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Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



I awake in the middle of the night to the faint sound of tapping on my window. Tap tap tap. I ignore it and roll over to go back to sleep. Tap! Tap! Tap! The annoying sound becomes more persistent, angry almost, and with a reluctant sigh I get up to investigate.

When I pull back the curtain a pair of round and brilliant blue eyes blink at me through the glass. I scream and jump back so fast I fall to the carpeted floor with an awful thump and continue to scramble backwards until I hit the wall. What the hell? I must still be half asleep or dreaming.

A high-pitched chittering comes from the window followed by more tapping. I cautiously crawl towards the odd sound, being tremendously careful to keep my head below window level. The rough carpet makes my hands and bare knees itch, but I don’t stop. Ever so slowly, I rise up on my knees and put my hands on the windowsill. The moment my eyes creep into view, I am greeted again by those blue eyes and a chorus of happy chitters.

To my credit, I don’t scream again, I just duck down below the window. It’s a… well I don’t know what it is. Other than the blue eyes, the thing is almost completely black with big, floppy ears resembling those of a beagle. I glance again and the thing opens a mouth filled with rows of pointed teeth and emits a clicking sound.

Click, click. Click, click. Tap, tap, tap. Click, click. Tap. Click. Tap Click. The creature continues to blink its large eyes at me and somehow I know with absolute certainty it wants me to open the window. Instinctively I find myself reaching for the latch.

Yes, Daphne, open the window for the strange creature with the pointy teeth. Brilliant idea. My hand stops in midair and I glare out the window. Blue Eyes lets out an impatient chitter and my twenty-year-old self feels like a two-year-old who has just been scolded. It’s not real anyways, you’re dreaming. What could opening the window hurt? I mean, if it rips you to shreds with those teeth, you will wake up whole and unharmed, so why not?

I have talked myself into it, but my courageous streak flees the second I fling the window open. I take a flying leap, bounce off my bed, and slide to the floor on the other side then stick my head over to watch the creature jump into the room and start clicking and chittering away.

It is at most three feet tall with a bowling ball head and feet that could rival a clown’s. The doggish features would make the thing absolutely adorable if it weren’t for the three wicked sharp claws protruding from a pair of long flipper-like arms.

“What are you?” I wonder out loud. Blue Eyes’ chittering grows excited and it begins slapping one flipper onto the other and making some sort of motion. “I don’t understand. What do you want from me?” I try to keep my voice steady. Blue Eyes begins advancing towards me intently.

I back as far into the corner as I can. Here I am nearly twice the creature’s size and I’m the one cowering in fear. When Blue Eyes gets within a few inches of me, I get a strong whiff of something earthy. It extends a flipper towards me and hesitantly I reach out. The other flipper slashes out faster than I can blink and I feel a stinging sensation on my palm. Before I can react, Blue Eyes slashes its own flipper and slaps it against my hand.

“Son of a…” I start to curse and try to smack a creature that has already jumped back.

“It had to be done.” Says a deep voice that I realize is coming from Blue Eyes, who is watching me with an air of amusement.

“What? How?” Such an intelligent reply, I amaze even myself.

“Your blood and mine.” I glance down at the gash on my palm and realize it is coated in a tar-like black substance. “Do you not know who you are?” Confusion creeps into Blue Eyes’ voice.

“I am Daphne Madison, twenty-year-old nurse extraordinaire.” I say matter of factly and Blue Eyes sighs like I’m a stubborn child.

“You are Daphne Madison, last surviving member of the Teslor Mage line. One of the oldest and most powerful families of mages to ever exist.” He looks at me like I should already know this. I can’t help it, I burst out laughing, though it may be more to do with the absurdity of the whole situation than anything.

“I’m sorry, did you say mages, as in magic and crap?” My sides are starting to hurt. “Me, a mage? Oh my god, that’s hilarious.” By now I’m gasping for air and Blue Eyes has gone still.

“Come, there isn’t time for this nonsense. We must go and I will explain on the way.” Blue Eyes strides out the door and leaves me scratching my head on how he got it open with his flippers.

I’m crazy, that’s what happened. I’ve finally snapped. Well, damn, if I’m going to be locked up in the looney bin, I might as well follow the strange blue-eyed creature and have an adventure. Right?

“Right.” I answer myself and head for the door.

