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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Cleaning Filth

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019



Chapter 7: Cleaning Filth



 When the Enderga had fallen by the hands of Selena, there were no longer any challengers to see for themselves what made this HellMaiden special among the other entities living in Hell. Even other groups owning territory in the mountain elsewhere who planned to visit Selena chose to stick to their lands after hearing she defeated the Enderga by herself. Since no more battles occurred, one brave demon had walked over to Selena and asked if she was interested in claiming the mountain territory of the Enderga. As soon as Selena gave her reply that she had no plans to conquer the mountain, every single demon and non-human immediately moved on to acquire the lands left by the Enderga.


“May I make a suggestion to my lord?” Vaxius walks over to Selena who stood around supervising her workers.

“What is it?” Selena asks giving Vaxius a foul look which meant she wouldn’t take whatever it was Vaxius had to say lightly if it was something pointless.

“The land we once ruled, there is a small pond of freshwater we have gathered throughout the years. If my lord wishes to have a fresh drink, I recommend heading there before those weaklings dry it up.” Vaxius explains while being on one knee and head down.


 Selena at first did not care about water and was about to harshly make Vaxius return to work, however, she gave it a second thought. In Selena’s mind, perhaps it wasn’t so bad to unwind and relax a little bit with a fresh drink of water. Besides, the boat wasn’t going to be completed anytime soon so it would be a good way to pass the time.


“Keep watch, if anyone stops working or tries escaping, kill them. That includes anyone who dares interfere.” Selena orders Vaxius and begins heading towards the mountain.

“Understood!” Vaxius instantly replies without hesitation and goes on complete guard duty with such a determination of not letting Selena down.


 The mountains were high, almost piercing the dark and red cloudy skies. Normal humans wouldn’t even be able to get within touching distance of a mountain before getting killed by a demon or non-human. Even if a human managed to reach it, climbing such huge mountains was another story altogether. However, for Selena climbing the mountain and dealing with demons and non-humans was not much of a big deal. Selena leaps to the top passing by other demons and non-humans that kill each other while climbing, no one dared try fighting Selena and instead they move out of the way to avoid going into conflict against her.


“Why is she here? I thought she didn’t care about the mountains?”

“Dammit! I just wanted one god damn sip of water!”

“Tch! Here I thought it would be my lucky day!”


 When they saw Selena climb the mountain many chose to come down from it while others continue to fight just for the sake of killing. Once Selena reaches the top, she witnesses the same warzone when she first arrived in the mountains. Every demon and non-human killing each other without any mercy just to own the territory left behind by the now-dead Enderga. But such a scene did not concern Selena for she casually walks forward in search of this pond Vaxius mentioned.


“Mmm… it feels quite… pleasant.” Selena says as she was able to tell the difference between being at the mountain top and below. Feeling such a fresh breeze of wind blow through her skin, after being in Hell for a while the sensation was delightful.


 As Selena walks through the mountain top, she doesn’t even realize how all the demons and non-humans who notice her stop their fighting and watch her. They all wonder what the HellMaiden was going to do and they all hoped Selena wouldn’t end up wanting to take over. Since no one, there is strong enough to even give the HellMaiden a worthwhile challenge. Eventually, Selena comes across the pond of water which was guarded by those who were still part of the Enderga who fought desperately to keep it clean and fresh for it took hundreds of years just to have a mere pond of water. The remaining proclaimed Enderga is heavily wounded and they would eventually fall leaving the pond to be free for demons and non-humans to completely dry it up.


 The demons and non-human who tried getting past the guards stop their aggression when they saw Selena head towards them. All the Enderga guards who protected the pond were the few that did not receive the word of Vladim getting killed. Without knowing who Selena was they turn towards her who casually walks forward without any concern or fear.


“You! Human! If you keep coming closer, I’ll- “An eight-foot-tall non-human gorilla wearing bone armor couldn’t even finish his warning. For upon meeting Selena’s eyes, the gorilla felt an immense pressure and his instincts kept warning him of death.


 The gorilla stands there unable to understand such sensation as Selena walks past not paying him a second glance.


“What are you doing!? Kill her!”


 Another guard who was a demon with rotten skin and the body structure of a lizard with a few insect parts that resemble a bee. That demon charges at Selena to stop her and just like the gorilla, it senses the same danger once Selena glares at the rotten lizard demon.


“W-who is this human!? To be capable of emitting such an aura?” The rotten demon lizard didn’t know what happened when Vladim left but it can guess that the reason why their territory was getting invaded was because of Selena.


