The Obituary Boys

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Mamoru just wanted one nice day to himself, now it's all ruined. And everyone is playing phone-tag with it.

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Telephone

Submitted: July 12, 2019

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Submitted: July 12, 2019



Mamoru strolled along the streets towards the park, practically at a skip due to how good he feels. Now and then the wind blows sending Gev's scent of aftershave, spray-on deodorant, nicotine, and a hint of au natural body musk up into his nose from the borrowed shirt he's wearing. The comfort it gave him, he might have to steal the garment that reads in gothic graphic lettering: "Cruel's Back in Session".

"Are you looking at my butt, London? Why are you lagging behind?" Asked the alternate, glancing over his shoulder he smiled seductively to let him know that he doesn't mind, and he even encouraged it by lifting the back of the shirt to rest over the band of his jeans.

Gev smirked. "I am enjoying it." He reached out and pinched his boyfriend's buttocks. "But I'm lagging because you're walking too fast,"

"Live and learn, if you're gonna smoke like a steam train and drink like a fish, you're bound to be slower than the common man." Sticking out his tongue, he then snickered at the offended look on Gev's face about his addictions. He slowed his pace, however, and linked arms with him. "It's not exactly all that easy for me either, thanks to your negative influence ruining this fine body." Resting his head on his boyfriend's arm, he asks. "Tell me stuff; what's been going on in this hole?"

"A lot of nothing, while at the same time just about every fucking thing," replied Gev coolly.

He told Mamoru about what happened with Ludwig, then about Hakuo before he left the state, he told his boyfriend about how he's been trying to find a job away from his mother so he can work on his own away from family, because he felt that any establishment- even behind the counter at KFC- was a more realistic job than "mother's apron strings". He even told his boyfriend about how he came across the conjoined twins during Will's party, celebrating that the comatose boy woke up from it. He was sure to whisper when telling him about how Hakuo and he have seen each once in a while after he left for home, mostly he told him during the whisper about the Krenn teen killing Chester Flint. Hell, Hakuo even said he'd of executed Clark and his jock friends, had they not shaped-up and flown-right beforehand.

Mamoru nodded and listened intently to all of these things large and small, interested in anything Gev has to say. He's missed not just having sex with him, but he missed the man. He loves Gev's voice tinged with that slight ashy smoker's undertone, he loved knowing about the things that go on in his life and mind because, realistically, he can't be with him every second of every day. He missed the way he holds him, the way he smells, and especially the way he asks him about his day- as if he has one. It's endearing! But, when asked, he does tell Gev about the things he's seen going on through the viewing screen of Yakusoku's eyes, although now, he supposed he'd be telling him about Hakuo's daily doings- granted he lives long enough to do something like that.

"So, what, the guys are definitely rebuffed?" He asked once Gev was done with his tales.

"Not rebuffed as a people, but, I'm just torn between friendship and relationship. I know how to love them boy ways, but this isn't me detaching myself from them as a couple, it's more like… I don't know how to behave because of that kid they're inside of. It creeps me out."

"I don't blame you," Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he walked quietly thinking about that situation.

"I've never had a jealous bone in my body, so the 'throuple' thing wasn't even an issue with me- not with any of us, but this is just fucking weird."

"Mmm. Somewhere between getting along and just not getting it, I got it."

"Sick," A pedestrian, roughly their age maybe one year younger or older, muttered as he walked past the pair. "Keep that shit behind closed doors."

"I agree, ignorance should be locked away," Mamoru said redirecting the dick-headed comment. "Good example of what not to do." He gave him a thumbs up and an award winning grin.

"Shut up, faggot!" The guy called back, he stopped as if ready for the confrontation but the pair kept on walking. He was barely something to even consider as a 'speed bump' in their lives. The guy muttered one last insult at them then walked on to wherever he was going to.

Gev wasn't in fight-mode, because if he was that guy would have been laid flat within seconds. Mamoru has got him feeling that good. Plus, the guy clearly got a proper shut-the-fuck-up by the well placed insult, accompanied by the ignoring-any-further-commentary combo they offered the situation. His boyfriend can be a cool one. Leaning over, he kissed the top of his head, and smiled proudly over at him when Mamoru straightened up to cock a brow at him.

"So sentimental, missing me has made you soft London," Mamoru teased. "How embarrassing."

"Shut up," he shoved him, getting shoved in return. Shoving Mamoru back he bolted before another counter could land.

"You get back here!" He chased after him.

