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Two boys meet each other while skating on dangerously thin ice. When one boy falls through the ice, the other boy rescues him. Foiled in their attempt to escape punishment, both boys are forced to wear diapers.

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



The Treacherous Lake

Chris Chambers shivered as he struggled to get out of the water. He was very wet and very cold. His mother was going to spank him. No doubt about it. What a way to start spring break in Minnesota! Wet clothes and a spanking.

"Good grief, mom, I'm not a baby," Chris had said earlier. "I can take care of myself. I'll just go skating along the edge. The ice is thicker there."

"I said no, young man, and I mean it," said Chris's mother. "It's too dangerous. We've had three straight days of above-freezing temperatures. The ice is starting to crack. You're not leaving this house until you promise me that you'll stay off the lake."

"Oh, alright, I'll stay off the lake," Chris promised. The boy exited the house and angrily slammed the door. He was 11-years old, but at times, his mother still treated him like a helpless little boy.

Chris went around the neighborhood looking for his friends, but he couldn't find anyone. Out of boredom, he went down to the lake to look at the ice. He felt that he wasn't really disobeying his mother by just looking.

All his life, the lake had fascinated Chris. He loved to watch the water. In summer, it was constantly changing colors, never staying the same. Sometimes it looked blue, at other times green. At night, it was black, even with the moonlight sparkling off it. Today was cloudy and with ice covering it, the lake looked silver gray. Try as he might, he couldn't see any cracks in the ice.

Then he saw a lone figure ice skating along the southern edge of the lake. Forgetting his mother's warning, Chris reached under his jacket and retrieved the ice skates that he had hidden from her. He put them on, ventured onto the ice, and started skating towards the solitary figure. As he got nearer, he could see the figure was a boy about his age, a boy he had never seen before.

CRACK! As he approached the boy, the ice betrayed Chris and he went plunging into the cold water. Treading water as best he could, he felt panic surging inside him. He clawed at the ice, trying to hoist himself up onto the main ice sheet. Each time he tried, the ice broke under his hands. He was chilled to the bone and seemingly trapped.

"Here, grab this!" said the unknown boy. He was sitting on the ice with a long tree branch in his hands. Chris grabbed the branch. The other boy pulled on the branch and after struggling for a few seconds, Chris managed to hoist himself onto the main ice sheet.

"Are you OK?" asked the unknown boy.

"I'm OK, but I'm freezing cold," Chris answered, his teeth chattering. "The ice broke and I fell into the lake. Thanks for helping me out. The ice kept breaking every time I tried to get up on it. When my mom sees me all wet, she's going to spank my butt forever."

"You still get spanked?" the other boy asked incredulously. "Maybe I can help you avoid that. I live over there in that blue house. If you want to come over, you can take a hot shower while my mom washes and dries your clothes. Then you can go home in dry clothes and your mom would never know what happened."

"Really?" Chris asked excitedly. "What about your mom? How do we explain to her what happened?"

"We'll tell her the truth. You accidentally fell into the water and you don't want to get spanked. My mom doesn't believe in spankings, so she'll understand. By the way, my name is Luke Johnson. We just moved here at the end of February and I go to Sacred Heart School."

Sacred Heart was the town's Catholic school.

"I'm Chris Chambers and I go to Lincoln Elementary School. Thanks for saving me. Thanks for helping me avoid a spanking, too. My mom got divorced two years ago after my dad got arrested.  She's afraid I'll turn out bad like him, so that's why she still spanks me."


A Bare in the House

Both boys retrieved their shoes from the shore and put them on. Then a thoroughly-chilled Chris and his new friend ran as fast as they could to Luke's house.

When they arrived, Chris removed his shoes, socks and jacket on the front porch. By now, the water had mostly stopped dripping from his clothes. He followed Luke across the kitchen and down the hallway to the bathroom.

