The Tragedy of Alexander and Aaren

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This the first chapter of my book and I hope that y'all like it

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Chapter 1

On the Northern Coast of Scotland in Edinburgh, overlooking the North Sea lies a Castle that not many people may or may not know about called St. Andrews. In the Courtyard lies the graves of Alexander Cunningham (19) and Aaren Montgomery (16). Now you are probably wondering if these boys are young as both of their ages say; then what could have happened to “cause” both of their Deaths at such a young age.

Well then sit back and relax my dear reader, and I will tell you how it all began and ended for Alexander and Aaren. This is a Tale of True Love and Tragedy that rip apart two Feuding families and as such would bring a nation to its knees. My Name Is Sariah Montgomery and I’m the one who would be telling you such a story.

You may be wondering if this really did happen or was is it made up or faked to fool you into believing such a tale truly existed or not? But as I sit here today an Old Lady, the only one of my family who still remembers what took place all those years ago, I tell you now as I live and Breathe that the story I’m about to tell you really and truly did happen. I mean where did you think Young William had gotten the idea for his story, Romeo & Juliet.

I remember it like was yesterday, Uncle Christopher had received word that his son Aaren was dead and that he was find in the arms of the Eldest son of Nathan Cunningham who was the enemy of our clan. Both boys had committed suicide to escape the pressure of their families and to be with the one they love.  Has hard as it was for Uncle Christopher to see and acknowledge that his second son was gay and was with a man who was twice his age, the evidence was right there looking him in the face; and  I have never seen my Uncle loose his cool like that before in all my life.

You see Aaren was the youngest son of my Uncle Christopher and his wife Victoria Montgomery, Aaren was a hard birth his poor mother that when he was born, he was hidden away so that no one would of the baby until his sixteenth birthday. And for a good reason too because is discovered that Aaren was born a hermaphrodite that if word had gotten out about Aaren that it could very well cause an uproar.

And it was decided that for the most part his life that Aaren would remain hidden away for his and the family’s safety, so it came as quit the shock that when Uncle Christopher and Aunt Victoria was given word that their son was found dead in the arms of the Eldest Son of Nathan Cunningham how was it that this two boys have come to know each other and had managed to find love with the enemy of their families.

Immediately falling their deaths, accusations had started to fall; if they thought that peace would come to our valley and that reconciliation would soon follow, than everyone was sadly mistaken because as soon as it was announce that Alexander and Aaren was pronounce dead  and found within the arms of their families enemy; that both Cunningham’s and Montgomery’s was seen in the King’s Court blaming each other for the deaths of their sons.

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