They arrived at the park out of breath, and pink with exhaustion from the sudden sprint. Oh yeah, they were both suffering of addiction-body-syndrome. They couldn't flop onto a bench fast enough; both of them stretched out their legs and leaned back on the bench to bask in the warm sun accompanied by the cool breeze blowing through town. It felt good. It felt like tenderness. Mamoru took Gev's hand into his own, kissing it boldly.

Gev marvelled at that small show of public affection. Yakusoku never would have allowed it with him, and he certainly wouldn't allow the amorous Mamoru to act on his own accord with public display. He recalls Mamoru once telling him that Hakuo supports their relationship and often told Yakusoku to chill out and just let the two of them be. If Hakuo can care that much about their being together, then surely he can reason with him about their staying apart and will allow him and Mamoru a- somewhat- normal relationship. Can a relationship with an alternate personality ever really be normal?

"That reminds me," Gev opened his eyes, and straightened from his basking position. "Here. You can have this," reaching into his pocket he removed something silver and shiny.

Mamoru, who loves gifts, couldn't wait to see what it was and eagerly reached for it by grabbing at Gev's closed hand. Seeing this puppy-like curiosity, Gev played along and held it away from him. He laughed at the lack of ability to get it away from him, and eventually gave in when Mamoru cupped his crotch and threatened that an Indian-burn would be brought upon him if he didn't give it up.

"Alright, you beast, here,"

"It's a… earring?" Lifting the silver ring from Gev's palm, he studied the simple piece of jewelry. "Where's the other one?"

"I'll wear it," He points to the ring in his upper left ear.

Grinning sheepishly, he blushed and looked away. "Why Gev, an engagement earring," Holding a hand to his chest, he jokes, "I do." Removing the Joker's grin from the hole in his left ear, he slips the gift into the empty hole, stuffing the removed piece of jewelry into his jeans' pocket. "How does it look? Like I'm an owned man?"

Chuckling, Gev nodded his approval. "It's not an engagement earring, just a something from me to you."

"Tch. I'm calling it what I want; I'll see you in the fall for the ceremony." He elbowed his boyfriend before collapsing against him to rest, a happy buzz swirling around in his aura. "Here, you lay against me," He switched positions and pulled Gev over so that he's cuddled up against him.

"This feels so weird,"

"You've never snuggled up to anyone?" He combed his lounging lover's hair with his fingertips.

"Not for snuggling sake,"

Mamoru felt his cheeks heating. He liked being the first to do things with Gev, even if it sort of embarrassed him. "Is that your phone?"

"Yeah, so? It's probably nobody."

"Would nobody call you?"

He wondered about that, as he removed his cell phone from his pants pocket. "It's Will," he opened the message and reads it out loud. "he says to check Facebook."

It was like a game of 'Telephone', only the whisper remained as it was told. No silly mix-ups, as kids purposefully do.

William Hyde was having a typical day before it happened around him. He woke up early, ate breakfast alone, walked Fang, then waited around for the bus while watching television and listening to his "adopted" family doing their morning routine. He took some time typing out an email to his real brother, Ai, and had yet to send the draft. He wasn't sure how it would be received. He didn't want to give his brother a false hope that any part of him might still be within Hakuo Krenn, not to mention, he could bring it up to him if he ever saw the once missing teen. Wouldn't that be awkward. Would Hakuo play along? Or would he clue Ai in to the truth, as he'd wanted to do with Gev from the start. He couldn't imagine how awkward, weird, and traumatizing that would be for him- for both of them!

Classes went swimmingly, of course, how can you not be on top when mentally you're grades ahead of your class- if only people who're left back could triumph this way. Everything was as, the new, usual has become in the month and a half they've occupied William Hyde's existence. Good with his brother, avoiding the heart of eyes of Bishop- along with a look he couldn't quite place- while he's still hanging around with him, and now and then McKenna would shoot him a dirty look. Normal. It wasn't until gym class, that's when he found out. That's when the train derailed and knocked his world on its ear.

Some of the guys in the locker room were looking at their phones while slowly changing into their gym clothes. It was that sort of situation, where a friend of a friend told a friend and then that person showed someone, who broke that particular circle of friends' information superhighway, and then the information, the whispered about scenario of a person's business was spread like wildfire. And before he knew it, the locker room was agog with phone-faced teens scrolling up and down a screen.

"Holy shi..., did you see this yet?" Byron, always the keeper of naughty bits-n-pieces, crossed the distance from his prefered locker to the Hyde twins.

