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Submitted: June 10, 2019

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Submitted: June 10, 2019



masculinity (to endure, … )

you have to be ok with me leaving you

not for anything you did, or for another girl

but because I'm overwhelmed by certain thoughts

and I need to leave the earth

you are sinister

you are my secret smoking habit

like driving at night without headlights

my love, there will be consequences for these things

…  I really thought that you would marry me

maybe all of this is needed in my life

so I don't get bored

to continuously pull from, whenever I write

man, I wish it was like when we were kids

drying ourselves on hot cement

a part of me is with you still

when you can't sleep

and you listen to songs that you've tried to forget

you are my favorite storm

come back and break my heart

rearranged my galaxy

when you drove away in that car

all the memories we made, are pointless now

you were the first one to figure that out

laughter and drugs weren't enough

it's hard when you outlive your first love

you'll be a girl in an old video

a kid in the future won't care

and they'll be thinking "why would anyone give up their world for her?"

it's a matter of the heart

a sensible solution to a chemically unbalanced head

or just a passing thought, because I'm afraid

these cold Italian nights are sticking to my bones

if you were here, you'd know

stumbling from block to block

the tunnels, lights and museums are bringing me to tears

like hearing a song I love, that I haven't heard in years

guess I'll call my family soon

anything to get my mind off you

these dark times are grand design ...


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