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It’s a normal morning as always she woke up early in the morning and went to jogging with men. Every woman calls her slut but she never cared but one thing is that while flirting with the men she
is at the peak of her career we can say because of doing nothing she has time to flirt with men. Meanwhile she learned somewhat all type of languages and also comes first at class. A secret is that
she also likes flirting with girls as at holidays she would cross-dress as boy and goes to pub or club so many girls loves her without knowing that she is a female. Like now as we know that our
female lead is superb with some idiotic thoughts her love life is always failure but truth is something else that a man who is well known in the business world was obsessed with her he was truly in
love with her that he can gave up all thing for her. But he was afraid to say to her so he was just always stalking and follow her any problem comes he helped her secretly without anyone notice.
But one day that tragedy happen that a man came in front of her and asked her that “do you know who I am” she recalled all the list of people [ she is intelligent] and said “oh right you are my 6th
lover who I have dumped because you are a psychic and love to tortured me” by saying this he cut her off half way and his hand went to back of his bag and took a bottle and then A grin had made her
frighten that before saying anything he poured acid on her face with the pain she fell into the water but she can’t swim because she was afraid of water as her parents were dead because of water
which was a horror scene so she was afraid of seas, river etc.. But not wholly as she is a clean freak as well as a tidy women because her parents died at her early age she behaves like that. After
some minutes a person dived into the water took her to the shore and put her head in his lap and he saw that she has only a little time by knowing that he cried whole heartily and said “I love you
because what you are” by hearing that she died with a smile and a tear fell from her eyes. A light flashed after opening her eyes was filled with tears and when she saw her surrounding she saw a
man holding her body with full of grief towards other man and made his life a hell by calling his team and torture him to death and he cried and cried for her by seeing that scene she wiped her
tears and with a sad look she told “if I get any other life I want to be your wife. If destiny permits lets meet again” by saying that a light flashed and it went dark.

Chapter 1 (v.2) - ENDING AND FINDING

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I am Alex as you can see I am the mad lover of her I loved her because I know her from her childhood and was drawn towards her character. I know she is flirty but she do not easily submit herself towards anyone that’s the thing I like her i love her stubbornness. I love her to the core that I want to hug and kiss her and show her to the whole world and say this is my girl never lay a hand on her but before I say that I lost her now she is in my lap and am hugging her and kissing her and suddenly in my thoughts am just an useless man if I have god’s grace in me please return her or else take me with her and a sudden attack came and I fell holding her hands and body towards me and closed my eyes. After opening my eyes I say two body’s holding hands and leaning towards the other body and I now understand that yeah I died with her with a tear in my eyes and a joy so that I could meet her I felt some tense and then I closed my eyes a light took me with it.



After I opened my eyes I saw a person standing in front of me and smiling at me. I asked him “why am I here” and he replied that I have died and your soul is so pitiful that he will give me 9 chances in 9 chances I should find my soul mate and make him love for me that he will never leave you and suddenly I saw a person standing behind me I turned around and felt a shock the person who was holding me and crying was here. A sudden hug which I felt a warmth and affection I did not pull him away because I also know him he is Alex my childhood friend who always teases me but I did not notice his love for me as you all know the saying ‘you will never understand the feeling of a person after he\she leave us behind or left us’. Then a laughing was heard behind me I know it was god but I did not understand why he laughed but I know he was making fun of me but never mind.

“As I said the person you have to, should be and will is standing beside you. You have enjoyed your life courting other men and leaving him behind now for 9 lives you should fall for him and he should also have to have same feeling towards you. But one thing is that I will erase his memories after falling in love with you deeply he will get back memory and you will come back at that time.

It’s just a type of game you will live 9 different lives of different persons in a different situation but you have to complete it on the way you will get task to do also or to change the stories also. After 9 life hehehe” as he laughed I asked him why are you laughing “I think you are making the life difficult right” as she said the god said that “you found it” and that time Alex asked “but how will we find the correct person” and god answered that “it is a good question that Lucy will get a notification at that time so are you ready we can start this game right and Alex drink this bottle first and I will transport you” by saying this Alex drank the bottle before that he kissed Lucy and said “this is the kiss remember ok” and a bright light fall and he was immersed in the acting as nothing happen now it was my turn but which position I will fall I don’t know but I know Kung fu and she is black belt and she can cook can do any type of jobs so she said “yeah ready” then a light came before that god said “when you will reach all the places will be stopped and you can read the situation and what situation you are lying and your brain will get signals when your soul mate is near you so act according to situation then all the best” by saying that a bright light effected my eyes and it got darker again.

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