The brothers were mostly dressed when the glowing screen was shown to them.

"What the fuck? What is this on?" Zane asked as he ogled the screen, his finger rolled the screen up then back down and up again as he viewed what was shown to him; his eyes dart to the top of the page to the link in the address bar, although it was obvious just by looking at the layout that it's Facebook. "Hey, Will, isn't this that guy you know?"

Will, who'd been heavily ignoring the usual showing of large breasted women with tight vaginas and hands in the all-the-above places, caught the sentence that was said. Yanking his gym shorts up, he looked over at the screen and his blood stopped, his heart stopped, and when it all started again it was like a symphony of drum soloist. Hammering away. Holy shit.

Ai was in the bathroom before he found out. Something hadn't agreed with him at breakfast, most likely it was his mother snipping at his father about Yakusoku. He felt nauseous hearing her saying they should just go to Williamsport with a cop, and drag his brother home. The Lands are his family, the Krenns are the ones who should be treated as abandoned adopted parents. Ai failed to see how that made sense, but he supposed grief really was the murderer of common sense, because his mother sounded as though she'd clearly lost it.

But no, it's actually because his eggs were somewhat runny. Something about runny eggs always turned his stomach. He can't figure out why. But in the six times he's had them that way in his short life, he's been cursed a nasty bathroom trip once digestion time came around. He exited the bathroom, and in the hall he saw a couple guys he somewhat knows snickering at their phone. That wasn't the weird part, the weird thing about it was when they saw him they started pointing and whispering.

Scenarios ran through his head of Michelle telling everyone what happened between them, she'd make herself out to be the hero, and he'd be the over eager little kid who'd just been looking to stick it somewhere. Inexperienced and lacking in every way. It was too humiliating. Especially if she was just flatout being honest with everyone, he could just hear her "I only slept with him because I felt sorry for him; I was thinking about his brother the entire time." It was no secret after the way he'd chewed her out in the hall that day she'd told her friends what happened at his house that night she came over.

Sick of being the cause of the snickering and pointing, just about always nowadays, Ai puffed up his chest and strode over to them to see just what was so damned amusing. If it had anything to do with what went down between Michelle and him, he was going to go ape! But, upon snatching the- halfheartedly withheld- phone away from its owner, he was left violently ill all over again when seeing what was there on the screen. What seemed to be opening up on everyone's screen, as most of the student body that's on their phone began giving him looks as they passed through the hall to change class.

How did this? Who would? When did he? Holy shit…

Celes Krenn was in French class when she found out. She was giving her 'bonjours' and 'd'accords' the proper punctuations when she noticed one of her fellow classmates was not paying attention to the lesson plan, but rather to her phone. She wondered what was so interesting when the girl's eyes bugged out of her head before she rapidly began typing and sending out tweets to other people. Phones buzzed about the room and some of the students suddenly found their crotches very interesting as their gazes became transfixed there to look at the content incognito. She wondered if she could locate what was so interesting, but, no sooner had she wondered this does the teacher look away from the whiteboard catching all the students who'd ceased paying attention.

"You know the rules, as long as they are being unused you can have your phone. Bring them up here, put them in the box. Now. Come on." She shook her head at the groans, unmoved and uncaring about the student's complaints as they made their way to the front of the room to drop off their cell phone- some students had two!

Celes suspected that there were others, and they'd likely be right back to it once they sit down. During the commotion, she leaned over and whispered to one of the girls. "What's going on?"

"You don't know?"

"No. What?"

The girl's face exploded with a strange grin, then she whispered. "Check your brother's FB page,"

Her attention was basically shot after that. All she could do was sit in wonder of what was there. What will she see? Hakuo's page… She wasn't aware he even used it, much less has one. When class let out, she snuck away from the flow of traffic and darted into the library where she found a quiet corner to check, undisturbed by other students. Her finger almost couldn't type anything in, the circulation in her hand was next to none, but she managed to do so. Her eyes bugged out of her head, wide as golf balls, and she felt her stomach lurch. Then anger welled up inside of her. He was going to pay!

Shuhei was in study hall, whispering in the ear of Betzy Gomez when he found out. One of his female friends tapped him on the shoulder, and asked if he knew anything about it.

