time plays dice

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
story about two strangers meeting on a mountain track , becoming friends and then becoming strangers again...

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



It was a Saturday morning ;

When the rain had kissed the ground;

I saw him;

Wearing long shorts, baggy shirt, indifferent look ,dark brown eyes ;

No doubt , he was neither a prince charming nor a dream boy;

But, eventually he became my everything;

His indifferent behaviour ;

Arrogant look;


If ,it  had ever crossed my mind that his memories  would become the most beautiful  and the most haunted  thing of my life l would never ever  had crossed his path;


 but ,this is how time plays dice;

And , this time "time" chose him to teach me the most painful lesson of my life;


It was a long track;

The scenery;

The mountains;

I was admiring their beauty;

And then;

He begun to walk with me;

Our steps mimicking each other;

It was the shortest walk on the longest path;

Or maybe, his companionship had made the time pass more swiftly;

Whatever the case was;

I enjoyed each and every step;

We begun to talk;

He absorbed my each and every word ;

It was not a shock for me that a introvert like me had exchanged words with him;

Because , it just felt natural;

It was like ,

 I had met a loved one  whom I had lost long  long ago;

It was like ;

he was their to tell me that the most imperfect things are the perfect;



After a very long time or should I say for the first time in my life I felt content , satisfied;

I started loving ;

his voice;

his smile which he exchanged whenever I told him about my dreams;



I wish I had stopped him  there………..


Because, in a matter of minutes;


The track ended;

Our steps stopped mimicking each other;

Our paths got divided;

And ,we parted ;

Never to meet again…….

© Copyright 2020 irna sameen. All rights reserved.

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