Time Flies

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Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



In a tale not unlike so many others a child was born, in fact there is quite a lot of children born worldwide every day. So the author figured it was a pretty lame but easy and relatable beginning to show some life resembling content.

There is some blanks that will not be filled in so that your mind can create a tale or even write a fan-fiction to your own desire, being the empowering dramatic value of
the less is more style.

So … This child was born and grew up to befit a gender for a stereotypical alluring character of your liking. It is of course a very charismatic person now, hence it just grew up with the whiff of the authors hand, bedazzling isn’t it?

The age of the now person however does
not fit the considered prime time age, because the author decided to try something new. Let’s say the person is 55, past the midlife crisis but age hasn’t fully set on the skin to make the person entirely unappealing as anything but a comfortable or perhaps annoying side character, if author should decide to bestow a large amount of power upon the person to re-raise the general appeal.

the image you just created in your head about the person is likely completely in ruins, as you went beyond imagining just a gender. You are welcome. And since you are likely now thinking to make the person into a royalty like character you can just try not to get your hopes up.

It is a 55 year old royalty in the gender of your liking. You are even more welcome.
And since you are likely now thinking and trying not to set expectations any further, we are taking the person back into their prime time years of the age of 23 for this story, both the numbers have an appealing affect on most people, as well as the number 5, hence the age 55. Not to forget that 2+3 = 5 making it just a little more appealing.

There will be no zero’s in this tale, to most that is very little attractive unless they are describing a dollar bill and even then they would love to switch all the zero’s with a 9 ~ guess why? You are right and this is why 55 is not as good as 23. And in “addition” to the story, going against not many baselines there will be 2 companions making our now already very interesting person the 3rd, all beginning at the age of 23.

There will be only a vague description of each of the companions in this story, with two polar personalities that combined will be somewhat equal and/or contrary to our hero. So that many more can enjoy seeing themselves in this story.

But enough of that ~ let us begin.

At the age of 57… Simply because the author was intrigued about a documentary about H.J. Heinz, better known as the ketchup guy, and the story behind his decision for the brand number.

At the age of 57 the royal person of the gender to your liking fell into a deep thought. (it should also be noted that 12 and 7 is very appealing numbers too, you should by now know the math of that to spare the author of being over explanatory which is said to misdirect readers) Bringing said person back to a time of one or the other numbered ages with additions and subtractions. That could as well make it into the current hour reflected.

You have now stopped giving a shit about the characters age and everything else about the person, simply just annoyed you didn’t get your personal story.

You are very welcome ~ Now scroll down to the actual beginning.







Once upon a time in a land where time was but a myth and everything stood still, laid a kingdom untouched. Untouched by what you may wonder, untouched by time I shall add. In which no role was to be fit, and no shoes invented for anyone to wear down it’s sole. And here would lay a child. It had never even cried it’s first cry. In which it would lay forever in peace until the beginning of time. Which to your slightly skeptical ass, luckily is today. A cry roared across the mountains and every other sound came after, a perpetrator had entered the kingdom.


Laying in the untouched ground the child grew fast and strong, and found itself on the elevated ground claiming the earth. And with only the whiff of a hand gone by, the child now had ran out of time. By the time the perpetrator reached the elevated ground it saw but ancient remains telling that there once was a past. And although it never knew good from bad the perpetrator began to spin a tale of the life it must have led, as life don’t just appear on it’s own. So it was brought back to life within the imagination of Death, who wanders alone telling stories of what once was to bring it back to life in a new light better befitting the interpreted time.


Death wept as the tale was saddening. All which things that was, had now gone. Many many years ago, in the land of maybe. A baby was born to wear a grown. As it seemed to have had it all, in the end… there was nothing at all. And while Death wept for a maybe, an echo almost like a child's cry escaped the distant mountains. Longing for another tale to soothe the maybe, Death went looking for the relief and hope that comes when an infant cries for the first time.

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