The Magical Garden

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Submitted: June 10, 2019

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Submitted: June 10, 2019



It was almost like a Fantasy, secluded from everyone and everything.
There it stood in all its splendor—a garden full of wild Roses! It
was unbelievable, this most beautiful sight any eyes could behold.
Patches of colors, glistened like miniature rainbows after a spring Rain, were
scattered all over this Mystical Planet. No one knew for sure how the Roses
had fi rst started to grow there in that barren place, hidden from the rest of the
world, but there is a Legend of Old, found written in gold on strange paper,
held securely by a Crater of sorts—but it was a sworn secret—and no one
knew the facts because no one would give a whisper of how it came to be. The
Magical Garden was like healing medicine for body, spirit and mind. It was
a place of comfort, a Sanctuary of feeling whole and balanced, a Kingdom
of sorts where they say that the souls of King and Queen Rosengarden from
once upon a time of old, occasionally fl ew in to visit their favorite resting
place where they had been the keepers of the Garden, and it was their strong
passionate love for each other that made the Roses grow like the beauty of
the Garden of Eden.
The creatures living in the Garden was careful to not say anything about
the beginning of such an intriguing creation because they didn’t want to jinks
their lovely surroundings with a dark Omen. However; one tale that has been
handed down through the ages, tells the story of an unusual bird, sort of like
a Dove, somewhat like a white Eagle, that carried a tiny golden Seed from
nearby the Palace grounds of the King and Queen, and like it was meant to
be—dropped the seed in the Rain and Wind, and it landed straight in the
middle of the warm Rocks and crusty Earth, and it magically took root.
The old crumpled pages told of the greatest love the Rosengardens had
for each other. They treated each like a true King and Queen. They shared
almost ever second of everyday together showing how much they truly cared.
They handmade awesome decorations for the Palace, or Castle. They took
Willow branches from all around and make a sofa, chairs, tables and King size
bed. They knew how to used the resources to make a home fi t for a King and
Queen. It was pleasant and comfortable and they enjoyed every thing about
it. They never had an argument. They lived in perfect harmony.


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