 The other guards see how they halted on their approach to attack Selena and don’t bother testing their luck. After what seemed to be a long casual stroll towards the pond, Selena reaches it and crouches down towards it. Seeing her fearless reflection, Selena scoops up water with her right hand and drinks. Although the water was a bit warm it still gives Selena a refreshing feeling in her mouth and now understands why many kill each other just to have a mere sip. Selena looks back at her reflection and notices how much blood she’s covered in along with her bandeau-like bra and skirt.


“I should clean this unworthy filth off me,” Selena says not liking the fact that the blood of Brimble, Vladim, and other demons and non-humans she killed lingers.


 Selena stands up and without the slightest of hesitation, she removes her bandeau-like bra and tosses it into the pond. Selena does the same with her skirt and she stands in the middle surrounded by countless eyes of demons and non-humans who watch her being completely naked. Standing tall and proud, Selena walks into the three feet deep pond. Splashing water onto her face, arms, and entire body showering off all the blood which slowly but surely reveals her clear bruised skin.


“AAHH!” Selena sits and leans back, relaxing her entire body in the pond and glances around at all the demons and non-humans who watch her in awe.


 Such a scene reminds Selena of the past back when she was still alive and young. When she was brought to Gor Bar, Selena never had much privacy for even in the shower rooms male guards were present watching her and the other women cleaning themselves. Two of them had indifferent expressions while two always had a satisfied smile thinking they had the best job ever of getting to watch naked women every day.


“Times up! Come on! Let’s go!” One of the guards shouted who counted down from ten minutes.


 It was a daily routine with the women’s shower room only having five big barrels full of water meaning only a group of five would shower every morning and depending on the circumstances some would need to shower more times during work. Selena had spent three years in Gor Bar since she was first brought in and followed the same routine, cleaning herself with a towel in front of other men and women. At first, Selena refused to do such a thing but was forced to deal with it after a harsh punishment.


“Let’s go! Let’s go! Hurry up!” The guard always shouted when they took one extra minute in the bathroom and never gave them anything more.


 Selena already witnessed in the past what happened when they took too long in the shower room drying themselves. No time was wasted and once they reached the max time limit, all five women wrapped the towels around their chest and walk out of the shower room. Upon walking out another group of five waited their turn and were already naked outside with guards also waiting.


 It was the second basement floor which was another big changing room similar to the first basement floor and Selena, along with the other four women removed their towels and placed them onto a basket. They are only ordered to dress into their underwear and bra since they still had to eat and to avoid staining their dresses. Once finished they would head upstairs to the empty private bar where food is already prepared. The food was a single small plate with one scrambled egg, a slice of bread, and a random fruit.


 Selena would eat away at the egg and bread at the table with the other four women of her group, all only wearing their underwear and bra. While, again, many guards watch them like they were animals.


“Oh? You don’t want this Selena?” A woman with black straight hair named Julian in her mid-twenties snatched Selena’s orange from her plate. “Then I’ll gladly take it!” Julian shamelessly took Selena’s orange before she could even reject it.

“Ah… um…” Selena wanted to speak up.

“What!?” Julian glared at Selena in an intimidating manner.


 Selena back then was too afraid to say anything and the other girls would normally do the same, taking her fruit and she was constantly left with only eating one scrambled egg and piece of bread in the morning. However, in Selena’s mind, it was still better to have something in her stomach than nothing. When breakfast was finished, they headed down to the first basement floor where they began to change into their dresses while also taking turns to use a single person bathroom to wash their teeth and prepare for work.


 Since they stay up working late, they wake up late in the morning and have little to no time for their own thing. Selena, who still looked too young to attend the high paying customers was ordered to only help the other women prepare, organize, and clean up any messes before, during, and after work. Faye, Lily, Diana, and Edith were already working as prostitutes but Lily had already gotten herself killed trying to escape. To remind the other women to not even dare attempt to escape or rebel in any way, Gordon and a few others tortured Lily to death in front of all the women.


“Hey! Clean that up!” A guard ordered Selena as it was another working night at Gor Bar with all the women running around on the first basement floor.


 Selena walked over to a dress left on the floor stained with alcohol and takes it to a basket with other dirty dresses. For Selena, such work wasn’t so bad and she got comfortable doing mere chores, however, the mistake Selena made was thinking and hoping that they would let her continue doing such tasks instead of being a prostitute. Being naïve, Selena figured if she did a good job at it, they wouldn’t need her to stay the way she was but her fate was inevitable.


