Love, Freedom & You

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HEADS UP!! This contains some explicit content, such as profanity and sex.

"Together, parliament have come to a unanimous vote that the borders will close for an undecided future. It is with the wellbeing and safety of all citizens in mind this decision has been made." - President Flynn, 2021

On the 4th of July 2022 the borders to what used to be The United States closed forever. All outbound travels were suspended and trade with most of the world ceased to exist.

That's how her world changed.

She was four when everything changed, old enough to remember her parents panic over the change, young enough to not remember most of it.

Cora lives in precinct 17. The country is divided into 20 precincts, based on average income and industrial resources. Precinct 17 is a coastal area previously known for its Tobacco industry. Now, there's not much to use in the area. It's a place of poverty, and like the majority of those who live there, Cora is poor.

Her only goal in life is to protect her brothers from having the same life she's had. The only way to do so is to do well in The Test. The one test you take when you turn 18, to decide your worth. Worth being; are you intelligent enough to be used for something productive? Or are you one of the millions deemed useless?

If she exceeds, she will be moved to somewhere new. Somewhere better. But it takes a lot, and Cora is determined to fight to make it.

That is, until she meets Mino, who has a mysterious accent and intrigues her unlike anyone ever has. The things she learn from Mino make her question everything she knows and wonder if the future she's always imagined is the one she wants.

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Submitted: June 13, 2019

On the 4th of July, the day The United States became what it was, it changed. Broadcast across the nation showed President Flynn (2020-) ... Read Chapter