The Magic Typewriter

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A chance discovery of a typewriter in a park leads to some amazing experiences.

Submitted: June 09, 2019

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Submitted: June 09, 2019



The Magic Typewriter

It was a cloudy day in Sefton Park, pretty much like any other day, but one which would change my life forever. I had been walking for 5 miles and I was feeling hungry.  This would be a perfect spot to enjoy my lunch. I chose a bench opposite the lake. My solitude was soon disturbed by the sounds of ducks and geese. After a while the sun started to poke its head out from behind a cloud, and it created an oasis of shimmering light on the water. At that precise moment everything seemed right with the world, and I wanted to stay in that place forever.

Eventually it was time to leave, and as I stood up I noticed something underneath the bench. I was amazed to see a small pale blue typewriter lying on the ground. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It had been over 20 years since I had seen a typewriter up close. I began to wonder how it had got there and who had left it there. I looked around to see if anyone was around, but there was no one in sight. There was one piece of paper in the typewriter and behind that was a handwritten note. The note read ‘Whatever is typed on this piece of paper will come true. You may use this typewriter as often as you wish, but when the piece of paper is full it will disappear forever’.

Feeling extremely sceptical I decided to try out the typewriter immediately. On the piece of paper I typed ‘please make the rest of this day full of sunshine’. As soon as I had finished typing every single cloud in the sky was gone and the sun made a very welcome appearance. Feeling totally amazed by this I began to think about what I could type next, but as I only had one piece of paper I decided to continue my walk and see if I could gather ideas on the way. The typewriter was small enough to fit in my rucksack.

A while later I was walking down a quiet street when I became aware of an elderly gentleman. He was mumbling to himself and he had a confused expression on his face. I slowly approached him and he said to me ‘could you tell me the time please?’ I told him the time and then he asked me what day it was. This started to worry me deeply. I asked the man his name and if he was lost. He could not answer me. He just stood by the edge of the road, and my heart was totally broken for him. I took the typewriter out and on the piece of paper I typed ‘please help this man to find where he lives, and let him not be alone’. Immediately the man started to walk. He crossed the road and turned the corner. I stayed with him to make sure that he was safe. 5 minutes later he was outside his house. I walked with him down his driveway and rang the doorbell. His wife his wife opened the door. I explained what had happened and she was extremely grateful for me finding her husband. I found out that his name was Samuel. I was invited inside for a cup of tea, but at that moment I had the strangest feeling that I would be needed again with my typewriter. I hugged both of them before leaving.

I headed towards Allerton Road and as the sun was getting hotter I decided to cool off with a nice cold drink. I wandered into the nearest coffee shop. It was very busy and the only available table was in the corner. Sitting at it was a young woman. I guessed that she must be around 35. I politely asked her if I could join her, and she was only too happy for the company. I found out that her name was Nicola. We started to chat and found out that we had a lot in common. However something started to trouble me inside. Nicola had an empty and sad look in her eyes. She lent heavily on the table and she had her head in her hands. I didn’t want to appear nosy so I continued to talk to her. We sat there for what seemed like hours. I hardly knew Nicola but it felt as though we had known each other forever. It felt as though I was talking to my best friend.

The more we talked the more empty Nicola’s eyes appeared. She sank lower into her chair and I felt as though she wanted to tell me something, but felt too afraid. Nicola stood up to go to the toilet and when she did I took out my typewriter. On the piece of paper I typed’ please give Nicola the courage to tell me what is on her mind, and make her content for the rest of the day’. Then I put the typewriter back. When she returned I could see that Nicola had been crying. She was shaking and weeping, and I could tell that her heart was completely broken. She looked me straight in the eyes and said” I have something to tell you”. It was then that she told me the saddest news I had heard in a very long time. She told me that she an incurable brain tumour and she was dying. She had an estimated 6-12 months left to live.

When I heard the news I broke down and was completely inconsolable. Nicola and I hugged each other for what seemed like an eternity. I was devastated at hearing Nicola’s news, and I thought to myself ‘I can’t change what is going to happen to Nicola but if only I could take her mind off it for just one day’. Nicola had told me of her love for classical music and I remembered that the following day there would be a lunchtime classical concert at the Philharmonic Hall. I asked her if she would like to watch it with me. She was thrilled and said yes immediately. Later that evening I used the typewriter to ask that Nicola would enjoy the concert, and that she would have one of the most enjoyable moments of her life.

We met the next day and enjoyed every single second of the concert. I will never ever forget the joy on Nicola’s face. She was so happy. Her face lit up during every performance. The most precious moment was watching her enjoy her most favourite piece of classical music ‘The Blue Danube Waltz’ by Strauss. Every single note seemed to dance round the room. I kept in touch with Nicola until she passed away. I used the typewriter to provide strength during her last days. I asked God to keep her strong until the end, and to take away her pain and sadness, which I believe he did. Nicola will always hold a very special place in my heart. I will never ever forget her.

For the next few months I kept the typewriter hidden away. I didn’t use it at all. Then one day I felt inspired to type just one thing. I looked at the piece of paper and it had just enough room for me to type a few more words. I simply typed the words ‘thank you for everything’. The piece of paper was now full and the typewriter and piece of paper disappeared forever. Hopefully one day it will visit someone else.

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