Damaged: The VAC Chronicles, Vol. 6

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Eva

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



"No, of course not, no one would have believed me which is why I kept my mouth shut. Not because I loved him, I didn’t. Not to protect him, he wouldn’t be worth the effort.” I came into the room having overheard enough.

“Not worth the effort? Are you delusional? That man loves you above all others! You’re all he ever thinks about. What more could you possibly want?” I shouldn’t be surprised how quickly she went in to defend a relationship that had nothing to do with her, but I was. She’s always been as enthralled of Brody as he is of me.

“That’s obsession, like you and Evan, not love. As far as what else I could want…? All I wanted was to get away from him and start a new life without bruises and fear. And I did until he followed me clear across the goddamned country for college! I’m guessing you had something to do with that?” I didn't give Asha-Lynne the chance to respond, not that she had anything we cared to hear. “He prob’bly used and manipulated you, he’s very good at it; otherwise you’d know I’m not clumsy. I dance, I rock climb and I’ve never dropped my flag while performing with the color guard.” I gave her a couple of seconds to mull over the examples I offered. “Think. Remember. If you ever cared enough to notice in the first place, the memories should be there.” I laid a hand on the crying Adriana’s shoulder letting her know her work was done and I was ready to fight my own battles. “You’re a good friend,” I told her what I hoped she already knew.

“I couldn’t take it anymore.” Adriana hiccupped.

At the same time, Asha-Lynne responded indignantly. “Is that your way of sayin’ I’m not?”

“When have you ever been my friend, Asha-Lynne? You never cared about me; all you ever wanted from me was my brother. You had him and you lost him, all on account of how you don’t deserve him!”

“I haven’t lost him.” Asha-Lynne denied, ignoring the whole bit about our farce of a friendship. “If all she said was true, then why didn’t you ever say anything to me?”

“The one time I confided in you he was doing something I didn’t want, you made a joke about oral sex and basically told me to get better at it and get over it. Verbatim, you said: ‘Suck it up, Ice Princess, give the man what he needs so you can keep his interest’.” I gave her time to remember the occasion. “Even if you had listened, my whispered confessions would have gone straight to my brother’s ear. I didn’t want him finding out, and if he did it had to come from me not you. In my own time.”

“This is bullshit.” Her words were there, but Asha-Lynne wasn’t looking so self-righteous anymore.

“Damnit Adriana, I’m going to have to lose my pants again, aren’t I?” I made no move to take them off but shook my head at the inevitable. “Did you know they pried twenty-eight pieces of cell phone, screen protector, case and gnome shards out of here?” I patted the area of my groin where the phoenix now covered my scars. “And yes, the ceramic gnome by the tree did get me, or rather, I landed on it. That hideous representation of Brody’s twisted sense of humor shattered under my body and he went out and replaced it while I was in surgery.”

“An’ just why would he do that?”

“To make me look crazy? To torture me further if I was ever stupid enough to go back to that tree again? I don’t know why he does any of the things he does, only that he did a lot to keep me scared and under his thumb.”

“How would you even know what he was doin’ while you were in surgery? Or how you landed for that matter? I heard you passed out during your lil’ flight.” I had to bite my tongue to keep from going off on her for the lil’ flight’ snarky-assed comment.

“For one, I wasn’t unconscious until directly after my arm snapped, when I was already on the ground. For another, my friends cared enough to look into the situation when they came to find out why I was taking so long to get back to them. For some crazy reason, I wasn’t responding to their texts…” My delivery was heavy with sarcasm. It felt cathartic to get all of this out with her. “So yeah, twenty-eight. Here, on the right side of my body where I fell and yet, Adriana, what side of my body was carrying the most bruises?”

“The left.” She supplied without hesitation before nodding sharply. She knew exactly where this was going.

“Thought so. Now, Asha-Lynne, what side of my body did I fall on?” I didn’t wait to see if she could be bothered to remember what I told her only seconds prior. “Oh wait, you wouldn’t know because you didn’t come to help me, you yelled at Evan for leaving you when he realized I was hurt.” I learned this recently and it still pissed me off. “I fell on my right side, in case you forgot or didn’t notice, whichever.” I reached out blindly for Adriana who laced her fingers through mine and I squeezed gently without releasing after. “Do you know what this amazing woman, my actual friend did? She sat at my side and helped change ice packs and bandages. When I came home, she made sure it wasn’t to bland white walls but to beautiful art. She took care of me while I recovered without my twin who was two-thousand miles away because of you!” I suppose his choice wounded me deeper than I originally thought, considering it was still on my mind... “She and Cari and Gabriel and Josh and Skye took care of me. And after I recovered physically, but was still emotionally distraught, she took me to get the scars covered so I wouldn’t think about Brody every damned day when I got dressed, every single time I took off my clothes he was there as a reminder. No matter we never had sex; he was now a part of me at my most intimate anatomy.”