But you might want to get dressed first, genius. I scramble into jeans and a sweater then rush out to the living room where Blue Eyes is standing as still as a statue.

“We must go, hurry! They are coming.” His eyes flash an eerie purple that sends chills clear to my bones. There is a urgency in the air so strong I don’t take the time to question who they were, just follow the odd creature to my car. “Get in. Drive, drive!”

“I am driving!” I don’t like being yelled at. The next half an hour is punctuated with prompts from Blue Eyes to “turn here” or “go faster” and he is seriously starting to get on my nerves. Eventually we get on the interstate and he seems to relax. I glance over and his eyes are back to their normal dazzling blue.

“Where are we going? For how long?” My curiosity bubbles up. “And what are we running from?”

“Our destination is Nevada, to a part of the Mojave Desert” He says after a moment of hesitation “You will remain there for an indefinite period of time to complete your training.”

“What!?” I nearly slam on the brakes. “We’re in Wyoming; there’s plenty of freaking desert here. Why the hell are we going to Nevada? I have a job and bills; I can’t just take off state jumping.” I’ve only been here a few months, it’s not like I have friends, and my family isn’t exactly alive to notice my absence, but my mind flashes to work. One patient in particular, a ten-year-old boy with leukemia who has dubbed me “his favorite nurse”. I can’t just abandon Ethan; he’s already been through enough. Just the thought of it has guilt eating away at me.

“Do you not understand? You are the last surviving mage of your line. You are The Teslor Mage. Your mundane job is of little importance. You are the only one powerful enough to defeat the evil that plagues the world. It grows stronger each day.” Blue Eyes is furious, biting out each word.

“Look, Blue Eyes, you must have me confused with someone else. I can’t even keep my apartment clean, I’m definitely not a mage, let alone a powerful one.”

“You are The Teslor Mage, if you were not, I would not be able to communicate with you. Your blood was the key, the final confirmation. Though in awakening your powers I fear I may have alerted dark creatures as to your whereabouts. I did not except them to be so close.” My mind is reeling. There’s no way any of this is true, but if at least a small part of me doesn’t believe it then why am I still on the road to Nevada?

It can’t be true. It just can’t, but why does it seem so right? Can I really leave it all behind? Is this my chance to start over, to do even more good? What about Ethan? He’s fond of Carrie too, so surely he will be alright with me gone. Here’s what you do, Daphne, take your days off to figure this out, and make a decision when you know more. I like that idea, I’ll give this a chance, and if it’s all a dream then at least it will be an interesting one. 

“Okay, say I am this Teslor Mage, hypothetically. What are these dark creatures you are referring to? How can I stop them? And if I’m so powerful then how come I never even knew I was a mage?” Blue Eyes ponders this for a long time, so long I start to feel afraid he won’t answer. He shakes his head and again I’m reminded of a beagle.

“They are known as Haints, creatures of the shadowlands. They feed off innocence and joy and leave hatred and greed in their place until there is nothing more than a black pit where the soul should be. Your will is strong, that combined with your bloodline will be the key to defeating them. I will go more into detail when we reach our destination.” He holds his flipper up before I can protest. “I believe deep down you’ve always known what you were. Magic in the world today seems to be nothing more than fairytales and myths so subconsciously you suppressed your true nature.” Sadness creeps into his voice. “Any sign or spark would have been quickly dismissed as something else.”

He wants me to defeat soul-sucking creatures? Yep, I am definitely crazy. Despite how unrealistic everything sounds, I find my mind wandering back to my childhood, falling out of trees and escaping unhurt, knowing when someone was lying, and last but not least, my family’s murder eight years ago.


It’s just before bedtime and I’m playing with my younger sister, Jess, in our room while our parents watch T.V. downstairs. Playing is such a nice word, when in actuality I’m tormenting her with a dead spider. She’s such a baby.

“Daphne! Stop it! I’m telling Mom!” She’s close to tears and that makes me swing the spider close to her face just as there’s a knock on the door. Mom answers it and after a few moments I hear her call for my dad, there is something wrong with her voice.

“Come on, let’s go see who it is.” I tell Jess and we creep down the stairs until the door is visible. My parents’ backs are to us and in between them I can just make out a hooded figure, it’s gaze trained on my mother.

“We cannot help you, nor would we even if we could. We got out of that life twelve years ago.” My mom is saying.

