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Submitted: June 10, 2019

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Submitted: June 10, 2019



Have you ever thought of the things in your head, though in heart as well,as something which you can't express or explain easily? Have you ever thought that?Did you ever feel like everything is overwhelming and slowly getting into your mind,staying there....

Like all of them are locked inside and you can't let them out or find a way to do that.Instead you choose to shut them within yourself, hoping for the best, that it might be satisfying.But it's not like that.As time passes, the thoughts get worse, taking you when you least expect it but you can't do anything about it because if you let out your voice,it will be found out.

Expressing ourselves isn't easy, especially if you don't know how to open yourself up and show clearly what you feel.But just because it's difficult it doesn't mean you don't feel anything,you do,you just need to find the right way to properly show how you feel so that the person we want can understand us.Its easier said than done I know that.

Sometimes you just want to keep it all to yourself,where you know you will be safe,with who you can trust.

Our mind really isn't simple, but neither are we.We pay attention when we speak loudly but when we are quiet we don't do that, thinking probably it's all good, not even questioning if it's true at all.

So much to say...yet so much to hear from our minds.So many feelings they show us each day.Some which lead us to the stairs of happiness and some to a unknown world which we aren't ready to face.From which we are scared.Unsecure.Defendless.Which leaves us fearing and doubting ourselves..

We are insecure beings.Going through life always fearing perhaps of something.It could be many reasons for that though our theme is the inside of our hearts and minds, the place we can't expose to just anyone,no,but to be honest,to someone who can see through it,even if just a little,but someone who can see how we truly feel inside.

That isn't everyone.Not everyone can see what we hide behind the walls we built and why did we decide to make them in the first place.Not everyone can see the tears in our soul when we are smiling supposedly.Not everyone can reach us and see us for who we really are, without anything, completely venerable and scared of our fears.Even if we can't find anyone who can understand that there is one who always will and that is ourselves.Because no one knows us better than we do.

We fear things we don't know about and we get confused about them.Not knowing what to do.Or how to solve it.Is it simple or not?

The answer depends on how much truly we know ourselves and our abilities,fears,dreams, potential, weaknesses, strengths.But we can't come to any answer if we don't know that.That is why we get confused and think about something which should be clear right away, though it isn't to us.

You should search.For you in your mind.For answers you want to find.Because that is the only way you will come to understand yourself and accept you as you are.And your mind and everything yours completely.

Don't be scared of being heard or hurt!Be brave and give yourself a proper chance for everything you want.Give you a chance to meet and explore your mind and everything you've been thinking about.Open your heart to yourself slowly,step by step at a time,taking seriously everything your heart has been telling you.Listen to your mind and soul.

And if it doesn't feel right for you,think about it.Why do you feel that?What does all of that mean?What is it telling you?

Even though this isn't everything I wanted to say to you,it's a part of it.A small part of a such big place like my mind.I know it wasn't the best but i tried to do it properly and show what I want.


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