Lycan's Fury

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Under the night sky, Lauren ran with her Lycan Clan. Close by, her two older siblings dashed through the forest under the full moon. Lincoln, Lauren’s father, led the pack on the monthly hunt. Wind flattened their fur as they searched the forest for prey. Only on this special night did they hunt live animals. Every other day, they ate like normal humans, only with the occasional game at dinner.

Lincoln turned a sharp right at a forked path. The seasoned wolves followed him, knowing the path led to tougher game. Bailey and Connor, Lauren’s siblings, followed their father’s lead, which left Lauren with the youngest members. Every other moon, she would be put in charge of them. Otherwise, her brother Connor would take care of them. Currently there were three new wolves in training: Kara, Sarah, and Chris. Kara’s family had been taken in by the Clan and the fourteen-year-old didn’t fit in anywhere. Sarah and Chris were Lauren’s cousins, allowing them to be close to the main members of the family, holding a small place above other wolves in the Clan.

Lauren came to a stop under a pine tree. Needles crunched under her silver paws, smearing the pads with a small amount of sap. The scent would come in handy later during their hunt. Three newbies sat around her in a small arc, muscles tensed under thick fur. Being their second time on a full moon hunt, the twins Sarah and Chris twitched nervously. The auburn wolf’s red eyes glanced at every moving thing. Last time, her brother Chris got the two lost. Admittedly, it was hard to miss his piercing yellow gaze he held in wolf form. Luckily, all Lycan’s eyes changed to somewhat normal colors when in human form. Otherwise, humans would catch on to their age-old secret and cast them aside.

A small growl came from Kara as Chris stepped on her paw. Her glowing yellow-green eyes narrowed as her black pelt rose. Lauren rolled her eyes at the late-bloomer’s attitude. Kara shifted into her wolf form for the first time only two weeks ago. Being shown up by two younger wolves didn’t suit her well. Being the daughter of the Alpha, Lauren could easily make them obey. However, she didn’t enjoy humiliating the young pups.

“I want to fight a puma! Lauren, can we go find one?” Chris begged vocally. His tail repeatedly struck the ground, sending pine needles flying with each wag. Sarah lowered her head and sighed.

“Don’t be stupid! You’ll never survive a fight with a puma,” she replied. For a moment, she bared her teeth at Chris. It didn’t faze him at all. Secretly, Lauren wanted Chris to go off on his own and find his precious puma. Maybe then he’d get some sense clawed into him.

The twins argued as they nipped each other on the shoulders. They ran after each other for a few moments before Lauren growled. Kara glared at the twins with glowing slits. With flattened ears, Sarah lowered her head while Chris was unaware of the glance.

Holding back a groan, Lauren looked at the male. “Chris, you’ll never be able to fight anything unless you start listening to the more experienced wolves,” she said. Whining, Chris’s tail went limp. All the air in his sails had just been deflated.

“All right Lauren…” he muttered. Sarah smiled softly and nudged her brother’s flank with her nose. Since Chris and Sarah were Lauren’s cousins, they respected her. Kara held no respect for Lauren, resulting in friction between the two.

“What are we going to do tonight?” Kara asked. Lauren rubbed her paws along the pine needles then stood. After the pups stalled, she motioned to follow her lead. Kara glanced at the older she-wolf with disbelief.

“What is this for?” she growled. With a low bark, Lauren took a step forward.

“It will help hide our scent. Prey won’t suspect anything if they smell pine. If not, they’d run when we got close to them,” she explained. Honestly, it’s as if she’s never been in the forest. At least Chris and Sarah were being compliant.

“Connor told us that as long as you check your surroundings and scent the air every few minutes, you’d be fine,” Sarah said. Lauren bit back a snarl. Her older brother knew absolutely nothing when it came to teaching younger wolves.

“Well, Connor isn’t the smartest around. Yes, you have to be careful of your surroundings. But, you don’t check them only every few minutes. You constantly have to know what’s going on around you. If you don’t, you’ll go hungry, and in some cases, end up injured,” she lectured. Both Sarah and Chris stiffened. Kara looked undeterred though she should be shaking in her fur. Her overconfident nature would get the better of her one day.

“Look Lauren,” Kara began with a growl, “I don’t want to be here and I know you don’t either. So just take us somewhere, teach us to hunt, and then leave us alone until the next full moon.”

It took all of Lauren’s control not to leap at the young girl, while snarling “If that’s what you want, fine. Once you’re on your own and don’t know what to do, don’t come whining to me with your tail between your legs.” In a flash, she turned on her paws then bolted deeper into the forest. Spraying needles everywhere, Sarah and Chris followed her. It took a second before Kara went after them.

Being nimble, Kara sped past Lauren. Her paws barely touched the ground as she gained speed. Soon, she was far ahead of the three. Smiling, Lauren abruptly turned right. The twins almost crashed into a few trees at her sudden movement, but they managed to stay on her trail.

Kara snarled when she realized what the Alpha’s daughter had done. Prideful at her accomplishment, Lauren came to a stop when she reached a small clearing. Sarah and Chris collapsed to the ground. Lauren let them rest as she waited with a smile for Kara to arrive.