“You are trying to tell me you never--” Asha-Lynne scoffed, did she think I was lying? What had Brody told her? Told all of Haven Ridge? I’m sure she wasn’t the only one who believed his lies.

“Focus Asha-Lynne! Who cares about my virginity or lack thereof? You want to know what I did while I was recovering?” She rolled her eyes indifferently but didn’t attempt to stop me from disclosing, so I did. I propositioned everyone who iced down my stitches. Have I ever, at any point in my entire life, propositioned Brody?” I pressed relentlessly.

“I-I sure you- well it’s not like you had to! He’s so cocky he probably just took the lead so you wouldn’t need to.” She stuttered her retort, had I overtaxed her poor, conniving brain?

“Nope.” I popped the p for emphasis. “Not once. He didn’t take the lead. He took control, huge difference! He took choices from me. He made decisions he knew I’d hate and declared them law, maybe just outta spite or plain meanness, who knows with him?” I took several deep breaths trying to bring my blood pressure down. “The first time he hit me, it was a backhand across the face because I said something he didn’t like.” Asha-Lynne’s flinch accompanied by a sharp intake of breath at my confession stunned me. “You know what he’s capable of when he thinks he’s been crossed, don’t you?” My eyes narrowed, determined to find the truth, I pushed harder, laying myself open in the process. “You can probably guess he turned it around on me and made me believe it was somehow my fault. That I was lying or I pushed his buttons and made him hurt me. That it was my fault and I must have deserved it cuz he ain’t that guy! In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. No one makes Brody do anything, we all know that.”

“These people have warped your ever-lovin’ mind. He isn’t like that.” Despite her insistence to the contrary, the panic in her eyes told me I hit a nerve. Whether or not she was willing to face the truth was another matter entirely.

“Tell me he never threatened, hit or otherwise hurt you beyond calling you a whore behind your back?” I challenged, taking a different tact. Asha-Lynne stubbornly kept silent but she gave herself away anyway. Asha-Lynne’s knuckle went unknowingly to the corner of her mouth, giving me all I needed to know. I let out a heavy sigh. “I’m sorry he touched you; believe me when I say I know how it feels physically, emotionally, mentally. I’m sorry my silence gave him the chance to touch you and that is my one true regret when it comes to you. However, I did tell you repeatedly I was done with him and you brought him here anyway. I don’t think I can forgive you for that.” I pulled Adriana out of the room behind us but not until Cari finally spoke. We paused to hear her words as they were bound to be great. Because that’s who Cari is and what she does.

“Stay away from Eva, you do nothing but harm. I also advise strongly you stay away from Brody; being around him isn’t going to lead anywhere good.” Cari added her warning for Asha-Lynne to get out while she still had a chance of not going down with him. The sparkle in her eyes told me Brody Garrett was definitely going down and I personally, couldn’t wait to see it happen. The sooner, the better, but how weird was it that her advice echoed something Brody’s own grandmother had said to me years ago? Before he ever hit me, she told me I should move in with my dad after the divorce and leave Brody behind. Insisted that nothing good would come of us being together. At the time I thought she was being mean, my parents were still together, Evan and I were in the dark about the upcoming divorce back then. If only I had set my hurt feelings aside and listened to her… Then it would have been someone else. I reminded myself firmly. Someone who might not have been able to survive him… But the truth of the matter is, I’ve only survived him so far, who knows what else he has planned for me?


Back in Adriana’s room, I found Evan consoling a tear-stained Coryn. “You told her?” If not me, Evan was a solid choice for the job; she’d believe him over me anyway.

“He did all that to you?” I nodded and allowed Evan to do the talking. I had an upset lady of my own to deal with.

“I’ve never lied to you Cory; I wouldn’t start with this.” Evan sounded a little offended his closest friend would doubt him. “He’s not who you think he is, he doesn’t love her, but he is obsessed with her,” Evan admitted.

“Which makes him incredibly dangerous,” I added.

“I didn’t know; I swear I had no idea. You can count on me to help you, just tell me what to do.” It meant more than I could say; Coryn has loved or at least crushed on Brody her entire life. And now she had to reconcile how he could turn out to be someone so different than the guy she’d worshipped from their first meeting. I felt bad for her, but not bad enough to refute the truth of the situation.

“Thank you.” It wasn’t much, but I wanted her to know I appreciated having her on my side.

I suddenly realized Cari hadn’t followed us in. She lounged in the doorway, waiting? I didn’t understand why until she caught sight of her man and launched herself into his arms. I watched them kissing as though they’d been separated for months rather than less than an hour. Skye followed behind and unlocked their door before ushering the entwined pair inside, locking up behind them.

“Looks like I’m bunking with you tonight.” He teased as though he and Gabriel hadn’t orchestrated the entire thing. I should be mad since they were obviously making sure I had someone with me at all times, but since I was spending the night with Skye once again, I could hardly complain!

