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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two

Submitted: June 13, 2019

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Submitted: June 13, 2019



Ryan Diesel pulled his black Cadillac to a stop in the parking lot that was filled with a variety of vehicles. Sarah Bell couldn't make out what each model vehicle they were, but she distinctly remembered seeing a bright red Corvette among them. She wanted to know who owned that.

"Alright ladies, time to get out. We have drinks to order and men to please," Ryan said ushering the two girls out of his car. He looked good enough to eat, Sarah knew. If no one took his ass home that night she might've done it for them. Of course, she was joking. Ryan would only go straight for Rebecca and everyone knew it.

Sarah and Rebecca got out of the vehicle and looked at the entrance to the cub. There were people dancing at the entrance with drinks in their hands, and Sarah didn't want to start guessing what kind they were. She beckoned Ryan out of the car and locked arms with Rebecca who was giddy as ever.

Ryan got out and locked his car up. He handed his keys to Rebecca who put it in her purse just like their phones. Everyone trusted Rebecca more than either one of them because she wouldn't misplace anything or let a guy rob her. She could be a bad ass when need be.

The three of them, Sarah and Rebecca still locked with each other, headed to the entrance of The Velvet Room. It was a large building with glass walls. The intricate pulsating lights were ecstasy before they ever made it into the club. It entranced everyone around it and cause people to dance.

Sarah walked up to the host who was dancing along with everyone at the entrance. She decided that they were all just going to go in and ignore the drunken idiots dancing outside and not inside. 

The three of them walked past the host and headed toward the bar. The man running the bar was being threatened by one of the guests at the club, and if Sarah hadn't overheard the conversation she wouldn't have intervened. But she did. So she had to.

"What kind of idiot mixes up a marijuana shot with a tequila rose? Do you know who I am? I could just make you disappear as if you never existed," the man said throwing the drink at the bartender. The pink cotton candy liquid spilled over the bartender's face, and all he was allowed to do was smile and accept that he'd done wrong.

"Yes, sir. I'll get you a marijuana shot right away," the bartender said turning around to start making the man's shot.

Sarah sat next to the man who'd been threatening the bartender and looked at him. He looked oddly familiar, but she couldn't figure out how. His eyes were the color of Rebecca's dress, same went for his hair. He was tall, his stature way about six feet making Sarah feel like a dwarf next to him. He was the color of porcelain which somehow made shivers run down her spine. He was good looking, but not her type. He was dark and mysterious. She didn't want to have to figure out who he was anyway. Just put him in his place.

"Need something, sweetheart?" the man asked in a deep voice. It was an annoyed tone, not at all like the way he'd been talking only moments before. He looked at her and smirked. "I'm Antoine, and you are?"

"Not interested." Sarah looked at the bartender who was handing the shot to the man. "Can I get a Frostbite," she asked the bartender. He quickly nodded, not wanting to be yelled at by the man again.

"I like a girl who can handle her drink," Antoine said eyeing her up and down. Sarah rolled her eyes. He had to be at least three years older than her, and he most definitely was not in school anymore. He just needed to leave her alone.

"Hey girl, what you getting?" Rebecca said coming to sit on Sarah's left. She eyed the menu for a moment before telling the bartender to just make three shots of Captain Morgan Rum. She waited for Sarah to answer and noticed the man sitting next to her.

"Frostbite, maybe it'll get rid of Antoine here," Sarah said with a smirk at her best friend. Rebecca smiled at her friend's insult and sighed.

"Ryan went dancing with those guys over there and now I'm all alone. We need to go dance or something once we get some alcohol in you." Rebecca leaned in to whisper in Sarah's ear. "They didn't ask for your ID?"

Sarah smiled and shook her head as the bartender handed her her Frostbite. She leaned in to her best friend's ear. "Maybe I should tell that guy my age so he'll leave."

Rebecca switched positions with Sarah. "No, maybe he'll buy us drinks. I love free drinks."

