Eve of the Abyss I - Birth Unto

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From the Void


In the vast reaches of emptiness near the edge of existences grasp, a machine hibernated, waiting until a specific period of time to follow a set of instructions which have been etched into its innermost heart. One moment in the sea of never ending ellipses the machine awakened. Electrical power pulsated through its entire body from its core; Thus began its purpose. Test tubes and a myriad of contraptions hidden within its silver plated exterior mixed and swooshed compounds together, until the bi-product was emptied into a small synthetic flesh-like inner womb. The womb grew from being a gray, desolate pouch, to a pink, warm and thriving, fleshy sanctum which pumped with mortal activity. An ocean of moments passed during the machines purpose, during which the machine grew, the intestinal cradle within the pod melded with the utmost of synthetic interfaces to facilitate the vessels strange creation. At the end of the machines long string of machinations and growths, a tiny sleeping entity lay motionless aside the folds of meaty tissue within the pods nucleus, ever so slightly inching towards the abyss. The machine continued functioning in the darkness of nothing, the cradled organic mass wandered in the realm of eternity.


It started as a feeling; a twitching in her upper brow, a slow awakening from a slumber unknown. Upon her rouse, she saw a bright blue sky with a sun so powerful it burned its light into her waking eyes. Pale hands pushed their way into the reaches of the container, breaking a stiffness felt throughout her entire body. Feeling the smooth silver glass of the thing that she was confined in, she pressed on it with her soft peachy fingers until a startling beeping noise ricochet from corner to corner. The container’s sliding doors slowly retracted while a white smoke poured through the sides of silver machine. Rising out of the metallic bean like a zombie from the undead, she stepped on the warm grass with her bare feet. Upon her exit of the pod she quickly became a witness to a spectacular sea of green trees and vegetation. The ground was covered with countless leaves and twigs, and the forest a twisting maze of dark evergreens jolting out of the ground into the limitless sky.

This was the most beautiful thing the girl had ever seen, and it was also the only thing she had ever seen. Having no prior thoughts in her mind, she could only feel; feel so much from her fingertips to all the pores on her skin. The freshly awoken girl felt the slight warm breeze of the air brushing against her like a shower of radiant warmth, while the smell of damp earth lingered in the air. The girl felt comfort, and even what one would describe as love for her current environment. Everything was new and surprising, each insignificantly small leaf and crevice more interesting then the next. She knew so much, like what a tree was or what the human language was, yet experienced nothing at all, a blank slate yet to be written.

Curious, she looked upon the machine she awakened from. The side of the smooth, white bean-shaped machine had the letters E V E engraved into it. Crawling into the vessel, she began to scavenge the innards of the strange, white machine. To the left of the cushioned backing of the pod there were a host of small containers, and Inside of a compartment with the word “GARDEN” engraved on it, a shiny, silver cube the size of her palm was hidden inside of it. Glaring at the box, she looked for some kind of opening from the container. A tiny glass circle in the middle of the box looked interesting, yet as hard as she tried the girl could not get the blue colored circle to open for her.

Curiosity quickly morphed into frustration, the need for direction had formed in her mind’s eye. The girl was in state of indifference, a state of utter nothingness. Where am I? she thought, why am I... here? She sat on the dewy grass looking around at the warmly lit environment, as her mind grew more frantic with worries. Eventually she digressed; The freshly spawned girl needed to find a safe place. As much as she would like to just explore herself and her surroundings, a feeling had crept up in the back of her mind... I need to get out of here.


The girl had hidden the cube back into the machine for safe keeping, swearing to come back when she had found something, something to help her find her way. Beginning to travel into the wooded area, her naked feet broke twigs on the ground, splintering micro bits of wood into her skin. Shortly after her departure blistering pain from the soles of her feet arose, but she proceeded into the depths of the woods; her curiosity had gotten the better of her.

 Some time had passed after she was unleashed on this forest, the warm light from above had dimmed slightly as she came across a small clearing in the woods. A delicate patch of green grass with a couple of tree roots spread across formed a small haven from the trees, with a thin stream of water running through the dirt. Seeing this and being overtaken by the rawness from her lower half, she decided to sit and rest.