"Take off your clothes and I'll take them to mom. I'll get your socks and jacket from the front porch, too. Here's a washcloth and the towels are over there. You can take a long shower and get warm. When you're done, come to my room."

Chris didn't hesitate. He stripped naked, then eagerly stepped into the shower. It felt wonderful and he luxuriated for several minutes under the hot water. Then he shampooed his hair, lathered up the washcloth, and scrubbed himself from head to toe. He wanted to make sure the distinctive smell of lake water was completely gone. After rinsing off, he stepped out of the shower and dried himself with a large bath towel. Since he didn't have any clothes to wear, he wrapped the towel around his waist and went looking for Luke.

"Luke," he called out. "Where are you?"

"I'm down here at the end of the hallway," Luke shouted. "I've got some clothes you can wear until your clothes are washed and dried."

Chris scooted down the hallway wearing only a towel. When he entered the room, he got the surprise of his young life. Luke was wearing a white disposable diaper and nothing else. No shirt. No pants.

"Is that a diaper?" Chris asked in open-mouthed surprise. He had never seen a boy his age wearing a diaper before. "Why are you wearing that thing?"

"This is how my mom punishes me," said a red-faced Luke. "You see, I wasn't supposed to be ice skating either. When I told mom what happened, I had to tell her that I was on the lake, too. She got angry and put me in a diaper. I have to wear it for five hours."

Chris wondered if his new friend was forced to use the diaper or just wear it, but before he could ask, Mrs. Johnson entered the room.

"Hello, Chris! I'm Luke's mother. It's nice to meet you." She shook the boy's hand. "I just finished speaking with your mother on the phone. She's pretty upset with you, but she's agreed to let me punish you instead. You know what that means, don't you?"

"It means I have to wear a diaper like Luke," replied a crestfallen Chris.

"That's right," said Mrs. Johnson. "You'll be wearing a diaper for five hours, just like Luke. Let's get you naked for your diaper!" She reached down and yanked off the boy's towel. Blushing furiously, Chris quickly covered his penis with his hands.

Mrs. Johnson put her hand on the Chris's bare bottom and guided him down the hallway to her bedroom. As they walked, she squeezed the boy's butt checks a couple of times. Her goal was to thoroughly embarrass the boy. Shame and humiliation were a natural part of diaper punishment. She succeeded, too, because Chris's face turned bright red.

Once in her bedroom, Mrs. Johnson put a towel on the bed and ordered Chris to lie face down on it. He hesitated. SMACK! She swatted his bare behind, leaving a vivid pinkish mark.

Chris scurried over to the bed and lay face down on the towel. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest. He wondered if she was going to spank him. Why else would she have him lie face down? He wished he was at home. He didn't want to get spanked bare by a stranger.

Mrs. Johnson retrieved a container of baby powder and sprinkled some on Chris's bottom. The boy breathed a sigh of relief. No spanking, just powder. She rubbed the powder all over his bare behind. The gentle spreading of the powder had a calming effect on Chris and he relaxed his taut butt cheeks.

"Flip over onto your back!" said Mrs. Johnson.

Chris obeyed instantly. He made no attempt to cover himself as she sprinkled and spread powder on his genital area. Instead, he closed his eyes, trying to block out the shame of having his private parts powdered by a complete stranger.

"This is what you'll be wearing for the next five hours," said Mrs. Johnson, as she unfolded a white plastic-backed diaper and dangled it in front of Chris's face. "Once the diaper is on, it stays on. If you have to go potty, you'll have to go in your diaper like a baby. Now lift up your legs!"

Chris quickly lifted his legs up and slightly over his head, giving Mrs. Johnson a bird's-eye view of his private parts. The boy felt like he was surrendering the last of his dignity. Mrs. Johnson slid the diaper under Chris's bottom. Then she pulled the diaper between his legs and snugly over his penis. She finished by fastening the diaper tapes. There were two tapes on each side.

