Unwanted Child Turned Into A Criminal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a narrative way of presenting a story to present of how a criminal is made.

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Force your daughter like a dependent person. Pay enough people in a state in the country where only money talks specially the board  where she is trying to write her exam through. So your daughter for sure will never pass the exam ever. Then make her feel she needs to move on and make her fill a fafsa form for a education loan thinking she will use it, and then tell her that she will not use it ever, because she does not need to further her education. And the other family where she was living was harassed her and made her get out of that home let them use the money which she had applied loan for thinking she will further her education soon but refuse her from going into that plan.

 Make her use all the ipads and computers to help other make purchases and upload their certificates, and then soon they will question her that how come she is using this many names and uploading and purchasing things on different names. Keep letting the people harass her where ever places, she is moved around different houses like a maid servant, so when time comes, all together will claim she is the maid servant for this many houses and nothing else. Who will hear the voice of  a women in person who was cheated by a joint family effort. Nobody.

Other in her family being aware of the CCTV in india they make a fool out of her by making issues in front of the cameras and make the certain child do things in front of the CCTV. These CCTV’s are everywhere, at traffic lights, at other places within the mall. Soon get her married to a person who is paid to create more problems in her life. This paid person in return will probably married to two people, he is a con artist, he is living two lives. And the girl who married him will not be able to prove anything because they together as a community will have the same story to say.

Meanwhile he will pay people at the small jobs he will force her to do. And see that again with the help of CCTV’s she will be captured in such ways to prove she is instable and mentally ill, while actually its something what at that moment is happening there is a whole different story, but they will use the footage against you. Then the husband will harass her even more and more, make the community people and the church people in the neighbourhood also involved to say the same thing.

Then this man who married her, will take loans on his own name and also her name, then she is soon asked to apply for citizenship, he changes her middle name to his first name and then his last name as her last name. Then keep telling others who are paid in the community to say opposite stories when the time is rt. They will all do exactly as asked. Since the community stands together when necessary to trap a women. Now even the application form of the child filled out in the school had only one name on it. He will speed at many places within the country and will make the very name he has made her middle name as the identity she has, so basically all those speeding tickets will also belong to her. And that is his first and last name. Sooner or later all this will be used against her and she will not have any means to prove that she is innocent. She tries to vote as a citizen and she is made to vote as a provisional ballot person the first time she went to vote. No matter how she will try to prove that she has a husband or familly, It will be impossible to do so, because everytime sat in such ways where only she can be seen and no one else.

This scam is endless. It will all open up and she will be stranded with her kids helplessly. Her own siblings will deny that she is their sister, and instead they will say she was a maid servant who abused and did things to the children so she will be in trouble forever. This same husbands mother says that she was there when this girl was born. She honestly knows who you really are. This so called husband will buy cars on his name, but now since her name is the same, it will show that she owns those cars, and makes a another boy cosign for the car.  They use her everywhere possible to use his cards and he as a husband will never be around when these transactions are taking place, they see her that one thing is told to her and another is being cooked up as a whole different story, just to defame her and make her a culprit in many scams and transactions she is unaware of.

They will bring her to india back where her so called parents are and will make her apply for her OCI, they will delay the process more and more and will make her daughters birth certificate be misplaced. And they ask her to get a fake one attested as the original, so soon she will be told she is a women who used a fake id to claim her own daughter as hers. This world is well belonging to those who are scammers and con artists and to no one else. Such con artists are in prison, within the community, within the so called churches, who will use you in everyway possible for their personal benefits.  Others who are unaware will be the criminals sooner or later. They will probably use anything else sooner or later to humiliate her. The fastest recipe to make a criminal sooner than possible. Such created messes and schemes have always been tried and tested by these community people. They have done the same in Kuwait, in Mumbai, in delhi, and other parts of United States. Again this is just a story or is it a tragedy many unlucky ones actually go through. So next time when you see a criminal, know that a lot of effort, money and other skills of con artist have been used to get that specific person into such a huge mess.



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