Sarah laughed and nodded. They pulled away from each other, and Sarah looked at Antoine who was just staring at them in bewilderment. She held out her hand for the man. "I'm Sarah, this is my best friend Rebecca."

Antoine lit up at the mention of their names. He nodded his head and shook Sarah's hand. "Nice to meet you, Sarah. May I ask your last name? It's just that you look so familiar," he asked.

Sarah sighed and shrugged. "I supposed so. I'm Sarah Bell," she said with ease. She inwardly cringed, waiting for the laughter from how 'redneck' it sounded. No one passed up the chance to insult her by making comments in offensive southern accents and making mooing noises.

Antoine had a look of surprise cross his features for only a moment before he masked them with a smile that was as fake as the earrings Sarah had in her ears. He knew who she was, and she didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. "Nice to meet you, Sarah Bell."

"Nice to meet you too, Antoine?" she let the question linger for a moment before taking a sip out of the drink the bartender had given her.

"Antoine Petrov," he said with a small smile. "My family is from Russia."

Sarah nodded her head and saw the bartender hand Rebecca her three shots. She glanced on the dance floor where Ryan was grinding on another man who looked way too old for him. "He's not going to be drinking that any time soon, Becca." 

Rebecca shrugged and gave Sarah a shot. She slid another shot to Antoine who was sipping on a different drink Sarah didn't realize he'd had. He looked confused at the shot and up at the two girls. "You bought me a drink? Aren't I supposed to be the one doing that?"

Sarah picked up her shot glass and watched as the other two did the same. "To forgetting about your worries," she announced.

"Amen, sister," Rebecca said.

The three of them downed their shots at the same time. The burning sensation calm Sarah's mind a small bit about how Antoine could've known her. She didn't want to worry about that. She only wanted to have fun with her friends.

Sarah looked at Ryan again. He looked like he was having enough fun for the three of them. She turned back around and ordered another round of shots from the bartender. If she was going to dance, she needed to be drunk to do it. There was no way she was going to do it otherwise in the dress she was in.

"So who are your parents, Sarah Bell?" Antoine asked sipping on his dark colored drink. He was eyeing her with a peculiar look of interest that made Sarah uncomfortable.

"Oh they're dead. Becca's dad took care of me," Sarah told him. She sipped on her drink as the bartender handed them more shots. The three of them quickly took them, and Sarah was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol a little bit.

"I'm sorry to hear that. That must've been hard for you," Antoine said in a calming voice. He didn't even know her and yet he sounded like he was actually apologizing for what had happened to her parents. She didn't get it.

Sarah didn't have time to wrap her head around it before they downed another round of shots, and Rebecca was pulling her on to the dance floor. The beat was electric and alluring, but Sarah wanted to talk to Antoine more. Naturally, Rebecca didn't let her leave the dance floor. They had gone there to have fun, and Rebecca was going to make sure they all did.

Sarah danced with her best friend their bodies moving in sync with each other. Blissful ignorance was ecstasy when they didn't realize what it was. Their bodies moved to the rhythm and they laughed at Ryan's poor excuse for dance moves. It was just like the movies, Sarah realized. The way people felt when they were having fun. Euphoria was a real thing, and Sarah was loving every minute of it.

A hand touched her on the shoulder, and Sarah turned to see Antoine looking absolutely perfect besides the fact that she remembered he had been a total dick to the bartender earlier that evening. She wondered now why she hadn't said anything to him about it. Could she have forgotten? No. She wouldn't have forgotten something like that. But even looking at him now she couldn't bring herself to confront him. It was just the intimidating vibe he gave off, Sarah assumed. It had to be.

"Care to dance?" he asked, his palm outstretched toward her. She shook her head and continued to dance with her best friend. She didn't trust Antoine in the slightest, and she didn't want anything to happen that she might regret later.

