How a man can go astray on his way to his fate.

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Every man gets his future in the rain of blows, but in some parts of the world there are no roofs for shelter.

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



How many times have they not asked themselves, "How bad must my neighbor's luck be?

Starting with a question is risky when you are certain that you will never be answered. However, one must shout doubts before being corroded by time.

I can't figure out how sad or sick it is that my little son, barely 4 years old, knows how rotten his life line will be if he continues to live in Venezuela. Today I barely decided to talk to him about one of the most forced decisions I've had to make in my short life: emigrate. He, to my astonishment, has taken very calmly the fact of having to flee from the homeland that saw us born to be third class citizens in another place, and exposed with astonishing details how unpleasant it can be for his childish daily routine to follow in this broken country. Continuing with his excessively graphic and overanalyzed descriptions, he could tell me "definitely in Colombia, or anywhere else I will be happy, there surely even the neighbors eat sweets", and I cannot deny that he deeply stabbed my understanding how at the age of 4 a small creature takes into account the misadventures of the others.

What my little one was able to make clear to me stopped my excited desire to continue scrutinizing through his motives, sincerely was a lot for today. Tomorrow I will have time to continue knowing "how bad is the luck of the neighbor" in the imaginary of my son.

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