Looking for A Way Home

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Submitted: June 16, 2019

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Submitted: June 16, 2019




“It isn’t hopeless,” he repeated to himself, but nothing he could say or do would bring Bobby back.  Mark’s suffering was compounded because he still loved Julie. His despair and loneliness were overwhelming.  Grief and depression almost consumed him.

The proposed healing reunion had turned into a weekend of recriminations and a flood of tears on both sides.  He knew in his heart there was still love between them, but it was drowning in an ocean of pain and guilt.  If he’d replaced the worn tires on the old Chevy like she’d asked.  If she’d driven slower in the torrential downpour after picking up precious little Bobby from daycare.  Mark momentarily smiled as he remembered the little boy’s laughter and bright eyes when they greeted in the morning.  He absently wiped away another freshly formed tear. 

Mark and Julie desperately needed a life raft to save themselves and their marriage.  The mutually-agreed separation had accomplished nothing.  The weekend attempt at recovery only proved they weren’t ready either to embrace their loss or to work on reconciliation.  That would take more time.  Maybe it would never happen.  Mark’s hand gripped the overnight carrier harder as he stepped into the subway car.

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