kevin goes 2 lunch

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kevin Goes 2 lunch

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Kevin has been out since 11...out in the sense that the spreadsheet he has been assigned has been deemed as "beneath him" and therefore has decided that as "time is precious" has instead, gotten out 3 Red Warwick 2B8s and laid them on his desk to give the "illusion" of hard work.

Kevin can hear an older white man figure in his head. "These millennials are so lazy. They procrastinate and do absolutely anything to avoid work". In this case, the figure is correct. Kevin is indeed a millennial and Kevin, is indeed lazy. But Kevin has also identified himself as an artist, therefore Kevin is...

...Kevin is rambling; responsibilities are laid out and...his ego has gotten in the way of completing whatever this is. Kevin can hear the grotesque (hes slightly impressed by using "grotesque"in a sentence) voice of a pale white woman with bangs, oversized specs and wearing pastel, calling his writing cliché and nothing new. Even worse is that Kevin knows this, but needs to ramble to let his mind run its route. He has visions of giving interviews regarding his "creative process". The image of the same woman whom castrates him, now giving his writing "BEST NEW MUSIC" and singing his praise. Kevin knows that to appease this image is wrong, but the acknowledgement of the pastel woman will bring him the validation that gives his life some sort of meaning that somehow warrants the sad reality that in 24 years...he has done jackshit with his life.

Kevin knows that there is a story in here somewhere...But time ticks and he is now too "cbf" to finish whatever this is. Kevin goes out to lunch @ 12. Kevin needs to find a way to stay out.

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