“You will do as I say!” The figure snarls and it sends chills down my spine. “Or you will both die here and now.” Jess gasps and the figure’s head snaps up and a pair of dark eyes are trained on us. I can just make out a malicious smile in the shadows hiding the face. “You have children? How lovely. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, now would you?” Triumph is evident in the scratchy voice

“Daphne, Jess, run!” My father yells and my parents begin chanting. I stand there, paralyzed with Jess trembling at my side and pulling on my arm. In a flash, the figure reaches up and slashes my father’s throat. He gurgles and falls to his knees, blood spraying from beneath his fingers.

“Daddy!” Jess screams, jolting me out of my paralysis. The scream also distracts my mother. The figure quickly finishes her off in the same manner as my father. I grab Jess’s arm and we run to our room

“Get under the bed.” I tell her and follow after. Heavy footsteps are coming up the stairs, they stop outside the bedroom door.

“Little mages, little mages, where are you?” The voice taunts. I hear the creaking as the door opens and the hooded figure enters the room. Things go eerily quiet and then Jess screams. She is being dragged out the other side of the bed. I scramble to get out and help her. There is a sickening crunch, something snapping, and her screams stop. I see the figure holding her lifeless body and start throwing anything I can find, mostly brushes and Jess’s Barbies.

The thing, because it is not human, comes towards me. I freeze as it reaches for my neck, death reflected in the pits I had mistaken for eyes earlier. A pair of skeletal fingers clamp down on my neck. I struggle, but it is useless. Just as everything starts to go black, I hear the thing laugh.

“You, I will leave alive, and I shall be back. In the future, you will be my greatest asset, my dear.” It whispers in my ear.


A loud honking behind me brings be back to the present and a blue truck goes flying past like I’m standing still. “I’m doing eighty, dumbass.” I mutter under my breath. Everyone had told me I made the inhuman creature and magic up as a way to coop with the traumatic event and losing my family, and I eventually believed it myself. It all makes sense now. Oh my god, mom and dad were mages. And that thing, could it have been a Haint? Or some other creature?

On instinct I take the next exit. I need food and caffeine to think and process what is happening.

“What are you doing?” Blue Eyes asks sharply. “We are only in Utah; we cannot stop yet.”

“We have been driving for nearly four hours. I need to pee and I need food. We’re stopping whether you like it or not.” I bypass McDonald’s and pull into a little dinner. I need real food, not a greasy hamburger. Blue Eyes sighs and follows me inside, muttering about childish mages.

“Oh my gosh, what a cute puppy!” The bright-eyed waitress greets me. “We don’t normally allow pets, but since there aren’t very many people here he can stay unless we get complaints. Okay?” I nod, still trying to figure out the “puppy” part. I order pancakes, eggs, hash browns, the whole works. What? I’m apparently a powerful mage, I need the energy.

“Why did she call you a puppy?” I ask Blue Eyes after she leaves. “And what are you, anyways? Do you have a name?”

“As I said, magic in the world today is that of stories. Normal human brains cannot comprehend what they are seeing so they connect it to the closest thing they know, in most cases that is a beagle. That you saw my true form was yet another sign of your bloodline. It gave me great hope that I had finally found the right human. To answer your second question, I am what is known as a Darkling, sworn mentor and protector of the mages. My specific line is referred to as the Darklings of Teslor, as we serve the Teslor Mages. My name is...” He admits a series of clicks and chitters, “as it does not translate into human language, Blue Eyes will do.” He tilts his head to the side and watches me shovel food with great amusement.

“Crap, did you want something? Do Darklings even eat human food?” He shakes his head, causing one ear to flop over an eye. “So how does this mage thing work? Do I have to memorize spells and make potions?” I want to ask about my parents, about the thing that killed them, but part of me isn’t ready to bring that up yet.

“You merely call on your blood and ask the elements to aid you and concentrate on what you want to happen.” Blue Eyes spears a piece of bacon with his claws and places it on the table in front of him. He stares for a slight moment and it floats back to my plate. “Concentrate on the power within and implore that Air aids in your task. Now that your powers have awoken, you will gradually become aware of the prescence that you may have overlooked before.”