At the rustling of bushes, Lauren’s ear twitched. “That was a dirty trick you pulled back there,” Kara spat as she entered the clearing. Pleased, Lauren didn’t even attempt to hide her emotion.

“I thought I told you all to listen to the more experienced members. And that means following, not leading. Next time you pull a stunt like that, I’ll seal you off in a bear cave. No one will be able to find you,” she snapped, scaring Sarah and Chris. Rolling her eyes, Kara stalked toward the silver-furred she-wolf.

“If you do that, I’ll try to get you banished from Caine,” Kara warned. Lauren snorted. This girl had no idea what she was talking about.

“Only my father can cast out little pups that don’t listen to their masters.” The insult pup pissed her off. Saying that Lauren was her master might have been a step too far.

“I am not a pup and you’re not my master! Don’t act like you’re the boss of me!” Kara shouted. In a flash, Lauren’s orange eyes glowed brighter for a split second.

“When Connor, Bailey, and my father aren’t here, I’m in charge of you three. It is my responsibility to watch over you and make sure you don’t get hurt! If you did, I would feel like killing myself because I lost one of you!” she yelled. Kara’s eyes narrowed yet she didn’t speak back. It was obvious Lauren made her point. She may have even hit a nerve.

Crickets chirped around them, providing the only source of noise. Sarah and Chris didn’t know what to say. They rarely argued with Lauren, not only because she was the Alpha’s daughter, they were cousins. Lauren’s aunt Cecilia was their mother.

“Um, can we please go hunting now?” Sarah asked nervously. Ever since the previous hunt, she had been skittish in her wolf form. This was only the third time in her life she had been in this form. It took a while getting used to the transition. Lauren had her first transformation when she was six years old. And even now, at the age of seventeen, turning against one’s will under the moon felt weird.

“Yes. Now, Chris, tell me if you can scent anything besides us,” Lauren said. Kara finally sat down as Chris placed his nose in the air. Under the concentration, he closed his eyes. The silver light radiating from the swollen moon, flooded over Chris’s dark fur that wavered from a small breeze. The wind brought forth a cornucopia of smells, tickling his senses as he tried to identify prey.

“There’s a family of six rabbits hiding in a burrow about twenty yards away. There’s a fox chasing a mouse five yards away. Um, there’s also a bird nearby that I think might be a… pheasant,” he answered. Lauren nodded, impressed by his scenting abilities.

“That’s very good. Is there anything else in the vicinity?” Lauren asked. Jumping to her feet, Sarah drew in a deep breath through her nose.

“There are two deer drinking in a stream about three miles northeast of here,” she replied. Mentally, Lauren’s gasped. In her wolf form, she smiled.

“Good. Then let’s go,” she said. The three stood. Kara slowly got to her paws and followed Lauren. What the Alpha’s daughter had said really got to her.

Lauren began leading the way to the two deer. If Sarah was wrong, the four would go hungry for tonight. Then Lauren would have to indulge on the meat supply at home. Compared to fresh kill, it was harder, drier, and tougher to chew.

A few minutes later, the scent of deer overwhelmed the four. A stone toss away from Lauren, two does drank from the river. They were unaware of the four hunters hidden in the undergrowth. Times like this was where telepath came in handy during pack hunting. Those in the Clan could were linked to others, allowing a mental connection. However, distance played a factor, causing strain when individuals were far from each other.

“Sarah and Kara, you’ll creep around and attack them from behind. Keep your steps light in the water. Try to drive them toward Chris and me. Then all of us will take them down as one. Okay?” Lauren commanded, looking at them. Burdened with the initiative, Sarah stared at her shuffling paws. Determination laced along Kara’s face as she finally had a chance to prove her worth.

“Yes.” The three responded together. Lauren nodded and Sarah and Kara slipped into the trees. Kara’s dark pelt melted into the shadows while Sarah’s auburn fur stood out more. At least her pelt could be seen only if one looked for it hard enough. Hopefully the deer wouldn’t spot her coming. Out of the five senses, Lauren worried more about the deer catching the girl’s scent. The wind could change at any moment and scare off the deer.

Chris’s paws twitched with anticipation; his eyes focused on their prey. Lauren’s fur stood on end as she waited for the two girls to hurry up. Staring at the brown hides made her mouth water. She swallowed harshly to stop the saliva from leaking between her teeth as she waited. She could almost taste their raw meat. To keep her composure, she dug her claws into the dirt.

Water flew everywhere as Sarah jumped onto the back of a deer. Her claws dug in, holding herself on while pushing the deer into the water. The deer’s weight would be a disadvantage for its survival as Sarah tried to drown it in the water. Splashing through the water, Kara snapped at the other deer’s legs. It stampeded straight toward Lauren and Chris. The boy went to help Kara while Lauren went to assist Sarah.

