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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



“Are we near the town yet?” muttered Ben as he lazily knocking the car window.

Jones, driving ahead, entered the town of Hollows Reek. The atmosphere cold and lifeless crawled Dra’s blood to the core. “Something doesn’t feel right about this place,” he thought. They leisurely drove through the empty town, the roads and sidewalks were carpeted with blood as decomposed bodies were left out for the vultures. Jones parked at the side of the road, reloading her pistol. She turned and faced Dra, handing him the gun.

“Do you know how to use one of these?” she asked

“No, I don’t.”

“Well you going to learn today,” she said placing the gun in Dra’s hand

They hoped out of the vehicle and roamed the town, checking for either survivors or supplies. Dra wandered the streets with the pistol tucked at the side of his pants. Jones, ducked into a bar, the place looked like it an earthquake had struck destroying everything in its part. She slid the rumble out of the way as she searched for anything of use, then she heard a slight groan coming from the backroom.
Waiting for the sound again, she heard the person called out to her once more. A male voice calling to her, but it seemed altered.

“H..Help me”

Jones approaching, she opened the door, there a narrow entranceway leads straight down into a basement. The light flicked as she descended the stairwell, the voice could be heard louder as she came closer. She stops, there in the middle of the floor was the body of a young man with his chest gapped open from something that was feed. She slightly kicked the man but no movement was indicated.
Searching around for the basement she heard the voice again, this time it came from behind the boiler. Jones felt a chill down her spine when her eye caught sight of a small creature, no smaller than that of a dwarf staring back at her. This monster seemed to freak Jones out more than any other undead she encountered. It glanced at her with its huge blotted eyes. The skin was smooth and hairless but had a very dim grey look to it whereas the body structure was slimy and goopy like that of a blowfish. Jones looked at the corpse and then at the creature. “Did that….Could that be the cause of the…. sound?” Jones thought to herself.
The blobby creature started to move towards her. She grabbed the rusty pipe that was near her feet and pointed it.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING MOVE.” she yelled

The monster, voiced out once again, this time in a female move.

“Help me.”

Jones stricken by this, tried to formulate what the fuck that thing just said. It sounds just like her, is it mimicking the voices of humans. The creature crawled towards her with speed, dashing out of the way; she swayed the pipe with force, bashing the monster into the wall. Running up the stairs, she slammed the door shut and bolted out of the bar.

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