Sitting on the crudely uncomfortable roots which spawned great trees, she was able to catch herself a quick respite. In the midst of her rest, a sudden, dirty, high-pitched squeal from the west rang through the forest. Startled, she intently stared at the direction it bellowed from. Bursting through the forefront of the woodland, an orange pig shaped creature with hard scales, wild black markings, and with four large unsightly looking horns jutting out of its forehead appeared before her holding its head up to her with a strong fury. Having never experienced something like this, the anger emanating from the being’s stare, a dose of rippling fear shot through her body. The chemical pumping through her veins introduced elevated instinctual urges into her system, prompting her to jump up from her feet.

Bolting in the opposite direction, hoping to avoid the beast, the girl dodged through a litany of trees. Another squeal could be heard from behind her as the orange mongrel suddenly shot like a bullet through the woods. Landing from its previous pounce, it utilized the momentum it gathered to viciously jump and ram the back of her left thigh with its horns. A piercing pain coursed and echoed throughout her body from her leg, as she fell face first gripping her bloody thigh. Only the memory of the violating object could be felt from within the gash, a sudden thrust of a foreign weapon ripping the tissue of her thigh into bits.

A lone scream had bellowed from her mouth, filling the emptiness of the forest, something she had not done intentionally. The blood poured out of her wound like a fountain as her mind was in an uproar of chaos. For the first time, she had felt pain traveling throughout her body, a direly uncomfortable state which she didn’t even know was possible; worst of all she had no idea how to react to it. The pain coursed throughout her body and her mind like an accidental overdose of a hallucinogenic drug, crippling her in every sense of the way.


The beast slowly approached her as she lay face first on the ground bleeding profusely. Pretending as if she was unconscious or dead, she laid bare against the rough bark as the beast’s snout menacingly and slowly sniffed her body. The air coming from the beast’s lungs was warm and monstrous, as the very neurons in her brain scattered in response like dandelions. The beast had stopped sniffing, and she hopelessly prepared herself for the worst. The girl had curled up into a ball fearing for the end of her life, tears leaking from her eyes onto the ground as she whimpered like a neutered animal. Ringing and the rabid pounding and contracting of her own heart against her chest filled her entire auditory perception, as she lost her sense of everything. Every moment in which her heart pulsed she knew and feared that death was eminent. Laying in a state of agony, she wondered what was taking the beast so long... Having decided to open her eyes, she began to realize the beast was nowhere to be found.

She sighed in relief as her mind began to calm and retract from its chaotic nerve racking state, however her thigh had been bursting with quick shots of pain. This wound was gruesome and pouring blood, her vision shook profusely, she couldn't get up no matter how hard she tried, and she was feeling further removed from reality each second. The girl dragged her injured body towards a tree, scraping her bare chest and stomach on multiple branches and roots, but every scrape and scratch was just completely numb to her. The girl attempted to use the tree as a stand in for her leg for now, but while exerting all of her energy just to stand, she felt a woozy, dizzying feeling come over her and fell back onto her stomach. Her face was brutishly pressed up against the harsh bark of the tree, as she cried on the ground, feeling completely broken. Coldness began to plunder her body, with a slight fade of consciousness.

From behind her she heard a noise, a faint crackling of leaves and earth, steps from something.

The wounded girl couldn’t even muster the energy to move, losing her sense of touch almost completely, she grasped the grass in front of her weakly with frustration. Am I about to die? She thought, realizing with this, a concept that was buried in her mind Could I lose the life I just began?

As she braced for the pain something brushed the hair on her head, it was a hard, scale like hand, brushing her hair gently.

“Calm... Calm... It will be okay” A deeper masculine voice said as she felt something gently wrap around the gash in her thigh.


“Who... Who are you?!” She croaked, her words coming out like the whimpering of a broken radio.


“I am a logger in the area, my name is Kurak. I am here to help you. Try not to speak, and rest while I work on your wound” He said as she felt him applying something to the wound. “I was in the area scouting for trees, and I saw the boar sniffing over your body and then running away, it must have been in self-defense. They usually bring their feed to the river and feast there” he continued explaining.

From the numbness she felt a stinging pain and gasped slightly.

“You are okay. I’m just applying ointment.” He explained.

After a bit of working on the wound, He grabbed her with his solid, rocky hands and flipped her rather forcefully so she was sitting against the tree.