The deer Sarah was trying to drown still had some fight in it. Bucking, it tried to throw her off. But she hung on, digging her claws deeper and deeper. Jumping up, Lauren latched her teeth into the deer’s neck as her sharp canines snapped around vertebrae. The scent of the blood that oozed out covered her silver fur as she bit harder. Sarah raked her claws along its flank, forcing the deer’s body to jerk. Climbing up its back, Sarah managed to bit its throat. Together, they slashed up the carcass as they tore through skin to get to the meat.

As Lauren and Sarah looked at their dead prey in satisfaction, Lauren noticed Chris and Kara had already started to dine on their freshly caught prey. Blood stained the ground and river, gently spreading along the water with the current. Meat was needed for Lycans to survive. Kill and don’t get killed was the law of the wild. Those that didn’t follow it, end up paying with their life.

Sarah ripped a chunk off of the deer. With half of it in her mouth, she stopped and glanced at Lauren. The Alpha’s daughter was staring at the moon. The strength that came with the silver orb flowed through her. It invigorated the strong muscles rippling under her pelt. The strength of the full moon was a shot of adrenaline, allowing her to do anything under its rays.

“Come on Lauren. We need to finish it before other predators smell the blood,” Sarah said, flicking a fly away with her tail. The blood covering her chin and chest could barely be distinguished from the dark color of her pelt. With a quick flick of her tongue, she licked away the blood, leaving a small discoloration on her fur.

“I know. I was just thinking of something,” Lauren answered. Nodding, Sarah returned to the meal. In silence they ate, chewing a little faster than usual. Their particular blood line was complicated. If one didn’t partake in the monthly hunt under the full moon, they grew weaker. Taking in animal meat revitalized the wolf side, giving them strength. Of course, if one were injured, eating meat while in your wolf form worked just as well. It just didn’t fuel them completely as killing their own prey.

A change in the wind caught Lauren’s attention. Her fur prickled as she suddenly felt jumpy. The thick fur along her spine rose as she grew unreasonably cautious. An off scent trailed along the breeze, tickling her nose. It was familiar, but she couldn’t remember why.

In the distance, a howl sounded. It didn’t belong to Caine, Lauren’s Clan, or to one of the roving wolves in their territory. Another howl rang through the air. Flinching, Lauren realized they belonged to Argent, their rival Lycan Clan.

“We have to get out of here!” Lauren shouted. In a flash, she ran into the river. The water washed off blood that began to clump her fur.

“Why?” Kara demanded. Lauren didn’t turn around. She was so tired of arguing with Kara.

“If they find us, we’re going to end up like those deer,” she growled. The three glanced at the carcasses. Still they weren’t running after Lauren.

“Who are they?” Sarah asked, taking a few steps into the river. Lauren had no time to stop and explain.

“I’ll tell you if you come with me,” she snapped. Sarah and Chris began to walk to her. It took another howl from the direction of the house to force Kara to move. The deeper part of the frozen water shocked Kara. However, once she saw the panic in Lauren’s movements, she moved quicker.

The four stalled for a moment at the shore to shake the water from their fur. Running with a damp pelt was hard to do. It put up more resistance which made one run slower. She glanced across the river and gasped.

Two bear-sized wolves poked around the dead deer. Argent! Based on the leather collars around their necks, there was no mistaking their loyalty. No normal Lycan would wear such a disgracing object in their wolf form. They did simply to show off their allegiances. In the split second she looked back, they spotted her. Growling louder than motorboats, they gave Chris to the Caine four.

“Run!” Lauren screamed, bolting into the forest. Sarah, Kara, and Chris scrambled to keep up. Desperately, Lauren tried to lock into Connor’s mind. She met a wall, causing her to curse as she almost stumbled.

“Who, is, chasing us?” Chris asked, already panting heavily. Lauren’s bones ached as she thought of Argent. The last time she fought them, they shattered a back leg.

“They’re called Argent. They’re a Clan of rival Lycans that have been fighting with Caine over territory and blood lines for decades. They don’t care about young wolves in training. They’ve killed pups before in a ruthless manner. Nothing will stop them,” she explained. Shaking, Kara gulped. Her older brother had been murdered by Argent on his second hunt, though Kara had been spared of many of the details.

“Then, what are we going to do?” Sarah muttered with a shaky voice. Fear was getting the best of her. The only thing keeping her from running in a different direction was Lauren’s Alpha blood.

“We’ll have to head up to the gorge. We’ll have to jump over. Argent aren’t known for being nimble. They’ll fall,” she replied. Despite it sounding ridiculous, it was the only plan she had. And she had no time to message Connor for a second opinion.

The gorge came into view, spanning farther than Lauren remembered. Fatigued, Chris began to fall behind. Flawlessly Sarah and Kara leapt over the small chasm. Only when their paws touched solid earth did they stop running. Lauren waited at the edge for Chris. By the time he reached her, Argent entered her sight. Panicking, she watched as he jumped.

His front legs barely reached the other side. He tried to bring his body up, scraping the stone with his hind legs. Kara bent down and bit into his scruff. It took all her strength to get him up.  Seeing they were safe, Lauren positioned herself to join them.

An Argent caught up with her. Just as she jumped, their claws slashed across her flank. A shrill howl ripped out of her throat as she fell into the water.

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