Nathen Small, who'd been feeling pretty good all day after yesterday, found out when he went to check his own page on the way back to class from the bathroom; he'd planned on leaving a post about what he was doing with computer graphics tomorrow. He's got this new program where he can use a fader along with CGI animation. The guys are gonna love it! They can make more Youtube videos now for their low budget horror film: Howler in the Woods. It's a lame idea, but it's supposed to be sort of funny, so that's fine. There were a ton of notifications coming in from Hakuo's page, there was never activity buzzing from it before. He only friended him because, duh, he's his friend. So he was beyond curious as to what could have sparked the sudden use.

It was obvious that he wasn't coming to school today, it's already lunch time and he hasn't yet walked through the doubles doors or appeared in any of the classes they have together. So he must be sick today.

Part of the Small teen couldn't help but think that it was more emotional sickness than physical sickness, due to Hakuo knowing that he's seen the videos. As Nathen scrolls down the page, he was feeling some of that sickness himself. What the hell was this? Looking up from his phone, he can feel just about every gossipy, popular, internet savvy, pair of eyes glued to him- who's practically the only friend Hakuo Krenn has- as they gauge his reaction to the horror that's before him. Nathen moved quickly through the classroom to grab his bag, muttering something to the teacher before he fled the scene to go to the computer lab. As he hurried down the hall to the battle arena, it dawned on him what's happened. Holy shit, is he an idiot.

Emiko Krenn found out when, on her day off, during cleaning, she came across her son's phone that refused to stop ringing. Once one set of tones went off the next one droned on and then the next. Her curiosity had her answer the phone because none of the calls seemed to simply be incoming messages. A man came on the line asking Hakuo, her sweet son, how much it would cost to get his nuts licked while he jerks him off with a hand sticky with 'milk', as he considered his semen, with actual honey. Emiko's blood boiled as she wondered how all these fucks got her son's number. When searching the phone, that's when she discoverd the page.


"Look at that, Nono's trying to get my attention too," Gev turned his phone off. No one's spoiling his day.

"Facebook?" Seeing Gev put his phone back into his pocket, Mamoru blinked with confusion when all his boyfriend does in response is turn himself to lie down while using his thighs as a pillow. "Aren't you gonna check it?"

"Why?" asked the London teen. "It's probably just a lot of nonsense anyway, that's all those BS social media sites are for. Idiots and assholes figuring out how to be bigger idiots and assholes to each other because it anonymous."

"You're probably right, but," Mamoru smoothed Gev's hair to lay flat on his head, and he laughed at the sight as he spoke. "Have Ludwig and Yakusoku ever bothered you with frivolous crap before?"

Thinking about it, Gev couldn't recall a time. With a heavy sigh of remorse of the chance that their perfect day was going to be ruined, or even might be, he removed his phone from his back pocket. It slipped from his hand and fell between the slats of the bench and onto the soft grass.

"Crap. I'm too lazy to get it,"

"And I'm not?" Closing his eyes, he invisions the cell phone and using his gift he slides it from under the bench, lifting it into the air to hover above Gev's reach. "Take it, quick. This is killing me,"

It was missed by Gev, but for Mamoru, having to say that was very embarrassing. He could see struggling to lift a house or even a truck, but a cell phone? That's baby stuff! This lack of psychic ability would not do. He'll have to bulk up, and hopefully Hakuo is doing the same. Another hit like that and he'll drift back in without meaning to.

Gev opened the page and pressed Hakuo's name, after having to wait for the previous page to load so that he could find the actual name he'd been asked to look into because he'd first pressed "Yakusoku". It didn't take long to see what the fuss was about. You'd have to be either blind or a paste-eater to miss the Timeline.

Sitting up in a jolt, he muttered. "Holy shit,"

Mamoru peeked at the phone, and his reaction was pretty much the same as Gev's. Holy shit.

0 0 0

Nathen walked into the cafeteria, drained. He was emotionally drained and his fingers were physically drained from running assault and battery on those damned video files and photos. How could this happen? He didn't have to wonder who had done it, that was obvious. Lee Deakins sat across the cafeteria looking rather smug and pleased with himself about what he did. But the thing that got Nathen was how he had done it, and when? He encrypted those files, and he's damned better at than any of his other techie friends. Did he get someone else to help him? No, even if he managed to hack his computer he would have gotten a virus if he somehow managed to get around the run around it would take a person to relocate the files on his database. Shit, he must have been on his computer rifling around just as he was working on contaminating them. Shit! Shit!

