Flowing Waters

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A woeful tale....

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



Deep in a wooded clearing, under a bright starry sky, lie two children, no older than the age of ten each. The two hardly talk, but instead enjoy the near silence of the night. Then two names are yelled, splitting the silence. "Ted, Jolene!" And the kids walk toward the caller. They approach a campsite on a riverbank, where a group of adults are preparing for a marshmallow roast. Sticks and a bag are passed around, but the girl silently turns the offer down, and proceeds to sit by her father, who also refuses to participate in the roast. The two huddle together, watching everyone enjoy themselves, but they separate themselves from the group. The night grows darker, as clouds build overhead, and everyone flocks toward the tents. Jolene is bedded goodnight by her father, and she heads to a tent she is sharing with Ted, and she lies down. Ted says goodnigh, and awaits a returning answer. But all he hears is silence, but if he were awake later, he would hear a soft sob in reply. 

As midnight falls, so does the rain. Jolene cannot manage to sleep, and needing the comfort of someone, exits into the rain to find her father. He lays in a different tent, also unable to sleep. In the next flash of lightning he sees his daughters shadow through the tent wall, and he climbs out of bed to join her. They make a dash toward the leafy rain shelter of a tree, and Jolene begins speaking. "I cannot s-stop thinking about mommy d-d-dying, and when I DO fall asleep I just have nightmares about it. Her face is soaked now, yet not a drop of rain has touched it. Bawling, she yells in anguish "I need her back!" She then falls to her knees, sinking In the mud, and hugs her father legs. He reaches down and holds her for a long time, and the storm conducts its own sad concert to go along with the sorrow below. 

The sun rises the next morning, reflecting brilliantly off the wet grass. The fire is trying bacon, helped by Jolene and her father who both appear exhausted. The campers surround the fire for breakfast, and when Ted is finished, he asks his father if he and Jolene can go play in the woods. Jolene gets up and waves goodbye to her father as Ted waits for her to walk with him to the trees. They walk, hand in hand around for a while. The woods are alive with noises, refreshed by the rain of the night. Ted and Jolene compete for who can guess the names of the singing birds. When they tire of their game, they search for a place to sit. They come across the river upstream their campsite, and sit on a log lying next to the raging water. They watch the fish swim by for a long time. Then a loud CRACK echoes behind them, and Ted and Jolene proceed to run. But Jolene slips on the muddy riverbank and tumbles into the water, just as what caused the noise, a falling branch, struck where they were sitting. Ted frantically searches for a long stick, and finding one, he runs along the river holding it out for Jolene to grab. But the current Carrie's Jolene far faster than Ted can run. Ted only keeps his eyes on Jolenes' struggling, and because of which smacks into a solid oak tree. In a dazed view from the ground, Ted sees jolene fight against the river that would take even the strongest of men. But one last saving grace lays just ahead of Jolene, a stone big enough to hold sticking out of the water. Jolene sees it to, and with one small hand manages to reach out and grab it. The water Carrie's her forward and she smack into the stone hard, almost losing her grip, but still manages to put her other hand on as well. Then the mud lets go of Jolene and the rocks and Ted watched as the river carries Jolene out of sight.

Hours later, Jolenes father shambles along, searching for his daughters body. Then through the tears clouding his eyes, he sees a figure lying up ahead. He is to scared to approach her, and he falls to his knees, defeated and with all will to live completely erased. He walks crawls to the river, and proceeds to jump in, and be gone forever. Then he hears a soft frantic shout! "Daddy!" And with utmost joy, Jolenes father runs to her, and they hug for a long time. They sit and watch the sunset turn from orange to purple, and they silently agree that they should cherish the life they still have rather than continuously mourn the life they had lost.

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