Sarah sweaty and completely enjoying herself laughed at Ryan who was now trying to do a handstand in the middle of the club. He failed miserably, but Sarah had to give him props. He had tried. Even as buzzed as Sarah was, she wouldn't try that. Especially in the outfit she'd picked for the night.

"Sarah!" a voice said from seemingly everywhere around Sarah. She moved her head side to side full of panic and completely aware of her surroundings now. She couldn't see anyone, not even Antoine who'd mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Sarah tried to continue to dance with Rebecca and Ryan, but it wasn't the same. Her buzz was now gone, and she wanted to find the person who'd called her name. She heard the familiarity of their voice, and she somehow recognized it. She didn't remember the voice though. She couldn't place a face or name to the voice. She broke free of her group in search of the person who'd yelled her name hoping to find them.

"Sarah!" Sarah swung her head to the left of her near the bar. A silhouette of a woman stood in the doorway by the bathrooms in the far left corner of the club. No one else seemed to hear her calling for Sarah, but she could. It intrigued her. And scared her.

Sarah started walking fast toward the bathrooms of the club. It didn't take long to get there, a few drinks spilled and a couple of people glaring at her, she was there in a matter of seconds. The woman was still there, but she wasn't a black outline anymore. She was there. In front of her. And Sarah recognized her.

"Georgia! What the hell are you doing here?" Sarah fumed. She really didn't like her buzz being interrupted by the likes of the queen bee. She wanted this day to end and just curl up in a ball at her house. Why couldn't Georgia leave her alone for one day?

Georgia didn't look good. Her makeup was running, and her all too perfect outfit had been torn to shreds. Whatever had done that to Georgia had had one hell of a day, Sarah knew. Georgia was one of the most hated girls in school, and she didn't have any shortage of enemies. "You can see me?" Georgia asked, exasperated. She looked happy to see Sarah which was sick. She shouldn't have been happy to see her in the slightest.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Yes, I can see you. What the hell are you doing here, calling my name like that and all around aggravating the hell out of me?" Sarah asked, boiling with anger at the sack on this girl.

Georgia started crying, and suddenly Sarah started to feel bad. Obviously Georgia had been through an ordeal, and Sarah was making it worse by being a straight up bitch about everything. Not like the bitch didn't deserve it though. 

"I'm sorry, Georgia. What happened to you? Maybe we can get you some help or-"

"I'm dead, Sarah. No one can help me," Georgia said between sobs and cutting Sarah off completely.

Sarah opened her mouth, then snapped it shut. She'd just seen Georgia a few hours before, how could she be dead? Sarah had a feeling she was being punked like in freshman year of high school where they used sound effects to sound like Sarah's mother in the school bathroom. She was forever known as 'ghost girl'.

"There was this guy, he-he-he-"

"Just spit it out, Georgia," Sarah snapped.

"He said he had a message for you," Georgia said at last. She looked pale and shaken, her clothes starting to turn scarlet under the dimly lit bathroom lights.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Look, Georgia I'm tired of playing these games with you. Ha ha very funny. I'm the ghost girl," she said giving Georgia a glare.

Georgia sighed, letting a small sob escape her lips. "I need you to believe me, Sarah! I'm dead and you're the only one who can see me! You should at least listen." Her tone was clipped. Great, now Georgia was mad. Just great.

Sarah threw her hands in the air. "Fine, whatever. If I get taunted at school for this I'm coming kill you myself."

Georgia smiled at that comment. "Can't kill someone who's already dead." Sarah motioned for her to continue. Georgia nodded her head vigorously. "Right. The message. He said his name was Daniel or something like that. He said you were in grave danger and needed to get yourself and Rebecca away from a man named Antoine?"

Sarah shook her head in total disgust. "You use my dead father's name to try to get me away from a kind of good-looking guy? Low blow Georgia. Low blow. I'm leaving now."

Georgia cried out and tried to grab ahold to Sarah as she turned, but they both saw it. Georgia's hand went right through Sarah. They both jumped away from each other. Sarah's shocked expression was enough to confirm what they had both seen. Georgia was dead.