After Chris stood up, Mrs. Johnson watched the boy struggle with the sensation of being in a diaper again. He could feel the thick padding between his legs and rubbing against his penis. It felt strange, nothing at all like his underpants. He looked down and cautiously touched the front of his diaper. The thin plastic cover felt so smooth over the bulky padding. He reached back and felt the thick padding on his bottom. No doubt about it. He was in a real diaper, just like a baby.

"It's 11:20," said Mrs. Johnson, as she glanced at the clock. "Your five hours in diapers starts now and will end at 4:20. You're both confined to this room until lunch. Behave yourselves in here or you'll both get an extra hour in your diapers!"

With those words of warning, Mrs. Johnson exited the room, closing the door behind her.


"I can't believe your mom put me in a diaper," said Chris, as he ran his hands over the front of his plastic-backed diaper. "This thing feels really weird. It's a lot thicker than my underpants, that's for sure."
"It has to be thick to soak up your pee," said Luke. "You'll get used to it. Besides, wearing a diaper is better than a spanking, isn't it?" WHAP! WHAP! He gave Chris a couple of playful swats on his diaper bottom.
"That didn't hurt at all," said a grinning Chris. "I wish I could wear a big thick diaper every time mom spanks me. I'd never have a sore butt again."
"Does you mom spank your bare butt?" asked Luke.
"No, but I have to take off my clothes and get spanked on my underpants," said Chris, blushing furiously. "Then she makes me stay in my underpants until bedtime. How come your mom makes you wear a diaper? That's really strange."
"I used to wet my bed when I was little," said Luke, "so I had to wear a diaper every night. I finally stopped wetting when I was seven, but mom kept the unused diapers in case I started again."
Luke explained that a few weeks after he stopped his nighttime wetting, he forgot to wear his underpants to school one day. The school principal called his mother with the bad news. Much to her disgust, she had to leave work, go home for a pair of underpants and bring them to school. She also gave her son a whispered warning: "Little boys who don't wear underpants at school have to wear diapers at home."
"When I got home, mom took off my clothes and put me in a diaper. I had to wear it until bedtime. She thought the diaper improved my behavior. That's why she still buys diapers and makes me wear them when I'm naughty."
"That's so weird," said Chris. "I get punished in underpants. You got punished for not wearing underpants. We both have really strange moms."
Chris wandered over to the closet door mirror. The upper half of his body looked the same as always—brown hair, brown eyes and a trim body. But from the belly button down, his white diaper stood out in stark contrast to his bare skin. Although he felt a little silly, he found his reflection somewhat cute. Then he turned around and examined his rear end. He couldn't help but smile. The diaper padding rounded out his bottom like a diaper-butt toddler.
"What's this yellow line for?" asked Chris, touching the yellow line that started in the front of his diaper and went all the way to the back.
"You don't know what that is?" Luke asked in surprise. "It's a pee stripe. When you wet your diaper, the yellow stripe turns blue. Here, I'll show you. I'll pee my diaper a little bit. Watch my pee stripe!"
Luke stood in front of Chris and squirted some pee into his diaper. Within seconds, part of the pee stripe turned blue. Chris was fascinated. Up until then, he had no idea why diapers had yellow stripes. Now he knew. Yellow was dry. Blue was wet.
"That's so cool," said Chris. "Now I'm gonna pee my diaper." It took him a few seconds, but he finally managed to squirt some pee into his diaper. "Now I've got a blue stripe, too. We should start our own club—the blue stripe club."
Luke rolled his eyes. He was used to wetting his diaper, so a blue stripe was no big deal. Besides, they weren't going to get diaper changes, so it didn't matter how blue their pee stripes were.
