Friendly Situation

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Chris stepped into the subway car and quickly found two seats side by side so he and his suitcase could share the space privately. He didn't need anyone getting to close, especially if they had found his apartment already. He looked around the car.
Two men closer to the front were talking quietly. A trio of teens halfway between were sitting silently enthralled by their hand held entertainment prisons. Behind him a couple sat with their hands entangled sharing a pair of earbuds. He sighed. The car was basically empty.
He looked down at the case with him. How had he been so careless? Eight years without incident and all of a sudden he had just broken two of the highest laws he was bound to: don't speak to them and don't acknowledge they're real. He'd done both within thirty seconds and now they'd be coming after him. He needed a place to think.
The case began fidgeting. Chris's eyes shot wide and he threw himself over the container. He knew that no one else could see it but the action gave his mind a bit of ease. Kidnapping an imaginary friend use to be easy. Guess times were changing.

Submitted: June 14, 2019

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