Jaime's Special Day

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Another school assignment. The prompt was to hide something and hint at it with foreshadowing and reveal it at the end. Can anyone get it?

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



“C’mon Chocolate Bear” Jaime is marching across his room, “Do you think I should bring Vanilla Cat too?”

“I don’t think your parents would be very happy if you bring too many friends” his teddy bear replies.

“But today’s supposed to be my special day!” Jaime had heard his parents talk about how important today would be for their future. Jaime looks around his room. The bright red wallpaper, drawings of various cartoon characters and his stuffed animals, and a bookshelf cover his walls. On his bed with lies Vanilla Cat as well as Chestnut Dog and Butterscotch Bear. Chocolate Bear has always been Jaime’s favourite though.

“You about ready to go?” Jaime’s dad comes in the room and picks up Chocolate Bear. The black bear almost matches the colour of his suit. “You know what, let’s bring everyone today.”

Jaime’s mouth stretches to the ceiling. “Oh boy can we!? Thanks Dad! Told you Chocolate Bear!”

“I suppose today is all about you after all,” Chocolate Bear replies.

Jaime follows his dad out of the room. “Goodbye room!” he waves as his dad closes the door. Jaime follows his dad down the stairs and sees his mom standing by the door. “Mom we get to bring everyone today!” he shouts as she looks up.

“Ah yes, everyone should be there today.” His mother’s black dress contrasted against the white of the front door. “Well we should get a move on then.” and with that she opens the door and the family files out, Jaime’s dad locks the door, and into the red Toyota Corolla sitting in their drive they go. Jaime’s dad opens the back passenger side door and Jaime crawls in to the driver’s side and buckles his seat belt while his dad lines everyone up on the passenger side and buckles them up.

“Want me to drive?” He asks Jaime’s mom.

“No, I think I’m fine. Thanks though.” The parents enter the car and back out of the drive onto the road.

In the backseat Jaime is making small conversation in whispers to his toys “There’s no need to be nervous.” Chestnut Dog tells Jaime, “We’re all here for you.”

“Yeah! If you get scared just squeeze my paw!” Vanilla Cat says.

“Are we there yet?” Butterscotch Bear asks.

“If my dad hears that he’d tell some story of the long road trips he took as a kid so keep it down.” Jaime says, holding a finger to Butterscotch Bear’s mouth. His parents are silent for the entire trip.

After about ten minutes the car pulls into the church’s parking lot and the family piles out. They each get front row seats with Jaime’s dad sitting at the end of the row, then his mom, then Chocolate Bear, Butterscotch Bear, Vanilla Kitty, Chestnut Dog and finally Jaime to close the row. When 11 O’Clock hits Jaime’s dad walks to the front of the room.

“Goodbye everyone” Jaime says to his toys.

“Goodbye Jaime!” They all reply.

Jaime’s dad walks up to Jaime’s casket “Jaime. You were taken from us far too early. All I hope is wherever you are now you’re happy.”

“I am dad.”

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