Any set of eyes that were on the shrinking Small teen, who was sitting down at the lunch table he occupied with, the absent, Hakuo, switched to Celes Krenn. Her strong stride warranted attention. He could imagine that if this were television, she would be leaving cracks in the tiled floor. Her lunch bag was dropped on the table she shares with her friend as if it was hitching a ride and decided that that was as far as it wanted to go with the pissed off driver. Celes's stride didn't stop until she reached the table of AV geeks two rows down and one table back from her's.

Everyone had to admit, they expected her to start crying, to rant and angrily rave at him. But they did not see it coming when the tiny young lady strong-armed her target up from the table by his shirt collar, to force him over the table at a lean as if she were the one who was 5'10" instead of 5'4".

"Do you have any idea of what you've done to my brother?" She growled in a voice no one has ever heard from her usually timid tone. "I should take you outside and beat you to the degree that you've damaged him!" The enraged young lady practically conjured Hell to engulf them as she said vehemently. "You'd die from it, do you hear me? You'd die!"

A guy saying "oh shit" went ignored as she continued to snarl at him.

"But, I won't… That's only because you're going to become a better person by taking that page it down." Celes backed off, her rage cooling. "And you'll apologize to Haku."

"Tch. Says you," Lee snipped.

He didn't dare to shove her off, because, despite the bravado he's gained through his anger over the lies her brother spread about his father, he's still a geeky guy and she's a beautiful girl, and he has very little experience with girls. It's hard to not get a boner just from her touching him and being within kissing distance with her face as they were. He could even feel her body heat. He'd lose all credibility as a cool operator if he accidently touched a boob while dislodging himself, and got a nose bleed as well as an erection from it.

The cafeteria went into a flurry of whispers when they heard that Lee Deakins put up the Facebook page and not Hakuo himself. Was that true? How did he get the videos? Some students who had been peeping at them since they went up tried to go back and watch them again, but they got a nasty surprise during another round- hell, for some five- of the viewing hypnosis.

Nathen didn't hide his relief as complaints went up when phone internets began to shut down all around him. He crossed the cafeteria and pulled Celes off of Lee Deakins. "You're sick, Lee. You know that? Why would you hurt him that way? He hasn't done anything to you; you needed to find out what your father is like, you can't really think that it was Hakuo's fault?"

"It was his fault!" Snapped the bitter teen. "My father is not like that, he never would be- wouldn't I know?"

"How would you know? Are you always around your father? Do you use his computer or cell phone?" Nathen was practically in tears, not because he's sad, but because he's never felt this sort of anger, this sort of let down before. Let down in himself, as well, for not being smart enough to block his computer from his friends, and angry because a friend he once loved would betray him so completely. "Your father is sick, Lee… Do you think Hakuo shot that video himself? He was asleep! Was that not your father's wedding band on the hand that made a few guest star appearances when stealing lotion and hovering precariously over a sleeping person's crotch."

Yes, he went into detail. If Lee Deakins was going to humiliate Hakuo Krenn then he would humiliate him right back by letting everyone know just what a sick freak Mr. Deakins is.

"I'm with Celes, I just wanna beat the stuffing out of you," Nathen stabbed his friend with his finger to punctuate his words. "I hope your father never gets out of jai-..."

Gasps sucked the oxygen from the room as Lee pulled back his fist and slammed it right across Nathen's face, knocking him to the floor. Celes gaped, then her anger flared as she prepared to return fire on her brother's friend's behalf, but she was stopped by Aisha who grabbed her elbow frantically shaking her head before nodding in the direction that a teacher was coming towards them.

"I don't care." She grumps in reply, right before she slammed her sneakered foot right into Lee Deakins' crotch.

Nathen Small, Lee Deakins, and Celes Krenn are seated in the principal's office; hungry but full of rage since their lunches, uneaten, and likely shoved onto the floor by the next wave of diners remained in the cafeteria after they were extracted from it. They trio sit in silence waiting for their punishment, though each of them doesn't believe they deserve it, they know it's unlikely that the principal will see it that way.

Vice principal Garrett entered the room and she did not look pleased, her disquiet lingered especially on Celes who's never caused trouble in the 2 years she's known the studious and helpful, girl. Celes lowered her vision to the floor for a second but then she raised them meeting the principal's gaze head-on, not about to look weak from her resolve. She's still angry and she likely will continue to be. What Lee Deakins did was unforgivable!