Both boys flopped down on the bed and talked about their favorite activities. They discovered they had a lot in common. They liked ice skating and sledding in the winter. During the summer, bike riding and swimming were their favorite pastimes. Chris promised to show Luke his secret swimming spot on the northern part of the lake.
"Nobody goes there because there's no road," said Chris. "Nobody lives there either, so you don't have to wear swimming trunks. Sometimes my friend Josh and I swim and play naked there all afternoon. It's really fun. Just don't tell my mom! She doesn't know about it."
Chris and Luke discovered other similarities in their lives. Neither had a father living at home. Luke's father had been killed in a car accident. Chris's father was in prison for embezzlement. Each boy also had a sister. Luke had a twin sister while Chris had a 13-year old sister.
"Boys, it's time for lunch," shouted Luke's mother from the kitchen.
The boys exited the bedroom and walked down the hallway. Their diapers rustled with every step, an embarrassing reminder of their diaper punishment.
Encounter with the Sister
Once in the kitchen, the boys encountered Luke's twin sister, Julie. She bore a remarkable resemblance to Luke—dark blond hair, bright blue eyes and a slim trim figure. Chris had only a minimal interest in girls, but even he had to admit that Julie was breathtakingly cute. He felt a strange stirring inside his diaper. Fortunately, his thick diaper padding covered up his excitement.
After brief introductions, Julie said to Chris: "You look so cute in your diaper. How do you like wearing it?"
"It's better than a spanking," said Chris truthfully, as he reached back and patted his diapered behind. "I'd rather have a diaper butt than a sore butt, that's for sure."
Julie smiled and gave Chris a couple of playful swats on his diapered butt. WHAP! WHAP! The boy blushed from embarrassment and excitement. A cute girl his own age had just touched his diapered bottom. Chris was in boy heaven. He felt another strange stirring in the front of his diaper. He resisted the urge to swat her jeans-clad fanny.
Mrs. Johnson served a wonderful lunch—hamburgers, french fries, baked beans, jello with peach slices in it, milk, and for dessert, chocolate pie. As he ate, Chris felt a desperate need to pee. He knew he had to use his diaper, but he didn't want to stand up and pee in front of a pretty girl like Julie. He decided to wet his diaper while sitting down.
At first, only a few drops came out. And then a few more. All of a sudden, it was a steady stream. Chris felt delightfully naughty as he wet his diaper. It was something a boy his age shouldn't be doing. As he emptied his bladder, he could feel his warm pee spreading from his crotch area to the sit-down portion of his diaper. The warmth of his freshly-wet diaper felt wonderful and Chris was transported back to another time. He was a toddler again, a toddler in a wet squishy diaper.
After lunch, Chris and Luke were ordered to clear off the table, rinse off the dishes, and put them in the dishwasher. As they performed their tasks, Julie noticed that both boys had wet their diapers while sitting down to lunch.
"Look, mom!" said Julie, as she pointed at the boys. "They've got big wet spots on their butts. They peed themselves." She went over and patted Chris's wet bottom, much to his chagrin. Then she patted her brother's behind. "How do you guys like being potty pants?
"I'd rather be a potty pants than a panty butt," said Luke. "You don't know how silly you look when you're in panty detention."
Julie's face turned bright red. As Chris later learned, Julie was forced to strip down to her panties whenever she was naughty. The girl hated parading around the house in only her panties. She hated being topless, too. Her brother didn't know why. "She doesn't have anything up there to hide, that's for sure," said Luke.
Dare and Double Dare
