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This gay Army veteran weighs in on peoples use of the term "internalized homophobia" and its cleverly disguised agenda.

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019




by Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.


This "internalized homophobia" that young people love to throw around doesn't make sense to me. When you internalize you make (attitudes or behavior) part of your nature by learning or unconscious assimilation. Thoughts and emotions are the same thing. They are both derived from memory and are all internalized from outside sources. It's impossible for anyone to think or feel anything without utilization of internalized behavior. But for shits and giggles, we would have to refer to heterosexuals as internalized heterosexuals, which is nonsense. Heterosexuals would argue their behavior comes from within and I would agree. So, if you drop the useless verb internalize in "internalized homophobia" you are left with homo and phobia. Which phobia is an irrational fear and homo is the same. Eureka, internalized homophobia is behavior that is an irrational fear of something the same but actually different and internalized nonetheless and shamed by those with irrational bigotry. Wait a damn moment, how can one have a phobia of their own sexuality, which is already different from that which they fear but is internalized the same nonetheless, that is bunch of nonsense. Who makes this shit up? Oh yes, psychologist, who use pseudoscience to make people sick, keep them that way and ruin lives. This is why I throw labels and catchphrases out the window, they just mess people up.

My conclusion of "internalized homophobia" is that it is simply a cleverly disguised mind fuck form of bigotry that creates and reinforces both hate and despair. Who has the audacity to tell me or anyone for that matter, that they hate themselves and others because they don’t fit their image of the “perfect gay man”. It’s a shady and meaningless form of exclusive sexual sociocultural bigotry and I won’t have anything to do with it. It makes as much sense as the "internalized bigotry" I'll be dealing with in the form of nasty responses to the truth behind meaningless catchphrases. As Penn and Teller would say, Internalized Homophobia is BULLSHIT. Nature creates absolutely beautiful and unique individuals who are destroyed by the bigotry of sociocultural dogma. Be who you are and do not give in to bigotry, no matter how well a "friend" might disguise it.


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