Assassin's Love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two

Submitted: June 10, 2019

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Submitted: June 10, 2019



Rachel wakes up in the morining and get dressed. She goes downstairs and takes Lily outside. Lily sniffs the whole yard. She finds a place to go to the bathroom and Rachel takes her inside and gives Lily her breakfast. Rachel makes herself eggs and bacon.
Before she goes out to the car she checks her email. She has a new email. She opens it up and reads it.
Dear Miss Crozeta,
I would like to invite you to Santiago's. It's bar and restaurant. We open at 8 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. I hope to see you there.
Mr. Santiago
Since when do you get invites to a bar/restaurant, or anything like that. I mean I guess I can check it out around my lunch break. Rachel thinks to herself. 
"I'll be home later Lily, keep an eye on the house," Rachel says and locks the door behind her. She drives to her clinic.
I walk into Santiago's and go into the kitchen.
"Tyler," I say.
"He's not here," Venassa says. My head chef.
"Where is he?" He should have been here by now. He always gets here before me, most of my employees do.
"He didn't tell you?"
"Tell me what?"
"He couldn't make it today. Something came up,"
"He didn't say anything to me," I don't mind if my employees don't come in, but they need to let me know before I come in. They know what time I come in and they need to have a good reason. "Did he say why he couldn't make it,"
"Just that it was important," I take a deep breath and close my eyes. "Is everything alright? If you want I can take care of whatever it is you need,"
"No. I need you to cook. Who is Tyler's stand in?" Tyler is like my second in command. If I'm not here he is in charge and he has a stand in. I know it seems weird for him to have a stand in, but that's just the way I am and no there is no one after that.
"Jamie, he's running late though," I roll my eyes. Where is everybody when I need them?
"He just woke up late,"
"Ok. I'll be in my office. Send him there when he gets in," I walk into my office and sit down in my chair with a huff of air in frusteration. Ten minutes later there is a knock at his door. "Come in," It's Jamie.
"You wanted to see me," Jamie says.
"I'm expecting someone today, so if I'm not out front let me know when she comes in," I show him her picture and tell him her name.
"Yes, sir," Jamie starts to leave, but I stop him.
"Oh, will you check in with Tyler?" He nods and leaves. The usual people come in except one in paticular. I get another knock at door.
"Come in," Jamie opens the door.
"Someone named Marcito is asking for you, and Tyler apologized for not letting you know he wasn't going to be in. He had to take care of something that is taking longer than he expected," Marcito what is he doing here? I get up and walk out to the bar. 
"We need to talk," he whispers.
"Follow me," I say. "Jamie, I do not want to be disturbed,"
"What if that women comes in?"
"If she does and she tries to leave before I'm done in my office don't let her leave,"
"I don't know. Just don't let her leave,"
"Ok," Marcito and I walk into my office and I lock the door behind me.
"Where is the target?" Marcito asks. What is his problem? I just got this job the last night. I didn't other targets the night I got the job and he's never done this before.
"She'll be here,"
"Yeah. Why?"
"Why didn't you take care of her last night?"
"I tried, but she has a dog and I got caught in her house,"
"You got caught?!" Maricto is enraged by this.
"It's ok she didn't see me and I got away,"
"You better take care of her soon,"
"I will. Why are you so upset about me not getting her last night? I just got the job,"
"Just get it done," he turns to leave. I sit down in my chair and look at her information again. Why is he so upset? I always do my job no matter how hard it is. Not that this one is hard.
I just have to go about it a different way than I planned. I walk out to the bar and some one is stitting at the bar table with an empty glass in front of him. I stand in front of him. 
"Would you like a refill, sir?" I ask. 
"Yes, please. A screwdriver," I fill his order. I stand out by the bar watching the door. Where is she? Maybe she come in later. I go back to my office while I wait for her to show up.
Jaime knocks on my door. Hours go by, Jaime knocks on my door. 
"Yes, Jaime,"
"That woman you were talking about, she's here,"
"Ok," I stand up and walk out to go see her and I don't know why, but I freeze when I see her sitting at her table. One of my other costemers tries to get my attention, but I don't hear what he says. It does pull me away from her though and I call for Jamie. He comes out of the back.  "Take his order," I walk over to where Rachel is sitting. I have to make this look good. "I'm glad you could make it Miss. Crozet,"