"I need to go to the supermarket," said Mrs. Johnson. "I should be home in an hour or so. Julie, I'm leaving you in charge. Make sure the boys stay in their diapers. Boys, behave yourselves while I'm gone or you'll get extra diaper time!"
"Hey, it's raining," said Julie, after her mother had left the house. "What a coincidence! It's wet outside and your diapers are wet inside." She giggled at her witticism.
"Shut up, panty butt!" retorted a red-faced Luke. He was accustomed to wearing a diaper around Julie, but he never got used to her teasing. Of course, he did his fair share of teasing when his sister was in panty detention.
The three children decided to play Monopoly, so Luke retrieved the game from the closet and set up the board on the kitchen table. Each child selected a game piece and took turns rolling the dice. They chatted as they played. Their conversation quickly turned to their punishments.
"I get punished almost like you do," said Chris to Julie. "I have to wear underpants and you have to wear panties. Of course, I get spanked and you don't. You're lucky. I'd rather wear panties than get a spanking."
"I've got some old panties you can wear" said a giggling Julie. "I dare you to take off your diaper and wear a pair of my panties. I won't tell mom and I'll put you back in your wet diaper before she gets home."
Chris's face turned bright red. The thought of taking off his diaper in front of a girl and wearing her panties made him shiver. He was flustered and didn't know what to say. Fortunately, Luke intervened to rescue his new friend once again, this time from a sea of embarrassment.
"I'll wear panties if you'll wear a diaper," said Luke to his sister. "I double dare you to to take off your clothes and let me put you in a diaper. You have to pee in it, too."
In the short-lived game of dare and double dare, Julie blinked first. No way was she going to strip naked and let her brother put her in a diaper, especially in front of Chris! Luke was secretly relieved. The thought of wearing a pair of his sister's panties was repulsive. He'd rather wear diapers for a whole day than spend one minute in panties.
Chris was disappointed that he didn't get to witness a naked Julie being put into a diaper. "That would have been awesome." He squirted some pee into his diaper. "We could have peed our diapers together."
Wet Inside and Outside
When Mrs. Johnson returned from the supermarket, she was pleased to see the kids getting along so well. They were still playing Monopoly and chatting away like longtime friends. The boys were standing. They were both suffering from "itchy butt syndrome"—a condition that occurs when one sits too long in a wet diaper.
"Hi, Mrs. Johnson," said Chris. "Do you have any more grocery bags in the car? I can get them for you. I always help my mom at home."
"I've got a couple of bags in the car, but it's too cold and wet outside for you to..."
Before she could finish her sentence, Chris dashed outside in his diaper, ran to the car and retrieved the remaining bags. She was right. It was cold outside. It was raining, too. Once inside, he put the bags on the kitchen counter. Raindrops shimmered on his body and slid down his plastic-backed diaper.
"Wow! That was cold," said a laughing Chris. He looked down at his diaper. "Now I'm wet inside and outside my diaper. Good thing it's waterproof."
Mrs. Johnson chuckled as she went to the bathroom and brought back a towel for the boy.
"Thanks," said a shivering Chris, as he took the towel and started drying himself. "It feels just like when I fell into the lake. At least I'm warm inside my diaper. I just peed it. Look how much it's sagging between my legs!" He spread his legs and wiggled his pee-filled crotch area back and forth, causing both Luke and his sister to crack up laughing.
Mrs. Johnson was amazed at how comfortable Chris had become wearing only a diaper in her presence. In fact, the boy seemed to relish the attention his diaper was bringing him. What had started out as diaper punishment had now become diaper playfulness. She made a mental note to herself. No more diapers for Chris. Next time she would send him home and let the boy's mother spank him.