She now could see the man in full view, he looked sort of like the boar, covered in scales head to toe, but a dark turquoise color, with four black horns on his bald head that were only an inch long compared to the boars thick brutish weapons. His clothes were a modest plaid, covered in dust and grime, you could tell he was working out here before he came to her rescue.

Out of a black backpack he donned he pulled out a silver thermos and twisted the top off, handing it to her.


“Drink, it will help you retain energy. Once you are ready I will take you back to my home and lend you some clothes” he said.

She drank the water, which trailed down her throat, reinvigorating her body like rain in a desert. Looking down at herself, a revelation hit her, she realized that she was completely naked.

“So...” Kurak said “What is your name girl, and why are you out in the woodland without clothes on?” He asked curiously.

Something in her began to feel slightly embarrassed, how should she even answer that? She didn’t even know the answer to these questions.

“Umm... I just... don’t know” She said nervously, still shaky and in pain from the injury.


“What do you mean? Where are you from?” He pushed with a concerned look on his face.


“I woke up... I woke up from some kind of silver thing. Than I was in this forest... I don’t even know how these words are coming out of my mouth.” she attempted to explain lost in confusion. It was evident that the girl was lost, trying to piece together everything in an existential mess.


Kurak looked very curious, as he thought to himself for a second. “Hmm maybe you lost too much blood in the attack” He stated, she could tell he didn’t believe anything she said. “Do you remember your name?”

She thought to herself amidst the stinging pain, Name... I have to have a name...

A vision of the vessel she arrived in exploded to the forefront of her mind, the three letters engraved heavily into the side of the pod.


E. V. E


“My name is Eve. That is what was written on the side of the metal pod I came out of.” She stated blankly, to the man's concern.

“Well Eve. It may be best to come with me to my home, where I can have my assistance drone help you. There is no way you could make it to the hospital like this.” He explained with a look of drab concern on his face. “Is it okay if I pick you up?” He said in a relatively shy manner, alluding to her clothes-less state.

She didn’t know what to say, but suddenly lost knowledge had again poked out from the darkness in her brain. Always say thank you

“T-Thank you” Eve said nervously.


He had begun carrying her throughout the woodland, passing though rivers, slogging his leather boots through the thick, wild stream, and progressing through the terrain with Eve in his hands. The feel of solidity radiated off of the man’s skin, it wasn’t like the spongy pale skin Eve had, he was a moving, living, breathing rock. Eve had taken a long look at the crystalline stream of water, flowing without a hint of disturbance, something about this had eased her mind a bit, even with the intense barrage of pain in her thigh.


“Do you know where you are?” His asked in his thick voice as he carried her.


She thought for a second “I... I don’t. I can’t think of anything.” She answered with a clear frustration on her face.


“You are on RES-109, in the RES system. Do you not remember?” he asked


After a brief pause and a healthy dose of reevaluation she responded “... No I haven’t heard of that” with a gentle voice.


“That is the name for this planet. It is a planet of hunters and gatherers, located in a system which the trade federation is heavily dependent of” He explained. “Anything ring a bell?”


“I know what a planet is” She said a bit excited, still noticeably bothered by her wound.


He chuckled a little bit “At least you know that” he said smiling.

She also started laughing a little bit, a reaction most new to her, like bubbles of pure joy coming from her heart. There was something good about this person, Eve noted, beginning to feel happy to be saved by him.


The lumbering scaled man with the pale wounded girl in his arms had finally arrived at his domain. In the heart of the forest there was a large grass field, which hid a rectangular wood based home, sporting a large cobbled chimney emitting puffs of black smoke. The smell of sawdust had hit Eves nose as she turned her attention to a field of stumps and a great pile of logs against the house, almost reaching the roof.

The inside was simple, a small dining room, bedroom and a living room, with basic amenities, lined with slick hardwood flooring and table tops. Inside he had given Eve a tee shirt and some comfortable black pants, laying her on his couch. For the first cushioned seat of her entire life it was super refreshing, at least compared to the rough bark of the tree she had bled against.

“So it seems you forgot most of everything, except for some basic concepts.” he evaluated, pulling up a chair to his couch to assess the situation, sitting in it backwards with his arms resting on the chairs back.