"You must be Mr. Santiago. To what do I have the pleasure of meeting the owner?"
"I always like to make it a point to serve my customers," Why do I feel nervous? There is nothing to feel nervous about this is my job. I always feel like in my element, but right now I just feel as if I might screw up and I'll regret it if I do. She looks at the menue. "Can I make a suggestion?" Where did that come from? I don't say that to any of my customers when I take their orders. She looks up at me from the menue.
"Please do," I shake my head. I mine as well go along with it. 
"My cook makes the best burgers in town, in fact we call his burgers beast burgers," I like my cooks beast burgers myslef and almost all of my customers do too.
"I like burgers," she closes her menue.
"Then I'll have my cook cook you one. Is there antything in paticular you would like on it?" She smiles up at me.
"Surprise me," I like her. Why did I just think that? I can't like her anyways, I have to kill her. I shake my head of the thought and go to the kitchen. 
"One beast burger with everything on it," I just go along with it. Venassa finishes cooking it.
"Order up!" She says and I grab it and take it to Racheal. I sit down next to her a little excited, but I don't understand why I'm excited let alone why I even sit down with her. She looks at me smieling.
"Shouldn't you be working?" She asks.
"You forget," I smile. "I own this place, so I do whatever I want. I don't even have to be working, but most of the time I do, because it gives me something to do," I answer.
"That's true," she looks at her beast burger. "That's huge,"
"That's part of why it's called a beast burger,"
"And the other part?"
"You'll have to try it to figure out the other part," 
"Here I go," she lifts it up and takes a bite. He face lightens up as she chews it. She swallows. "That has a beast of a flavor, no pun intended," we both laugh.
"What did I tell you?" She has some ketchup on her lip and with out thinking I take a napkin and wipe it off. She freezes. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," she shakes her head.
"It's ok," she says smileing at me. It's starts getting late and people start leaving. I watch as everyone leaves untill Racheal is the only one here.
"I'll be right back," I walk into the kitchen and tell everyone they can leave and I will close up for the night and then I go back to Racheal.
After he goes to the kitchen, Rachel looks around and realizes she is the only person left. I like Mr. Santiago though. He looks a little bit older then me, but not by much and age has never bothered me. Rachel thinks to herself. Mr. Santiago comes back out of the kitchen. 
I stand in front of her. She has finished her beast burger by now.
"Come with me. I have something to show you," I say to her.
"Ok," she says smileing. I take her to my office and bring her down to the place I have some of my weapons for back up. I close the door behind her and go to my knives and discreetly grab one. "What is this place?" She asks sounding a little nervous, but still seeming intrigued.
"I have an obsession for weapons and I keep most of them down here,"
"Ok," I push her up against the wall and start to bring my knive up to her throat, but before I can she kisses me. I kiss her back and slide my knife into my back pocket. I realize I can't kill her, I like her too much and I've never liked anyone before. I'll just tell Marcito that I did kill her and just hope he doesn't see her again. When her and I see eachother I just won't let my boss see me with her.
She pulls away smileing. "Do you show every girl this place?" Her voice is sensual. 
"No, you're the first," I make voice is dark and husky like and smile. She kisses me again and we make love right there on the floor. I wake up the next morning on the floor with Racheal gone and my clothes on the floor. The first thing that comes to mind thought is I never cleaned up the shop. I put my clothes on and call all the people that work for me and tell them not to come in today.
I need to clean up anyways for people to come in, but I just decide that I will keep the place closed for today and I clean everything up. I find a note on the bar stand. 
Thanks for the night Mr. Santiago,
P.S. are you going to ever tell me your first name or was this a one night stand, I hope it's not.
There is a winky face at the end. She also left her number. This makes me smile. I don't want it to be a one night stand either. I go home and take a shower.
Then I change into some clean clothes and I stop by a flower shop and by a single white rose, I write on a small piece of paper and tie it to the stem with some white ribbon. I drive by here house and put it on her doorstep. Lily is barking like mad. I go home and pull out my laptop.
The target has been aquired. I send Marcito an email.
Good. He sends back.

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