The Doused Flame Rekindled

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Roselyn and Avinash are good friends and are related to each other; they study in the same school. With the passage of time, their friendship eventually turns in a love affair, which continues even when they enter college.

On passing the 12ths standard, Avinash gets admission to an engineering college in Chandigarh. In the meantime, their love loses its intensity and Roselyn falls in love with a senior student in the college. They eventually get married; their marriage has always been on the rocks from the beginning. Avinash acquires M Tech. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the USA. He takes up a job in a reputed oil company in Abu Dhabi.

Roselyn and Avinash meet each other unexpectedly in Dubai. Thenceforth, their life takes a startling turn. The story runs like this ……

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



There is a mixed crowd of people of different countries in the main foyer of Atlantis, The Palm at Dubai. Roselyn Khanna and Ritika are so engrossed in looking at the different marine creatures moving unconcernedly behind large glass screens in the walls of the main vestibule. Avinash Kapoor happens to be standing next to them equally engrossed in looking at the creatures, some of them quite weird. Suddenly, Roselyn and Avinash turn their heads and find looking at each other with amazement. They keep looking at each other for a while unable to comprehend that they are physically in front of each other.

Breaking the silence, Avinash says surprisingly, “It’s wonderful to meet you here after a gap of 10 years. Who is this beautiful young lady with you?”

Roselyn is so happy to see Avinash that she suddenly hugs him. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to meet you here. It’s a lucky day for me. This is my daughter, Ritika,” she says excitedly.

Looking at Ritika, Avinash says admiringly, “It’s you Ritika! You have grown up into a beautiful young lady. I had met you last when you were in the 10th standard. I hope you remember it”

“Yes. Uncle Avinash, I remember it clearly. But you haven’t changed much,” says Ritika with a coy smile.

Then Avinash asks, “Where are you staying here?”

“We are staying in Jumeirah Beach Hotel,” says Roselyn.

Avinash replies, “What a coincidence is this? I am also staying in the same hotel. No problem. The rest of the places we will visit together and go to the hotel together also.”

“It would be so nice to visit places together. Avinash uncle, meeting you so unexpectedly has really made our day,” replies Ritika happily.

They all have a great time while visiting all the important places in Dubai. One day they planned to go for the Desert Safari. Ritika and Avinash greatly enjoyed it. Though it was an exhilarating experience, Roselyn felt fear sometimes due to some of the hair-raising maneuverings of the vehicle. The dinner and dance gala after the Desert Safari was really out-of-this-world! They were so happy while returning to their hotel after midnight.

Next day, they preferred to stay in the hotel as yesterday, being very hectic, had left everyone tired. Ritika enjoys some movies on Netflix in the room while Avinash and Roselyn prefer to spend most of their time together out in the lawn, reliving the old memories in a flashback since their school days.

Part 1 -

Their formative years -

Roselyn and Avinash were close relatives who lived in New Delhi in residences nearby. Though they studied in the same school, they used to meet each other quite often outside the school. By the time Roselyn reached the 10th standard, she had a crush on Avinash, who entered 12th standard by then. Over time, they fell in love with each other.

After passing 12th standard with very good grades, Avinash applied to an Engineering College in Chandigarh. And with hard work and a stroke of good luck, he got admission to the college. Meanwhile, Roselyn passed the 12th standard and sought admission in a local degree college. She easily got the admission as she had good passing grades.

Their love kept on flourishing. They kept meeting often whenever Avinash could afford time from his busy schedule of studies. In due course, their meetings became less frequent as Avinash used to have a busier schedule of studies. By the time Avinash entered the 4th year of his course, Roselyn’s contact with him became much less frequent. Later, when he came to know that Roselyn had been having an affair with one of her seniors, he had been badly hurt. But, eventually, he was able to overcome his gloom since Roselyn had broken up with him unexpectedly. But he couldn’t detach himself emotionally from her as he loved her too much.

He always tried to meet her during his visits to the home. They used to behave like good friends. Deep down in his heart, Avinash always felt a twinge of love for Roselyn though apparently, he didn’t show it.

Sometimes, when all alone, he asked silently, “Roselyn how could do this to me.” As she wasn’t there to answer, he consoled himself by thinking that it was destined that way. But despite the simmering love for her, he never let emotions for her overpower him in any way.

Roselyn’s marriage and thereafter -

As soon as Roselyn graduated from the college, she married Rohit, whom she had been going steady with. Rohit, who was her two years senior, also had completed his post-graduation. Though invited, Avinash couldn’t attend their marriage as he was busy with final exams of the final year, which he couldn’t afford to miss at any cost. He graduated from the engineering college with high grades as his hard work came to fruition.

As soon as he graduated, he applied for admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. After four months, he got the admission letter. Luckily, he got admitted to the postgraduate program of the Computer Science he had opted for.

Before Avinash has to depart for the USA, he meets Roselyn. He feels very sorry for her when she tells that Rohit is an alcoholic, which she came to know after marriage.

Avinash advises her against his wish to do so, knowing well that it isn’t easy to wane off from alcohol addiction, “Roselyn, don’t worry; things will improve if you handle the situation carefully.” He had felt some awkwardness this time in her presence but he didn’t let her know it.