“I don’t think I ever knew anything before” Eve responded, thinking about it while the pain had still simmered. “I told you, there was a silver pod shaped thing, and I woke up from the inside of it. I opened the doors and was here in this forest, and that’s all I know, I don’t know where I get the rest of this from. I don’t know why I’m here right now” She said in a downward tone.


“With every new beginning there is new possibilities.” Kurak prescribed, scooting his chair forward.

“Maybe your ship crashed and you came from an escape pod.” Kurak said, “It still doesn’t explain where your clothes went”


“I don’t know” She had reaffirmed “When I got out of the pod I felt good, I felt new, and I didn’t have a single thought in my mind. The pod also looked like it was in perfect shape” The confused girl stated, looking more curious every word she spoke, as if she was speaking to herself.


“hmmm....” Thinking about what to do as he caressed his scaly chin in a deep thought, something perplexed him. “We have to find this ‘silver pod thing’ Eve, maybe it holds a clue as to who you are, maybe it will help you remember.” He assessed.


With eyes perked up, and her mouth extending into a smile “I would love to do that.” Eve stated with a smile, while cringing at the pain in her thigh.


Eve was fed by Kurak, and for that she was extremely grateful. Eating the meat and rice combination that he had cooked up for her in the kitchen with a full and complete savagery, the mysterious young adult stuffed unholy amounts of protein into her face at one time. Kurak had stared in awe at her for being able to eat so much, even he, the lumbering man he was couldn’t keep up with her. He had then taken Eve to the room he kept his Assistance drone in, and helped her to lay out on a cushioned table.


“I’ll get the drone activated, and we will see if you carry any injuries.” He explained “Don’t panic, the robot will be examining your body, you will in no way be harmed”


“Okay” Eve responded as she stared at the ceiling, not knowing what to expect.

Floating on in the room, the torso sized silver metal acorn had arrived. With a fully chromatic glaze, and a brand name garnished on the smooth right corner titled DocBot, the robot slowly sunk into the air of the room staring lifelessly with two ball shaped black glassy eyes and a faint red light peeking out from their cores.

The drone floated over to Eve's body, sliding open an inner compartment in its chest. A mechanical black pole arm slid out, assembling itself with a cushioned square pad on the end. It pressed the cushioned pad on Eves center chest with a slight bit of force.

Red scanning light which stemmed from its eyes ran over Eves body, vertically and horizontally, and in response her body triggered an odd feeling of moisture gathering all over the inner tissue her skin. The moisture formed and gathered almost like some sort of gel like substance, seeping up through all of her pores and traveling to the surface. The strange gel was hot and liberating, traveling across her tired skin, muscles, and bones with a renewing energy and a massaging pull.

 After some time in this state of complete relaxation the pain had subsided, becoming completely inert. The machine had taken back its hand and floated out the room. She touched her skin, but by her surprise the gel wasn’t there, there was absolutely no moisture on her skin at all. Was my mind playing tricks on me?? She thought still feeling the ghost of the warmth she had felt.

Uninjured she got up, almost without even thinking about it, miraculously her entire body was healed.

This... this is completely unreal She thought happily, however upon inspection of her thigh, Eve noticed a thick brown, scraggly scar.

 “Thank you for helping me” She said with a slight bit of awkward tinge in her voice to Kurak, as they congregated in the living room.

“No problem, it is what any real logger would do.” he stated proudly. “The next step is that you take me to your ‘silver thing’.” he suggested.

“Maybe than you can help me figure out what's happening” She said getting mildly giddy as Kurak led the way out the door.

“I’ll help as much as I can” Kurak replied.


Stepping through the forest air and into the wild greenery, they traveled through the woodland as Kurak had helped her retrace her steps through the surrounding trees. They passed through the same rivers and mounds as before, but this time Eve got to experience the trickling water flow around her, running her fingers across the surface. It was an odd euphoria, the feeling of liquid running through and catching her fingers, she felt blissful, if it even was for just a moment.

They reached the patch of trees that she fell in as she looked at a dark red blood stain that gathered near the bottom of the tree That came from me?? She thought looking at the wide dark stain in shock.

Out of the woods a deep boorish roar echoed its way through the trees.

