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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

One woman owns the courage to embrace the journey. Her name? Few know it. From the dust of the Earth, from the depths of the heart, to the core of the soul and spirit, secrets must reveal and chains must shatter.

Note: This is NOT finished. Would greatly appreciate feedback for what is there.

Table of Contents


Her mission...deliver a package, unless interrupted by an unusual, extraordinary encounter.
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Insights may come from unexpected places and may not be what one anticipates.
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Fortisa's Idea

The chains may hold an unleashing secret.
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Fortisa made a choice...not looking good.
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Fortisa's desire for a warm meal and a place to rest for herself and William is something other than she expected.
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A woman is dying and an unknown illness shows signs of becoming a plague.
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New Bodies

Evidence of the spread of the plague Fortisa finds at a deserted campsite.
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What is Real Might Not be...Real

William's soft muzzle nudged against her shoulder.  Awakening, Fortisa giggled, pushing him away.  Michail’s eyes opened. ... Read Chapter


Something to eat besides gruel.
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A Matter of Honor

Treasure versus integrity, which holds the greater weight?
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