Crow and Mallorie

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A story about a crow and a expectant bride.

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



Crow flew, over the trees, searching, seeking, a glimmer, glitter, something refracted light, Crow's eyes and head turned slightly. No just a stream a small pond. Not what Crow needed. On further, past the trees, into the fields. The fields where the big hulking stupid things chewed grass, all day, every day. Stupid they were, Crow was not like them, Crow was smart.

Mallorie sprayed her perfume, twice in the air, walking fancifully through the vapor. Soft pop music played in the background. She did her makeup, some blush, lipstick of bright rouge, eyeliner, applied generously. Mascara, also applied generously. Her nails were polished, also bright rouge.

Crow would find it, the thing to bring to the others, to show them, Crow was best. Onward still Crow flew. Away from the fields, and over more trees. More trees, no good. Crow needed to find the flightless, two legged strange ones. The ones that kept the Stupid things in the fields. The ones who had the shiny things.

 She'd curled her moderately short hair into something resembling a 1950's Monroe, at least in her mind. She placed a jewelled bracelet on, modest, but fashionable. A sparkling necklace of 100% pure, authentic Zirconia. Dainty earrings, never worn, but owned for many years. An emerald coloured stone adorned her sterling silver ring, worn on the middle finger of her right hand. A smaller, sister ring to the one on her middle finger, she place on the little finger of her left hand. A dress, onyx in colour, and vibrant in design she wore, with dark red, velvet lined slippers on her feet.

Crow kept flying, searching, seeking. Crow came to the edge of the Strange area, with few trees, but many high places, Crow was not alone now, many others were here. Crow flew atop a tall thing and stopped. Looking, looking at where the strange ones perched. With their shiny things, shimmering, so tantalizing for Crow, but Crow could not get them, the Strange ones hit and shoo'd Crow when Crow tried.

To many, this might be dressed up for a date at a coffee shop. But this was no ordinary date. This was her 5th anniversary with her beau, Jakob, at Indie Groove, the hipster Cafe they met, now rebranded as Starcups. Regardless, every year they vowed to go there, and reaffirm their love. But this year she knew, would be particularly special, this year, Jakob would propose. This she knew, after all it had been 5 years, and Jakob had been spotted by her friend Diane at a Jewellery shop in the city.

Crow would wait, keep looking and take the shiny thing when the Strange one's weren't looking. Some others perched near Crow, the white ones, Crow didn't like these others, they were not real, like Crow, they relied on the Strange one's for food. Crow did not, Crow ate the wrigley ones in the ground, Crow was real. Crow squawked at the white one's and show'd them his dark wings, they flew away. Crow knew they would, they were so afraid, not just of Crow, of everything.

 Yes, today was the day, it made  sense. Despite what anyone would think of her at the dingy cafe, she would dress up for the occasion. Meeting Jakob, he stood, flabbergasted by the vision of his girlfriend. After enjoying some croissants and sharing an Iced Coffee, as they had done 5 years ago, and every year since.

Crow kept looking for something. There, he saw. A shiny thing, near a tree, in the middle of the strange place. Crow would be brave, Crow wanted the shiny thing. Crow needed the shiny thing. Crow flew to the tree in the strange place, so Crow could keep watching the shiny and take it when the Strange one's weren't looking.

Jakob reached into the jacket of his Suit, which he wore to work. Quite the sight they must have made, he thought. Pulling out a small pink box, with a dainty bow atop it, he placed it on the table. Mallorie's heart was beating quicker than she anticipated, she was speechless, it was finally happening. A smile crossed Jakob's face, 'well open it already!' he chuckled, slightly perplex a momentarily brought out of her trance, she opened the box on the table. Inside not the single item she'd expected, instead were two diamond earrings. Anger and confusion swirled in her mind and heart, as she opened her mouth to speak, a black Crow landed harshly on the table, plucked one of the earrings and was gone within an instant! Mallorie let out a shrill and visceral scream! Half from shock, half from rage, and all from disappointment!

It was a good shiny, very good. Small, yes, Crow didn't mind though, Crow thought it was the best Shiney he'd ever seen. Crow saw his moment and swooped in grabbing the shiny, the strange one squawked, an awful sound, Crow didn't stop though, Crow flew away, as fast as Crow could, Crow had the shiny, and Crow would show the others!


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