As Eve turned her head fearfully in the direction it came from, Kuraks large arm shot out in front of her, stopping her from heading that way.


“Get back!” Kurak yelled seriously.

Trembling in fear, her thigh felt a strange whimper of pain, a reminder of what happened earlier.

Drawing an arm sized black pole out of his backpack, he pressed a small button on the side which extended the metal pole to the size of his torso. With both hands he fiercely gripped the pole, and suddenly it began to emit a strange light from its upper extension, outlining the shape of an axe head at the end of the pole.

The laser light outline of the axe head filled with an intense fiery plasma, that burnt with pure rage, filling the air with embers of all different colors. Standing back scared, Eve could feel the warmth of the brilliant looking energy axe, and it soothed her slightly.

leaping out from behind trees in front of them, looking rabid and unstable, its eyes pulsated to a maximum, staring into the light of Kuraks axe. A pounce of intense speed is how the beast began, lowering its head to get into a fiendish ramming position. Ruthlessly loud rummaging noises followed its hooves, as its thick body propelled heavily across the dirt. Kurak stood ground, however, ready to weather the storm.

Brutish horns began to reach into the air and perked instinctual excitement at Kuraks thick torso, simultaneously the head of the energy axe lifted into the air with a trail of embers following in its path. A cannonball of pure fury breached the event horizon of Kuraks personal space with its blood stained horns, but before the impact a sweep of fire came down onto the head of the beast, crushing into its axiom, filling the air with the smell of cauterized flesh, and the morbid screeching of a felled monster.

Eve could barely tell what happened, staring at the seizing animal as blood bubbled from its mouth and its eyes shook out the last bit of life in the creature. The wound on the animal was burnt, and covered in a pool of dark red blood. She felt sorry for the creature, in its eyes it was most likely trying to defend its area from invaders, it was a horrific ending to a something which in another reality was so brave.

The shell shocked girl bent down close to it as it whimpered its last, and looked at the dying being sorrowfully, unwillingly smelling the beings burnt body. While the energy axe’s laser light plasma refracted back into nothing, Kurak bent over perplexed by Eves actions.


“This boar put a hole in your leg... Why do you mourn for it? It is just an animal” Kurak questioned with concern.


Eve looked down, breathing in an out slowly, ruminating on what she had seen. Kurak was right, but it's not how she felt. “I don’t know... Nothing should have to end that way” She replied visibly perturbed by what she had seen.


Kurak looked back at Eve and smiled slightly “You have a good heart Eve... But this is the way of the woodland, if we are attacked we must defend, or would we rather give up our lives instead?” He replied.


Eve thought about it but couldn’t come to a proper conclusion in her own head. Regardless she was intent on finding the vessel she came from.

The two eventually continued walking the woodland, with an eerie silence between them and the shuffling of active legs, they had come to look at the white and silver plated container that she had described to him. For some reason it had seemed like a significant portion of time had passed to Eve, even looking at the pod she began to notice new details along its smooth surface. Eve knew Kurak would be surprised, she sensed a doubt behind his questioning of her, the story definitely seemed unreal to him. Eve looked back at him with a smile, excited to say I told you so. What she saw however was not what she expected, no doubt or surprise, just a cold stare fastened to the pod.


“Eve, can you take a look through the pod for me? see if you can find something that can tell us about what happened.” he asked as he circled the container, feeling the slickness with his scaled hands in some sort of awe.


“Okay” she called to him as she rummaged through the pod, bringing to her attention some odd pieces of some fleshy substance laid out on the cushioned back of the pod, some shriveled up skin tissue encoded with a strange puss. Remembering the cube, she retrieved it, remarking to herself about how she could even forget about something so obviously important.


“Did you find anything?” Kurak asked loudly from behind her.


Eve rose up from the ground looking at the cube again to see if she could open it. “There was some weird pink stuff on the ground, and then there’s this metal cube hidden in a box” she explained focusing upon the cubes small glass hole, attempting to peer her gaze inside.

From behind her a noise had bellowed out, the air tearing in two, followed by a slight warmth.

Turning, she saw the tip of the fiery energy axe, singing the hairs on her nose, so close the fire fed on the air next to her very own mouth.


“Give me the cube, Eve.” Kurak furiously stated.

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