Just Another Night: #1 in the Lizzie Keegan Case Files

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
LA police detective Sgt. Liz Keegan's night away from cops and crime takes a terrifying turn and gives her a first-hand look through the eye of a victim when she and a friend are brutally attacked. Now her friend is missing, one of the assailants is dead, and Liz and her partner have to track down a chameleon-like rapist before he finds the only one who can tie him to the crime: Liz.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Submitted: June 15, 2019

“I can’t believe the wedding is just two weeks away. There’s still so much to do, and I swear my head is going to explode.” Anna ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Submitted: June 15, 2019

Someone must have called the police before the shooting because they were there within a couple of minutes. Lizzie hadn’t even gotten t... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Submitted: June 15, 2019

Quinn watched her forehead smooth as she slipped into unconsciousness. It was always tough to hear victims recount their stories; hearing... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Submitted: June 15, 2019

She was dreaming. Lizzie knew it was a dream, but she couldn’t wake up. It felt like she had been trapped in this place forever. He was... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Submitted: June 15, 2019

When Lizzie opened her eyes again, it was dark, and the pounding in her head had decreased to tom-toms instead of kettle drums. She pulle... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Submitted: June 15, 2019

“Hey, Liz. How you feeling?” Lizzie stretched and groaned, but managed a smile at Ethan and Sam as they filed into the office. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Submitted: June 15, 2019

Robert Gannaway’s girlfriend was a petite blond named Mona Simmons who bore, much to Lizzie’s discomfiture, a resemblance to Lizzie h... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Submitted: June 15, 2019

Endless Summer was an unimpressive-looking club tucked down a narrow flight of stairs in a basement off a poorly lit parking lot. Just a ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Submitted: June 15, 2019

Lizzie couldn’t sleep. The day had exhausted her, but her body ached, and her head was filled with questions about Rick Fletcher, Rober... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Submitted: June 15, 2019

Lizzie held the phone between her ear and her shoulder and adjusted her wire. “How’s that, guys?” Across the street, Sam glance... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Submitted: June 15, 2019

The sun shouldn’t be allowed to shine when there’s a funeral, Lizzie thought. She scowled at her reflection in the mirror. The dark, ... Read Chapter

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