love dosent know distance

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I just hit a thousand reads thank you all so much so for this landmark I'm doing something a little different than my previous poems. This is a poem dedicated to my girlfriend who right now where in a long distance relationship trying to work together to get here and her kid here.
yet another poem for you to enjoy. Thank you so much for reading this.I love you so much babe.

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



When she comes a cross my mind a million thoughts take place; How careing she is, how she caught my eye from the first time we met, how her wild smile has always brightened my day, how her and I just click and understand each other, how beautiful she is How determined she is. how much I love her and most of all How much I miss her. As we walk our seprate paths in life right now we work to bring them together and love is there. Even though we across the country from each other love is there and even on the worst of days that love is enought to cheer me up and make my day just a bit better. Even though things arent so great at the moment we never give up fighting to be together and love is still there. Love is always there cuz love dosent know distance. As I look to the future and try to figure out what I want in life there's only one thing I know for sure. Whereever I go whatever I do I want her to be right beside me. So hopefully will come together soon and things work out well but till then I know love is there. Cuz love dose not know distance.

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