The Naughty Room

Around 3:00, the Monopoly game ended abruptly when Chris announced: "I need to poop. Can I use the toilet or do I have to do it in my diaper?"

"Use your diaper!" said Mrs. Johnson without hesitation. "That's what it's for. I told you earlier that once your diaper is on, it stays on. Whatever goes into your diaper stays in your diaper for the full five hours."

Chris blushed with embarrassment. Wetting a diaper was kind of fun. He wasn't sure about pooping in it, especially in front of Julie. Unfortunately, he had no choice. He needed to go badly.

The boy bent over slightly, put his hands on his knees and let it go. It was a big long one and he could feel it pushing against the back of his diaper before it spread downward. He reached back and felt the lumpy mess in the back of his diaper. He felt ashamed. He was 11-years old, but he had just gone poo-poo in his diaper like a baby.

"Let's go to the naughty room!" said Mrs. Johnson. She took Chris by the hand and led him down the hallway to a small room. His full diaper forced him to walk with a toddler-like waddle. He was mortified by the awful feeling of mushy poop on his behind.

"How does it feel to be wearing a poopy diaper?" asked Mrs. Johnson, after they entered the naughty room. Chris didn't respond. Messing his diaper had rendered him speechless.

Mrs. Johnson rested her hand lightly on his diapered bottom. She noticed that he tensed up at even the slightest pressure. She began to stroke his seat, gently at first and then with more pressure until he let out a piteous moan.

"You don't like a messy diaper, do you?" Chris shook his head emphatically, too intimidated to speak. "Maybe next time you'll listen to your mother and stay off the lake ice."

Her hand pressed a little harder and she made several vigorous sweeps of his bottom, thoroughly squashing the contents of his diaper onto his butt cheeks.

"This is where naughty boys have to stay after they mess their diapers," said Mrs. Johnson. "We don't want your dirty diaper stinking up the house, do we?" Chris remained silent. She gave the boy's diapered bottom one final sweep with her hand, then exited the room and closed the door.

Chris looked around the room. There was nothing in it except cardboard boxes. No chairs. No furniture. He quickly deduced that the naughty room was actually a storage room. He realized that he would be confined to this barren room until 4:20. He felt like he was in jail—diaper jail. He was a prisoner in a wet filthy diaper.

Chris gloomily plopped down on the floor, using the wall as a back rest. He grimaced when his seat hit the floor. He was sitting in his own poop. How disgusting! He felt miserable and wanted to go home. Clean underpants and a spanking seemed far preferable to his current situation.

About 15 minutes later, the door opened and Luke's mother swatted her son into the room.

"Guess what?" said Luke, after the door closed. "I just pooped my diaper. Now I'm a pooper pants, just like you." He made it sound like a good thing.

Luke plopped down on the floor beside Chris and the boys started talking. Chris found out that Mrs. Johnson always sent her son to the naughty room after he messed his diaper. She always stroked his diapered seat, too, making sure his mess was clinging pudding-like to his bottom.

"She always does that," said Luke. "It's not so bad. Just think of it as warm squishy mud. Besides, she's the one who has to clean up our butts after she takes off our diapers." He bounced up and down a couple of times, squashing more poop on his butt. "She's gonna barf when she sees my butt."

Chris cracked up laughing and his gloom vanished like morning fog in bright sunshine. Then he bounced up and down several times, spreading more joy for Mrs. Johnson to clean up.

The boys eventually tired of their bouncing, so Luke opened up one of the boxes and retrieved a couple of his old toys—a helicopter and a police car. Both boys flipped over onto their stomachs and started playing.

Luke pushed the toy police car on top of Chris's diapered seat. "Help! Help!" he said. "I'm stuck in strange brown mud. Send a rescue helicopter!"

Chris took the helicopter and landed it on Luke's diaper-padded seat—a true landing pad. He spun the propeller, then said: "Oh, no! Now I'm stuck in the same mud. Quick! Send for your mother! She needs to wash away this strange stinky mud from our butts."

More laughter.

Promptly at 4:20, Mrs. Johnson opened the naughty room door. She expected to find two shamefaced boys squirming uncomfortably in their messy diapers. Instead, she found two silly boys playing happily on the floor with their little toys. She was both amazed and disappointed.

As Luke's mother marched the boys into the bathroom, she realized her mistake. She should have kept the boys confined to separate rooms. Whenever boys are together, they always manage to have fun, even when they're in diapers. Then an idea popped into her head.

"Since you boys are having so much fun in your diapers," said Mrs. Johnson, "I'm going to let you clean up each other's bottoms. Luke, you can start. Take off Chris's diaper and start cleaning his behind. I'll supervise to make sure you do a good job."

The horrified look on Luke's face was priceless. Mrs. Johnson smiled triumphantly.

Make a mess if you dare. Pay the price when you're bare.





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