“Oh my god, that is so cool. Okay, I can do this.” I stare at the bacon and will it to move. Nothing. After a while I start to get frustrated and suddenly, in the back of my mind, I feel a faint tickle. The power singing in my blood, buzzing just beneath my skin. I call to it, drink it in and think of the bacon moving. A wave of euphoria washes over me, I feel like I’m a cloud, floating on the wind. My knees bang the table and I’m sent crashing back to reality. My behind lands back in the chair with a thump. Blue Eyes makes a choking sound and I realize he’s laughing at me.

“You did not succeed at moving bacon, though you certainly managed to tap into your power. That is progress and it will be much easier to access now that you have created a channel in your mind.” He grows solemn. “I just hope the burst of power does not attract any unwanted attention. We should continue moving soon.”

Ten minutes later we are walking out of the diner when Blue Eyes freezes, his eyes flashing purple. “They are here.” His head starts whipping around with his ears perked, as if trying to pinpoint a location. His flippers are up in a fighting stance. I feel a chill slide across my skin, something evil breathing down my neck. I spin around and find myself face to face with a ghoulish creature.

Grey skin stretches tight over the face, black pits sit where eyes should be and a gaping hole takes the place of the mouth. My nose is assaulted by the stench of death and despair and I start gagging. The thing grabs me with skeletal fingers and my body is suddenly on fire while still being chilled to the bone. I feel as if something deep inside me is being pulled from my very core. Oh god it hurts.

“Resist it, Daphne.” I faintly hear Blue Eyes call out as he battles another creature. “You are stronger than them. Call to your blood…” Call to your blood, your blood. I fight my way through the pain induced fog inside my brain and manage to lift my head to stare the thing right in its black pits. I remember a similar creature, the one who murdered my family and rage rolls over me. How dare this filthy thing lay a hand on me. It thinks it can have my soul? I don’t think so.

I dig down deep and pull my power up full force. The wind picks up to a blinding fury, thunder booms, and lightning flashes. The rain starts pounding down so hard it leaves small craters in the ground. My skin becomes bathed in liquid fire and I feel the power spinning out of control. I clamp down with all my might and feel it start to consume me as it ping pongs inside my veins, trying to break free.

“Release the power! Just let it go!” I barely hear Blue Eyes over the raging storm, but somehow the words manage to penetrate my thoughts. I let go.

The creature in front of me lets out blood curdling shriek and shoves me away hard enough to crack ribs. There is a blinding flash and the pungent odor of burnt and rotting flesh and my power explodes outward and engulfs everything. I feel a gut-wrenching tug inside and then freedom. Suddenly I’m flying through the air and everything goes black.

I wake up to a pair of worried green eyes and honey blonde hair leaning over me.

“Are you ok?” The waitress from the dinner asks me. “I’ve called to police and the ambulance is on the way. Unfortunately, those punks who tried to rob you got away.” My head is fuzzy. I am having a hard time comprehending what she means by being robbed. I feel like I’ve been run over by a bulldozer, everywhere hurts and when I try sitting up the world spins.

“We must go. That power burst will have attracted more Haints.” Blue Eyes insists tensely. I start to stand up.

“Careful now, you may have a concussion.” The waitress helps me up and I look around the empty parking lot and at the diner, expecting to see it in shambles. I’m surprised to see it in perfect condition. Well not perfect, the sign is slightly crooked and the paint is peeling, but it’s in the same condition as when we arrived. “I think your puppy was worried.” The waitress continues. “He has been barking and pacing since you passed out.” 

“I have to get going.” I tell her and take a wobbly step towards my black car.

“But you should really be checked out at the hospital and the police will be here any minute.” She argues.

“I’m fine, really.” I open the driver’s side door and Blue Eyes hops through to the passenger seat and I climb in after him.

“But…” I drive away and the protest dies on her lips.

“What were you thinking trying to control that much power? You are merely a novice, that was completely irresponsible.” Blue Eyes scolds and I feel a sharp jolt of annoyance.

“Well I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, because, as you pointed out, I’m new to this. I think the fact that I managed to not die was a miracle. Plus, all I was thinking was I really didn’t like that thing touching me. And I’m fine, thank you for asking.” I say sarcastically.

“Are you hurt?” Concern creeps into his voice. “I apologize; you did well under the circumstances.”

“I’m just a little sore, but other than bruises and scrapes, I’m fine.” I get back on the road to Nevada, my mind made up. I will go, I will train, and I will hunt down the foul bastard that took my family from me.


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