Avinash in the USA -

When Avinash left, he felt unhappy as there still simmered love for her in his heart. After reaching the USA, he became so busy with his life that he couldn’t think of contacting her. He tried to telephone her a couple of times. Whenever he tried to find out about her married life, she evaded the question. Clearly, he could deduce that she was still having problems with Rohit.

One day, she told Avinash when contacted, “Avinash, I couldn’t conceive due to some reasons so we have adopted a girl baby, thinking that a child’s responsibility could make Rohit give up a drinking habit.”  Avinash supported her sincere efforts and wished her good luck. Their contact remained very casual once or twice every six months. Avinash could guess from these contacts that things were not good at her end.

Avinash was so busy with his studies that he hardly had time to visit places in Massachusetts. Somehow, he could form friendships with a couple of American fellow students of his program. After about three months, he could afford to spare time to visit some places like Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Harvard Square and Museums, Faneuil Hall, Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum with them. It was so fascinating to watch whales, dolphins, and seals in action in National Marine Sanctuary that he promised to himself to visit the place again and again.

After some time, he became friendly with a South Indian classmate, named Aashna. They used to visit local markets and places together. She once accompanied him to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, which fascinated her too. Though both of them used to spend a lot of time together, they remained friends only as their friendship couldn’t catch an emotional hue. They remained very good friends throughout their program. Finally, they both completed successfully their M Tech. program in computer sciences.

After completion of his program, Avinash applied for the job of an engineer in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), UAE. Then he packed up and left for his home in Delhi. He could hardly finish the round of meetings with his old friends when he got the job offer letter, telling him to join at the end of a fortnight.

He got information through one of his friends that Roselyn’s husband had died of cirrhosis liver six months back. So, the next day he met Roselyn to convey the condolences.

On seeing Avinash, she broke down with tears streaming down her eyes. He was so emotionally moved that he couldn’t utter a word. He just hugged her consolingly. After some time, when she calmed down, she called Ritika, who was studying in 10th standard. He had met her then for the first time.

On his way home, his mind kept cogitating over the problems faced by Roselyn and her daughter. The whole night he kept tossing in bed as meeting her had been quite upsetting.

After a week, Avinash left for UAE to join his new assignment. But he didn’t forget to meet Roselyn before leaving. At that time, he could see the presence of love for him in her eyes.

Avinash in Abu Dhabi -  

Avinash joins Abu Dhabi National Oil Company within the stipulated time. He likes the city because of its rich Arabian culture. One of his father’s friends is settled over there. So he hardly has any difficulty in settling down. He has been able to strike a friendship with a couple of Indians both males and females. By now he has started feeling quite at home there.

He likes his job and work culture of the company. Though he is quite busy in the new job, he doesn’t forget to contact Roselyn once in a while but he is more regular in contacting his parents.

Avinash gets promoted to the position of the Senior Engineer as it’s been five years in the same job. Now his parents have started pestering him for getting married. But, somehow or other, he can’t come around to the idea. He doesn’t himself know why.

Another five years of his life pass by uneventfully. All of a sudden, he is offered another promotion to the post of the Chief Engineer. He is on cloud nine. So, first of all, he breaks the happy news to his parents. Their happiness knows no bounds at the success of their son.

When he conveys the news of his promotion to Roselyn, she is also very happy. She tells him, “Avinash, six months back, Ritika joined a famous ceramic company in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.”

“Roselyn, it is wonderful news. Accept my congratulations. Send her mobile no. by SMS. I will personally like to congratulate Ritika,” says Avinash.

Part 2 –

A fortnight after assuming the charge of the new post, Avinash plans to visit Dubai, especially Atlantis, The Palm for watching wonderful marine creatures. Marine creatures still fascinate him as they used to do in Massachusetts. At times, watching them, he muses over how peacefully marine creatures having vastly different shapes and sizes live together in their oceanic world in contrast to human beings having not many differences.

This visit becomes all the more special when he meets Roselyn and Ritika unexpectedly in Atlantis, The Palm.  

After reliving their old memories, Roselyn, holding his hand, tells Avinash to take a walk around in the hotel compound. Both walk hand in hand just like youngsters in love.

While walking, he tells her, “Roselyn, I still love you; my love for you never died down despite many ordeals it had to face! Why don’t we get married?”

“Avinash, I love you too. In fact, I couldn’t understand the intensity of your love for me and got swayed away by the charm of Rohit. I would love to marry you, the sooner the better,” replied Roselyn.

Going back to the hotel room, Roselyn tells Ritika, “Dear, I have to tell you a secret that Avinash and I were lovers during our school and college days. But as luck didn’t favor us, we couldn’t get married. While chatting down outside, we found that we still loved each other. So we have decided to marry each other. Do you approve of it?”

“Mom, I am so happy for both of you. You don’t have to seek my approval. I will be so lucky to have Avinash uncle as my stepfather,” replies Ritika ecstatically, while hugging her tightly.

Avinash informs his parents about the decision to seek their approval. They happily agree to it as they know Roselyn well. After six months, their marriage is formally solemnized with all fanfare.  


© Copyright 2020 Dr. Pran Rangan. All rights reserved.

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