I don't feel Motivated. - Somewhat good - Updated version.

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Submitted: June 14, 2019

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Submitted: June 14, 2019



I open the document I begin to write, but the problem is I can’t bear to type,

Demotivation strikes again, I’ll just cleanse my sins, I’ll just hope I can just write again.


They say I should exercise, but when I tried all that came up was all the bottled-up pain inside, I’ll go to sleep, I’ll wait until tomorrow to write is the excuse I used, tightening like the noose I want to use.


Maybe when it’s dark outside, when everyone’s asleep I’ll begin to write, being watched over by the pleasant night.


I couldn’t believe it was working, but I was tired: I needed to sleep, I’ll speak to myself very discreet


“Hey, maybe we should just lay down, perhaps think about this conflicting problem right now?”


“No of course not, You’re not right, the pain is just too tight, besides things are fine I won’t remember to type.”


Not only was I at war with Demotivation but it turns out Anxiety got an Invitation

 The burning in my chest hurts worst, and it turns out depression wanted to participate, Anxiety continues to create, then feels the need to discriminate.


I’ll build up a stance to defend myself against all this self-hate.  


While writing demotivation attacks, there’s nothing I can do about that. The fact is I can’t get him off my back, the pain of the act, the fact of the attack, I wish it could all end, I wish I could just win...



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