Some jobs suck

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Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



There is a thing that young people always tell each other during the spring when it comes time to find a job for the summer: don't work at the amusement park. We have an amusement park in our town, and they employ a lot of people for the season, obviously, and many people make the mistake of taking a job from there. My friend this year went there, because the park literally didn't have enough people working, so they were happy to get anyone. Good for her, but I laughed at my friend when she said she would look for a job in May. She's nineteen. Never worked a day in her life, and she thinks that applying for a job in May will get her one. At that age, no one will want you unless you have a lot of work experience, which most people do. Besides, the normal time to look for a job is from January to March. After that, all the jobs are gone. The only place is the amusement park, because no one wants to work there. You literally get 7 euros an hour, which is about 4 less than in most other places. The management is shit. If it's raining, it's normal you go to work and someone tells you that there is no work today. You can stay in the park for free, or go home and come back the next day. No one wants to work there.

I went to a job interview a few months ago, and I have never been to a more shitty interview in my life. The job was at a gas station's restaurant, which is something I have experience in, because I worked in a kitchen last summer, and have done dozens of gigs doing the same thing over the year. Overall, I have about three months of work experience in that field.

The interviewer guy was nice. We had a chitchat and he asked me what my plan for the autumn was. I said I'd obviously apply to a university, but I only get to know about it at the end of June. That really pissed him off, because apparently they were having problems finding people there too, and I realized this is exactly why. They won't take anyone who can't say that they can work until the end of August. That puts all still in vocational or high school in a shitty position, because school starts before that. I said I could work until the 20th, but after that I can't know for sure until June. 

He was still pissed about that but still explained to me the job. The work time was 7 h 45 minutes, and when I asked why, as the normal is 8 hours, he explained the reason: you don't have to let the employees take breaks. If you work 6 to less than 8 hours, you get one 20 minute break. If you work 8 hours, you get two coffees (15 minutes each) and a lunch, which is 30 minutes. Technically, you're only working 7 hours. So, take 15 minutes off and you will have the people working for 7 hours 25 minutes. I've never heard of anyone do anything so petty, because that's just ridiculous. 

The second thing was the pay. They said in the posting what it is, but not really. I expected the pay would be 10.68 euros an hour, which is the normal in that field, but he said no. They want people with less than three months of experience, so they only have to pay 80%. When I said I have three months of experience, he looked at my papers, pointing out I am nine days short, and since there have been so many gaps, it would put me at zero, meaning the fist three months I would be an "intern" and get paid less. I've never heard of anyone do that either, because this is often done when the employee is a student or is going to be working for a long time. Not for a summer job, because they often last less than three months.

It was hilarious, because he then said it's a shame they can't get anyone because no one really wants to come here to work. I just told him that maybe it's because you are doing this, to which he said it's just to save money. It's completely legal, he's just being a shitbag. I left the interview rather pissed, because honestly, who would expect anyone to work for someone who cares about a few dozen euros more a day that much? Overall, the place is successful, it has been there for decades. The funniest thing now is, that the place for which I do gig jobs, has some shifts from that place, because no one wants to work there, and they have to pay the gig workers the full pay for eight hours, with the hour of breaks. That guy must be pissed.

I have actually experience from about twenty different work places, which is rather much for someone my age. Most of the places I've been to are nice. My favourite is the local dairy, because the work is easy and the people are great and you can drink as much free coffee and take all the products you want home. My second favourite is the Army base, because it's so chill. I don't like soldiers when I'm in the civilian world, but on base they are pretty nice. Plus, you get free food at the place, which is great. The minus is that me eating lunch in civvies in the middle of a chow hall packed with 2000 guys in cammies is a little awkward. I stand out. And I hate being saluted while driving there, I never really know if I should salute them back or dab (I know, bad joke, no one dabs anymore). Plus, the first time I was there I parked in some guys spot and he yelled at me for it, but I guess that's what asshole sergeants do. And then I got to watch him get yelled at because you're not supposed to yell at civilians, it's not professional. 

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