"What the hell?" a voice said from behind Sarah. It was Rebecca who was looking directly at Georgia with a look that could kill. No pun intended.

"You can see me?" Georgia asked Rebecca who was still staring at her.

Rebecca turned to look at Sarah. "Can you believe they can't even make a bathroom for women or men. Both! Of course both!" Rebecca raged as she stomped into the bathroom going through Georgia in the process.

Georgia whimpered at what had just happened. "She can't see me. No one can see me except you."

"I know," Sarah said with dismay. "I need to know exactly what my father said."

"Okay, he said, 'Find Sarah Bell and tell her to stay away from Antoine. He's not who he says he is, and he will hurt her. He's dangerous'." Georgia looked happy enough that she was able to remember her father's exact words, but Sarah was confused. She'd only just met Antoine. She didn't even trust him around her, let alone doing anything else. She'd definitely stay away.

"Thank you, Georgia." She suddenly remembered something else. "I need to ask one more thing."

Georgia nodded her head solemnly. "I was in a car accident only a few minutes ago. If you could get paramedics to main street I'm sure you could save my friends who were in the car with me."

Sarah nodded and dialed the emergency number. They answered on the first ring. She told them that there was an accident on main street, and they needed to get there immediately. She clicked her phone off and turned back to where Georgia had been. She was no longer there.

Rebecca staggered out of the bathroom and smiled at Sarah. "Hey there girl! You need to come dance with Ryan, Antoine, and me. We've been waiting for you to come back from your bathroom break." She looked around as if to see someone. "Were you talking to someone?"

Sarah shook her head and smiled at her best friend. "No, just talking to myself. I had to make a call. What time were you thinking about leaving Becca?" she asked silently hoping it was soon. If her father didn't want her near Antoine it was best if they left as soon as possible.

"Not right now. Come on, let's go!" Rebecca said grabbing Sarah's hand and dragging her back toward where Ryan and Antoine were dancing with a group of people. Sarah could see how happy Ryan was just being there, same for Rebecca. She couldn't just ruin their night and say she wants to go home just because of what Georgia had told her.

They made their way back to their little group, and Sarah not wanting to break their party up left them to go to the bar. The same bartender was still there, his face not showing any emotion as he made his rounds to each person. When he got to her she ordered another shot and waited for him to hand it to her.

Sarah felt a presence next to her, and when she looked over she saw Antoine sitting there looking at her with caring eyes. He had to have been wondering why she wasn't on the dance floor anymore with the others.

Sarah eyed him for a moment and leaned back in her stool. "How do you know me?" she confronted him.

Antoine only smirked in response. She didn't have time to continue before the bartender handed her her shot. When Sarah looked back at the bar stool where Antoine had just been, she realized he was gone. How come everyone kept doing that to her? She hated that.

Sarah noticed that Antoine had left something behind before he'd gone. It was a necklace that looked vaguely familiar. A silver chain with a large ruby in the middle. Sarah eyed it for a second before picking it up and inspecting it.

She started to remember why it was familiar, her heart clenching at the thought.

"Would you like me to put it on you?" her father asked. Sarah nodded and turned around so he could put it around her neck. Once it was fastened Sarah looked down at the ruby. She was entranced by the glow it gave off when it was around her neck. Unfortunately, the moment was short lived because as soon as the glow had come, it was gone.

"Did you see that mommy? It glowed!" Sarah said with a bright smile. She had no idea what was about to happen to her parents.

Her mother looked stunned, and her father was smiling as proud as he could have ever looked. "I told you Lucy! I knew she was special," her father said causing Sarah to smile even more.

Sarah gasped at the memory. Not only because it had felt so real, but she had just found out something no one had in eight years. The name of her parent's killer.

Antoine Petrov.

  I promise you, Antoine, Sarah thought. I'm coming for you, and when I find you, I'm going to kill you.

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