“It’s about time!” I sighed happily, dropping kisses of my own on my man. “Remind me again how lucky I am to be yours?” I giggled in his ear as I held onto his neck.

“I’ve got all night to make it very, very clear to you.” He told me confidently, all but dragging me into my room. Guess he missed sleeping with me too...


Inside and on the bed, Skye straddled my legs as he gripped the hem of my shirt and pulled at it. I eagerly sat up, ready to assist in removing the offensive garment so we could move on. “Hurry.” I urged him, unhooking my bra on my own in order to speed up the process. I needed his hands on my skin, to feel him and only him and wash away all traces and thoughts of Brody from earlier in the day.

“Relax, Eva, we’ve got all night. Cari’s with Gabriel, it’s just us.” He assured me before taking my mouth with his and kissing me deeply. I threw myself into kissing him back, flung the bra off to the side and pressed his hands to my freshly exposed skin.

“Good, then it can be just us a couple times tonight.” I reversed our positions and climbed into his lap leaning him back into my sheets, our mouths not once parting after I spoke. The urgency riding me was intense and inexplicable, but it was Skye so it was right, I knew that much to be true. I cradled his head between my hands much as he frequently did with me and I found reassurance in the control he gave me over him. His hands cupped my unfettered breasts gently thumbing the hard peaks topping the pale, freckled mounds.

“Up.” He commanded breaking the kiss, guiding me into a better position for him to replace his thumb with his tongue on first one then the other nipple. It was incredibly empowering, rather than degrading that he was issuing one-word commands. I took it as a compliment since I was the one rendering him partially senseless. I growled deep in my throat, my pelvis writhing against him, impatient and needy. With a chuckle, he repeated his command. “Up.” This time grabbing me by the hips and bringing them to his chest. Though I still wore clothes on my lower body, the skirt was easily hiked up and underwear swept to the side as he eased a finger into my tight, wet passage. “You poor thing, you need this now, don’t you?” I whimpered in response nodding my head. Taking pity on the love of his life (me!), he canted my hips forward and nibbled kisses over my tattooed scars. He made of a point of doing this every time we were together, he told me it was because he wanted to reinforce that they didn’t bother him as much as they did me. The way I acquired them bothered him a great deal, as well as the fact that I had to live with them for the rest of my life. Covering them with Adriana’s art made them more palatable for both of us, in fact, he has told me on more than one occasion that knowing no one else would be seeing or touching the scars ever again also filled him with pride. Not only that, but he also continually told me how awed he was of me for not letting this break me, but instead, covering the horrible reminder with something beautiful, powerful and inspiring in the face of such a painful past. He told me I was his Phoenix, though he never said it to the others. It was like “Crazy” and “Stupid”. There were certain things we made public knowledge, some we just kept between us, and other things that were never okay when said or heard by certain people. Like “Maui” and “Manny”. I got away with callin’ Gabriel Maui but knew he didn’t like it when others did (makes him all self-conscious and I found it utterly adorable). As far as Manny goes… No one I’ve ever known has tried to get away with it as Cari does, I doubt anyone else could!

Skye brought me back to the present as his lips trailed to the left to show me how much he enjoyed having me in his life and in this particular position.

His tongue parted my wet lips and flicked over my clit as his finger worked inside of me. The pressure gave way and he added another finger inside as well as his thumb joining his tongue on my clit as he pushed me over the edge. His hands moved to cup my hips and ass while I rode out my orgasm against his mouth and tongue. The tremors ended and I climbed over his body, practically into the wall, leaving him holding nothing but my underwear before easing back down his body and taking him inside of me in one deft movement. We paused in tandem to savor the feeling as our bodies became one and stared into each other’s eyes in the dim room. Then I started moving against him, taking him deep and back out just shy of separating completely but never going so far.

“Hold on to me,” I begged, guiding his hands back to my hips as I undulated against him. “Don’t ever let go of me.” I made him promise as I rode him. He leaned up and kissed me, adjusting my angle and my eyes rolled back in my head for a brief moment. My eyes cleared with renewed focus and I shifted our cadence as well as the angle and took him deeper inside while grinding my clit against him with each downward thrust. Seconds later, I was spiraling out of control again, but this time he came with me. My orgasm triggered his as my walls clamped greedily around him, tightening more and more until he couldn’t hold back even if he wanted to.

Breathing raggedly as I collapsed against his bare and sweat-slicked chest, I chuckled softly.  Skye’s grunted “what?” required that I share what was going on in my head.

“That was… quick. I’d apologize for going off so fast, but I’m not sorry in the least.” I murmured into his chest sleepily. “Wake me up in a bit, okay Crazy? I’m not nearly done with you.”

“I love you too,” Skye informed me, kissing my sweaty temple. He’d picked up on the fact that when I called him Crazy it meant ‘I love you’ and he always responded appropriately.

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