Refreshing Rain

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May these days will back the longest days in the history ever born to welcome the greatest gifts. Let us seek this peace for all here. :)

Submitted: June 13, 2019

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Submitted: June 13, 2019



Mysteries angels waited to sit down in this rain,

Sometimes Sun just crosses a voyage in time,

How long Jesus humbled in God’s way unanswered,

I cannot cross this unquestioned imaging as a message,

God’s stay here tonight return lived once a life again,

If I could count the shore where I wake up once more,

They say time talked a return how God works,

When I wonder in your secret call,

Caught in half a moment I see every star on your homely freedom;

My saviour, don’t you want to say a denial?

My soul sings the way of life Jesus elevated,

I don’t deny this climate,

Yet I break the wall I didn’t care to dream,

How great the distance may play behind this drawing back fears?

Gone away undone our mask never untouchable,

But my inspirational mystery watching over us far above,

Some precautionary streets time made us to unite,

A dream understands slowly darkness owe what we listen within,

And I believe time made us to unite beyond this distance,

Where am I going to chain this claim in time again?

This shelter near heaven’s door,

When troubles come and I fight causing no answer to vanish,

Only a billion stars witnessed how we raised up,

Now the catchments of rivers and its plains makes this song,

Our history of misconducts near the sunset remains as a heavy price,

Like the great love God makes us understand what remains as his work,

Came to forgive for all of us as Jesus the world has never seen,

But living through each one of us as a trust that never wrinkles,

Never say goodbye to this magic we must accomplish today so lost in our past,

What we never said is a dream in making?

Do we matter what Jesus lived for and needs us seeking in all expectations?

Here in this season of donations let us be reborn,

Loving the living Earth to find this discourse where the place will say to us,

This no one man’s river I cannot be what I am not,

No matter what we deny still brings us hope,

When you walk through this history once again,

Don’t be afraid as our story says to us,

We only started living when we sought to live in peace,

Never our longest struggles picture a memory that we will do,

Our family starts one at a time to praise a kiss in no single voice knows,

In the wind and rain let this mask of play give you a little bit of luck,

Thanking heavens on the streets where you lived for,

Someday you will wake up,

And some favourite things for this importance,

May resolve disagreements and reflect in you,

There must be the great love for the sky to our far away dream,

And why the sky never sinks in peace,

For you could praise why hope hopped in a future deep in my heart,

You have the answer for everything I can ever say no more has a dream,

Let us make this moment come true,

And the reality may cry out of this art your earth owns in this heart,

If you know how long Jesus made this day so wanted,

May this care belong where your home owns to be,

Let all the way ask you there is a street far less travelled in time,

May you know more than the light knew shadow of time,

If you ask how happy you were born from the story that owns the great love,

As I reached this mountainous way hug my heart,

Let us fulfil this prayer I hope,

You will be the way what every angel listens to lead,

Who may not ignore what we collect here,

Let us crown these blessings all the way ahead.

© Copyright 2019 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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