy world, people think that having a strong network of a like-minded community is a source of success. Yes, it is a good Idea but online is bad.

This is “Mindless online-ness”.

Online is a solitude attempt to be somebody but eventually becomes nobody as we do not meet on-liners in-person. The very concept of online is to be away from close-encounter-of-third kind. And also we have to remember, not all online dating and meet-ups ended happily.  It sucks and compartmentalizes on-liners’ life. I am not totally against online but I think we should be in limits.

Instead, when we are nearby or in city limits, why can’t we meet in person? Not just meet, but exchange and expand our knowledge, skills and talent. This is my concept.

I always think, every person has something to do and has to contribute that part of his life to family, friends and community. Online is a handy tool but not the real line for real-time to enhance the human relationship in understanding the relationship of information between interested individuals. Here comes the Meet-up or rendezvous concept.

So, we need a meet-up point or rendezvous. It is, at all times, good; meeting people, who are having a similar kind of disposition or of the same mind and kind of homogenous thinking, is the movement of every human soul. When we meet them in person, we cherish the spent-moments.

Coming to the Management Practices of personal development, we can discuss on knowledge exchange, ask for assistance, and seeking guidance or a piece of advice between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose is professionally common. So, that happens at meet-ups or rendezvous in-person.  Human touch is Human relationship.

Being able to reach to someone and get a different perspective on a challenge or subject is enormously valuable. We can meet people of wisdom and expertise to provide us with different alternatives or options. When we mixed up, they support us no matter what but also caution us on things without any form of judgement. This sort of juncture is hugely motivating. This happens only in meet-ups or rendezvous.

Also, when we have people who believe in what we believe; they believe us, listen to our excuses and give us the push we need to keep moving forward, that takes us to a whole new level. They instil confidence in us and this happens in meet-ups or rendezvous.

This gives us energy, strong ropes of hope to catch and expand into imagination. Our imagination enlarges our creativity and innovation. Through this moral push, we can elevate our performance go beyond what we once thought impossible, is now possible for us to achieve. So, it is or will be always exciting to meet intelligent and interesting individuals in person at meet-ups or rendezvous rather than online.

These are the impetus reasons motivated me to ponder on yonder horizon that there is a definite need for and will have a bright future for “professional meet-up points” in Hyderabad.

Also, I want to clarify and remind that this is not a Business oriented or hobby-based Idea.  It is pure eudemonic and non-selfish effort towards doing something good; I can do in give back to community volunteering.

We can meet often at meet-ups or rendezvous and speak in a common language so that it makes easier for us to exchange ideas, apply new ideas or new applicable techniques in real life. We will also create a Platform to conduct open-speeches on management, consultancy or for that matter any ethical professional subjects without crossing terms and conditions of rendezvous policy to broaden our bandwidth. This is extremely valuable in the long run because it will help us and be in the best we shall have.

Also to make thing more clearly, the professionally chosen subject for speeches must be non-political, non-religious, devoid of caste dispositions and derogatory by any degree in nature.  This clause is more important as “Hyderabad rendezvous” is not affiliated to any Political party, religion, caste, creed or credulous beliefs. “Hyderabad rendezvous” is purely professional, humane towards empathy and humanitarian towards compassion by professional nature.

That is my outlook towards a “small or limited meet up or rendezvous. The reasons I choose for smaller meet-up or rendezvous is to maintain correction, decorum and the dynamics properly. By following so, it will be that of a casual group conversation and we shall inevitably become part of it as soon as people begin to show up. The meet-ups will be centred on an activity that will tend to structure the positive interaction.

I just tentatively named the intended meet-up as “Hyderabad rendezvous” to create and follow social awareness in getting past social awkwardness. Hyderabad rendezvous is not hobby related but ethically committed and professionally obligated.

The major challenge to implement this platform is that this is a hybrid meet-up model. This will have to come up more and evolve from the inherent professional culture, collective responsibility of every participant not basing on hobby-based or event-oriented leadership.

The second most important factor is involving a financial estimation on premises rent, minimum office staff of at least 2 individuals, Office furniture and meet-up time refreshment arrangement like snacks, tea or coffee or beverages etc. Proper care will be taken on the menu and beverages by avoiding alcoholic or substance misuse consumption.

Yes, it will be possible to start only with the help of contribution from interested professionals. This may be an enabler to encourage the legacy of new professionalism in India and cultural transformation in a new way.

I know I may have exasperated a bit.  But it is needed some times deliberately to convince readers.  Believe me, I have not misrepresented the facts.

Before I close this article, I request the readers kindly give your feedback.  You can frankly write your opinions.  No hard feelings, I shall take any kind of feedback only in a positive and constructive way and I shall learn from you to correct anomalies.

If the readers are somewhere else other than Hyderabad, and interested to make use my, this, concept, they can avail on a pro bono basis to cultivate good habits in neighbourhood professionals. You can also as well start a meet-up on your own but do not forget to invite me as a speaker at host expenses.

After all, we all endeavour for one thing “competitive advantage over others” in real life.  This is one way of upskilling ourselves by mingling with intelligent folk. So, Try and enrich.

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