Raising the Crown

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Robert Helliger

With a twist or two in the classic Romeo & Juliet story, Luca Palladino is a young, intelligent prince who represents the forbidden love between famous musician and actor Vince Palladino and Princess Camila Juric, both of whom are from two entirely different neighboring cultures that have been at war with each other over land for many a century. In the wake of Camila’s death only ten years after their split, Vince learns not only how important Camila was in her culture, but he also learns of the ten-year-old son he never knew he had with her. Vince struggles with his Hollywood fame and already being a father of two younger boys while another child is on the way with his wife, Gloria. While he also deals with the loss of his first true love all over again, Vince learns of the fact that Prince Luca was secretly abused by his stepfather in more ways than one. Upon revelation of this devastating news, Vince decides to eventually give up his own personal fame in order to raise Luca into a kind, respectful young king that will break down the barriers of racism and hatred of two warring nations while bringing two beautiful cultures together in peace at last.

Table of Contents


Oh, my God! I can’t believe he’s chasing me! That son of a gun is actually chasing me down a highway at ninety miles an hou... Read Chapter

The Past Comes Calling With Some Royal Discoveries.

It was a hot summer night in the town of Malone, New York. I had just come off a bar stage after a very well enjoyed performance I put on... Read Chapter

A Princess's Final Words.

“The people of Xudia would riot, and the dukes would fight to step up for the crown. My bloodline has ruled Xudia since the fourteenth ... Read Chapter

A Boy's Joy and a Mother's Pain.

When I was finally alone at night with Luca, who now climbed into his bed, I sat down next to him with a relaxed sigh. This kid look... Read Chapter

An Interesting Turn of Events.

I was used to sleeping in strange places, but it was hard for me to sleep in this house. In fact, I got no sleep whatsoever. All I could ... Read Chapter

A New Day Dawning.

When the sun rose, Luca went upstairs to change, and I just got ready down here in the den, since there was a small bathroom already avai... Read Chapter

Just the Beginning.

Since we couldn't enter through Italy’s airspace, we had to go around it and stop in Warsaw, Poland, and Ljubljana, Slovenia, before we... Read Chapter

Welcome Home.

Once we landed, it was clear to see that there were no cars here in Moscjen. Most people either had bicycles or horse-drawn carriages in ... Read Chapter


“Have you lost your tongue?” the king asked in English. I hardly knew what to expect in this situation and didn't know how to speak t... Read Chapter

Truth Behind the Bitterness.

When the guards took me to the gardens, I saw the king already waiting for me, but this time he had a pipe in his left hand whi... Read Chapter

A New Truth.

When I left the foyer room and entered the main hallway, I noticed that Xir Charles and my quarter guard were both there, and Luca and hi... Read Chapter

To Be or Not to Be Legitimized.

When Luca and I reached the Children’s Hospital of Moscjen, I had immediately noticed it was four stories in height, but huge in length... Read Chapter

Anger, Comfort, and Exhaustion, but Who is Gino?

When I had retired to my quarters after dinner, I couldn't help but want to spend the rest of my night standing at one of the enormous wi... Read Chapter

Love at First Song.

“Hello? Can you hear me? Hello!” My eyes opened and when I looked up, I could see a raven-haired girl around my age in a bikini a... Read Chapter

A Cold, Hard, and Bitter Reality.

When I awoke from my dream I was immediately filled with a sorrow, which was deeper than I had previously felt before. I enjoyed the drea... Read Chapter

A Morning With Complexity.

When the morning came, I felt like I was hit by a truck. I had a hard time falling asleep after I turned to Gloria for comfort when I awo... Read Chapter

No Coming Back.

During our bathing session, Gloria gave me a quick rundown of how the funeral would go, and she warned me ahead of time that it woul... Read Chapter

Mourning the Death and Celebrating the Life of a Princess.

The funeral was beautiful. I couldn’t understand a single word of it, but Gloria stuck close to me, and translated everything to me as ... Read Chapter

Rheya and Abbo.

When we got back to the palace, the first thing I wanted to do was check in on Rheya, but only if she could have company. Along the carri... Read Chapter

Comfort and Suspicion with a Dark Secret.

Before we knew it, Luca and I were back on our plane to return stateside, and Gloria was on her way back to her parents and our other boy... Read Chapter

Lindy's Keeper.

CONTENT WARNING: This chapter is not for every reader. While content in this chapter release may be brief and vague in description of certain types of abuse, content in this chapter release
may still cause adverse/counterproductive mental reactions in individuals reading this, who may have previously or recently been exposed to and/or affected by child abuse and/or sexual assault,
suicide and/or suicide ideation, and/or self-harm. It is important to note the author will resume the story in the next chapter release as normal, so for individuals who may not want to read this
chapter, they may rest assured knowing they can skip this content without missing out on the story. Also, please ignore the weird formatting of this Author Note, as the site is giving issues with
proper display. Thank you for your patience.
Read Chapter

Last Flight Home.

Sometimes I really hated flying, especially on lengthy flights over 5 hours, because there was only so much fun one could have on a ... Read Chapter

On the Verge of Going Mad.

When we got back to the Camila’s parents’ house, Luca had grabbed a couple things, and while he did that, his guards were quick to ch... Read Chapter

Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

It was obvious to both of us that I was desperate for a drink. I knew that for as long as I was alive, I could never allow myself to even... Read Chapter

The Truth - Part One

When I had arrived at my parents’ house the next day Luca followed me to the front door, and with my house key, I unlocked the door. Wh... Read Chapter

Precious Moments with a New Twisted Truth.

I decided it was best to approach the heavy topic of my genetic origins later. I also planned to get to the bottom of the subject of Gino... Read Chapter

Double-Edged Sword.

When I followed my mother to her room, I saw she was already at one of her windows with her back to me. I knew this was her way of trying... Read Chapter

Gino and the Radicals.

When I headed back downstairs, I heard my father singing in the kitchen. It brought a smile to my face, because I loved his singing. He n... Read Chapter

The Other Sons.

Once dinner was over and everyone was full, I figured now was the best time to bring up Gino. “That pizza was delicious!” Luca co... Read Chapter

A Father's Unconditional Love.

My mother greeted us when we returned to the house. Kris was stoked to see her and he ran right up to her. I loved how he was always... Read Chapter

A Sense of Peace.

For a while there, Erik had his arms wrapped around me for comfort. I was glad to know he wasn’t angry with me anymore. It was rare to ... Read Chapter

A Message from Beyond the Grave.

We spent a good few hours at my parents’ house. Even José’s wife and kids joined us. When I saw how well everyone got along, I could... Read Chapter

Return to the Palace.

I should have guessed my wife would suggest the name of Rheya Camila Palladino for our little girl who’d be here soon, but still, I was... Read Chapter