Marriage of Convenience

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Chapter 22 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty-Two

Submitted: February 14, 2020

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Submitted: February 14, 2020



Freya spent the next ten days at Dexter House. She had left a note for Theo, telling him where she was going and had explained to a sympathetic Marry that she needed to spend time with her uncle, who was a sick man.

 She could have gone to her home, but she'd heard that a firm offer had been made for the property. Besides, Theo would have had no hesitation in dragging her back, but even he would think twice about dragging her from her uncle's home.

 Most of her days were spent in the office with Sam and others of the board, and she managed to ignore his surly attitude, taking what she could from the knowledge that her plans for Dexter Securities looked like working with no help from Theo. Now Cleo had joined the company. And that information had to be welcome, not only because of the improvement in Charles Dexter’s health but because it meant, in some measure, that Sophia was almost ready to accept her at last. Her remark must have cost her something since it hardly flattered her beloved son!

 But today she had chosen to stay at Dexter House, seeking Charles’s approval for her plans for careful expansion in some areas now that her cutbacks had gone through. She couldn't trust Sam’s judgment, and she was damned if she'd ask Theo for his opinion.

  Her uncle had approved her ideas. 'I don't think you'll ever really know how pleased I am to have you pulling for the old firm,' he said, closing the last file. 'It made no sense for you to join Dylan Dexter.'

 Since Freya could hardly tell her uncle that the prospect of working with his son had given her the mental shudders, she said nothing. She was leading  Dexter Securities on a stable track and that was something she was proud of. And, as it was all she had, she sticks on to it tightly.

 There would have to be a board meeting, of course, before some of her schemes got off the ground, and Theo would naturally be invited along in his capacity of a major shareholder, and maybe he would be offered a seat on the board... She didn't know yet.

 And there was another thing he would have to be consulted about... Two days ago she had learned she was pregnant. She didn't know how or when she would break the news...

 'Shall we have a drink? I think we deserve a celebration!' Charles Dexter was on his feet and his old eyes were actually twinkling, and Freya dragged her mind back to him.

 'I'd like that.'

 'And how much longer can I look forward to having you here?' he asked as he put the glass in her hands.

 'I'm not sure.' she not knowing what to say. She had been here ten days already and would have to move on soon. But where? Back to Theo?

 She felt safe here, protected. Her uncle had made no secret of his delight when she'd arrived, making the excuse that in her early days as Sam’s working partner it would be more sensible for her to base herself here, driving into town each day with Sam and, if necessary, working on with him until the small hours.

 But already there was a surprised look in Sophia’s eyes that a new bride would willingly separate herself from her devoted husband for this length of time. And only this morning, coming across Sam as he'd finished his breakfast, he had sneered, 'Moved in for the duration, have you? So what happened? Did Theo find out about your involvement with Leo and throw you out? I wouldn't blame him I wouldn't want a wife who'd learned all there was to learn from a creep like Leo Isaac.'

 Yes, she'd been marking time, but soon, very soon, she would have to decide what to do, where to go. The thought of resuming her marriage, as it had been, made her go cold, but the thought of ending the marriage made her feel worse.

 And yet, on the positive side, when Theo learned she was expecting his child and a child had been his main reason for marrying at all, with the shares thrown in as a welcome bonus then surely he would be at last ready to listen to her side of the story, if only for the sake of the child to come? And, having listened, he would have to admit he'd been wrong...

'Selfishly, I hope you'll stay another few days,' Charles Dexter was saying. 'But I'll understand if you're impatient to get back to Theo. So why don't you ask him to join you here, just for the weekend?'

 'I'll see if lunch is ready,' she told her uncle. The conversation was following paths she didn't want to walk. 'You just relax and finish your drink.’.

 Leaning against the smooth, cool wood of the study door, she forced herself to take deep, calming breaths. Theo would have to put aside his pride and listen to what she had to say especially after she'd told him about the baby.

 Maybe she would phone him this evening, suggest they meet somewhere, to discuss their future...

 She began to walk along the corridor towards the main hall at the front of the house; the luxurious silence was broken by the sound of her aunt's voice, 'Theo what a lovely surprise!

You're just in time for lunch. We'll go and find Freya, shall we? She'll be delighted!'

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