Finding a Sense of Home

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Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Ruth sits alone in a room the color of the daffodils out by the back porch. She is thinking that this room must have been cheery before it became tired and lonely. Ruth contemplates the inheritance of this house, this property, from an uncle that she does not even remember having. How can you not remember an uncle that thought enough about you to put you in his will? Along with this sad and lonely house she had inherited a ramshackle barn with a sad cow and one ornery goat, a chicken coop full of chickens and 32 acres of overgrown farmland in a forgotten area of Sheffield Vermont. Ruth cannot remember ever visiting here as a child but then again she cannot remember ever visiting anywhere.

Ruth had grown up an only child of a bipolar mother and an absent father in Brattleboro Vermont. She and her mother had lived in two rooms over a seedy bar, which her mother had waitressed in until she took one too many of her “happy” pills. Now her mother resides at Brattleboro Retreat where she refuses to acknowledge her illness or her having a daughter. Ruth is okay with this since she never really felt like she had a mother. Ruth had been fending for herself since she was around 8 years old and today, her birthday marks her as 32.

With a heavy sigh she gets up and goes into the front room to try to shake the melancholy that has come over her today. In this room there is quite a bit of furniture covered with old sheets and blankets with a cap of dust an inch thick. Out of curiosity she begins pulling the dirty linens away from the treasures that she hopes she will find beneath them. Sadly no treasures are found, just old furniture from a woe begotten time. Ruth decides that with a little care perhaps they could come to life again and be useful to her at the beginning of this new venture that she feels she must give a go at.

Ruth thinks  that perhaps this new start in a new place might be just what she has needed so with a thought to getting things in order she goes from room to room to see what she can use and what she should look to get rid of. In the hall where the staircase goes up to a darkened floor above hangs a very large mirror coated with what looks to be a decade of cob webs. This odd shaped large mirror seems out of place in this old traditional style house and this old traditional and unremarkable farm setting. As Ruth gets closer to the mirror she has this odd feeling that she has surely seen this before, but how could she have? She gets this odd feeling of floating as a child with this very mirror in the same room with her. A sensation comes over her as she stands in the hall approaching closer to the mirror.  Feeling a sense of going home Ruth falls to the floor there in the hallway and all conscious thought leaves her as she travels home in the dark.

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