“Oh! There you are, Selena.” Harold who had come down from the bar to find Selena walked over to her. “I need you to come with me.” Harold vaguely told Selena.

“But… the dress- “

“It’s fine, just leave them.” Harold reached and grabbed the dress Selena had just picked off the ground and tossed it to one of the guards. “Cover for her,” Harold ordered the guard. “Now,” Harold then grabbed Selena’s right hand a bit forcefully. “Let’s go,” Harold said and began walking.

“Um… what do you want me to do?” Selena asked Harold as they headed upstairs back to the bar.

“You’ll see, don’t worry,” Harold told her and normally during work Selena wasn’t allowed to go upstairs on the second floor which was where Harold was taking Selena.


 On the upper second floor was the place where the women would take the customers who paid the full price of getting to have sex with the women. When Selena was taken to the second floor, she continued to think it was just an emergency clean up and they had just made a big mess that needed to be cleaned. When they reached the second floor, the loud noises of moans and screaming pleasure of a man and woman are loudly heard from each room. Along the way, Selena came across Faye who just finished a session with one of the customers who was a very hairy and old man who had a satisfied smile on his face. On the other hand, Faye had a forced smile towards the old customer.


“We hope to see you again, mister!” Faye said and although she showed a happy expression, Selena was able to tell that underneath such a smile was nothing but anguish.

“Oh, but I only hope to see you only my dear Faye.” The old man said and reached down his pocket, taking out ten copper. Handing it to Faye for he wanted one last satisfaction before leaving.


 Faye blandly stared at the copper and deep down she didn’t want to do anything more with an ugly old man. But since Harold was walking by, she had no choice but to accept it and the old man reached his right-hand down Faye’s crotch and made sure he got a good last grope.


“Good girl,” Harold whispered out to Faye and carried on.


 Selena looked back and saw the old man got closer to Faye, sniffing her hair in an unsightly manner. Faye did her best to glance away in disgust and hopelessness. When Selena saw such a sight, at that moment, she was glad she wasn’t in such a position. But little did Selena know that she would end up in a more dreadful situation.


“Here we are,” Harold said as he reached the end of the walkway and opened the door to one of the rooms.


 Harold entered the room with Selena who still held her hand and inside that room were two men around their late thirties who waited around for Harold’s arrival. They wore uniforms of Trejak being knights who were stationed to patrol the area around Gor Bar. Normally, they would have waited another year before Selena started to work as a prostitute but those two soldiers had seen Selena work around the bar before and desired for something young. They were corrupt Trejak knights who report that the area where Gor Bar is located has no illegal activities happening. In exchange, they get paid and get a free session with the women.


“Ah, yes, she is indeed a young one.” One of the Trejak knights said with a lustful smile on his face.

“This is your youngest? Well, guess she will do. Here.” The other Trejak soldier said and tossed one gold coin towards Harold.

“Just be sure whatever happens here… stays here.” Harold reminded the Trejak soldiers that what they were going to do was illegal.

“Naturally, now leave us be.”

“Try not to be too rough on her, wouldn’t want her first experience to be so horrible that she will no longer be willing to  make up our investment.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be very gentle.”


 When Harold left Selena alone with the two Trejak knights, it was at that moment when Selena’s life started to be nothing but utter misery. The two corrupt Trejak knights raped Selena despite her desperate cries and plead to make them stop. Later on, she found out one of them was married and had a family with two kids. Selena always wondered how such a vile and disgusting man could rape a thirteen-year-old girl with another man and smile like there was nothing morally wrong with it.


“Hm!?” Selena snaps out of her past for she senses someone approach the pond trying to catch a quick sip, thinking she was sleeping.

“Eek!?” A deformed cockroach-looking demon stood still not knowing what to do after getting caught.


 Selena simply stabs her right foot straight into that demon’s head which perfectly resembled that vile man and kills it. Rotten blood ends up staining the pond and Selena decides to end her break there. Grabbing her piece of torn dress, with a single swoosh she dries them up and dresses while there was still an audience of demons and non-humans watching.


 Paying not even a single mind to all those stares, Selena carries on and returns down the mountain. As soon as Selena left from the mountain top, all the demons and non-humans stare at the pond and then look among each other for a brief moment and then return to killing one another but this time more intently for they wanted to drink the dirty water left behind by Selena who had just showered from it.

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