Nathen was deflated from relief of solving the issue of the videos spreading any further than they already have, and nursing a swollen bruised cheek. He's not sure he'll ever be able to face Hakuo again. This was as much his fault as it was Lee's. But he had to download the videos in order to infect them before he sent the virus back to its owner. It was faster then doing it from Garfield Morris's computer. All the doctored photos on the made-up Facebook page was probably the reason Lee had been on his computer at all. He was getting photos of Hakuo's face to photoshop on bawdy nude bodies. Nathen, on the school's computer wifi, had time to encrypt the files but he couldn't do the same for the page- not yet- so, unfortunately, students and anyone really- if the bevy of people who visit Facebook just for bodycount count in this pool of ruin are visiting the returned teen's page- can still access the page to see the thumbnails- even if they can't click on the photos and videos, it won't stop them from taking photos of their screen with some other device before the virus fucks with their hard drive.

Lee Deakins was mad, unyielding, and growing, mad. He would explain his case and be sent back to class. And these two could stew in the punishment given out because he surely deserves none.

"I'm not going to ask what happened," She said calmly as she took a seat behind the large desk. "I already know," Aisha Rhae told her this when she came into the office during her lunch period. She was worried about what Lee might do to her friend, and seeing Nathen Small's face, she could tell the girl had right to think so. "I don't condone fighting in my school, for any reason. Because of this, I have to tell you that you are suspended for two weeks Lee Deakins. Celes Krenn, for fighting a student, you'll to stay after school for two weeks. Am I clear?"

Nathen noticed that he missed the train of punishment, probably because he got hit rather than did the hitting.

"But, Mrs. Garrett!" Celes can feel that knot in her chest returning. What an injustice! How can she not suspend Lee for the rest of the year, for one, and why does she have to stay after school? She did nothing wrong! "Do you know what he's done to my brother?"

"I'll get to the bottom of it, but for now, I have spoken. Return to class, miss Krenn; and you leave first, Nathen you after, Lee you'll go last."

Celes wanted to say more but she left the room in an angry huff, all but slamming the door after herself.

Nathen got up five minutes after Celes had left, as instructed, and departed the principal's office, but not before telling her to check Facebook under Hakuo Krenn's name. The words "You're so pathetic, Monkey!" followed him out of the office. It was a low blow that he was proud to take- especially when his friend decided to call him by that hurtful nickname. With luck, hopefully Mrs. Garrett would come to her senses and throw Lee Deakins out of school and make him repeat the semester in summer school.

0 0 0

"I know, mom," Ai was saying into his phone.

His mother, who has been keeping an eye on Yakusoku through social media, saw the Facebook page. Her first instinct was to call him, ask him how he's doing? That he would do something like this to himself... but then she wised up and called Ai instead. She needed to be talked off the ledge of going to Pennsylvania, and swiping the poor boy from the neglectful parents who allowed this to happen to her son.

"He didn't do this, he wouldn't…" Ai was sure of it. "Someone must be picking on Hakuo, that's the only explanation. Man, I can't imagine how anyone could do something like that to him… Hasn't he been through enough?" Even Ai was at wit's end with people harassing his brother, not actively being his brother or otherwise, something like this is just messed up.

"I wish you'd stop calling him that," Quinn was saying. "After something like this, there's no way he'll stay over there with those people. They're too lax with childcare, and now look what's happened."

"Mom, be quiet, the Krenns are probably just as panicked by this as you are," commented the boy. "I'm hanging up now. Bye."

"Hi, Ai." Michelle approached him once he hung up his phone. "I just wanted to ask, how are you?"

"Fuck off, Jessica- oh, I mean whore." He brushed past her in a hurry and trods off to class.

Michelle looked hurt by that, she also looked confused about how Ai was able to use his phone. She was scared too, after rebooting it in safe mode. She saw the videos. She was on the verge of crying her eyes out, but at the same time… It was surprisingly arousing. It was sick! She knows that! But, she can't deny that she's hot for Yakusoku Land. Her 15 year old brain watched those videos and imagine him at his current age engaging in a sexual act with her and it just got her blood going. Oh, but she'd never let on. What if Ai found out, he'd really hate her then. She may not want to date Ai Land, but she'd like to be liked by him.

The young Land teen sat in class with enough eyes and whispers on him to make him uncomfortable for the rest of his life. And he was worried about going to high school with his brother because of the gay thing. This was a whole nother evil. Every and anyone interested just watched grown men rape his brother when he was a child.

He can only imagine what Hakuo must be suffering because of this.

0 0 0

Mamoru climbed onto the back of Gev's bike in a huff, so angered he nearly toppled the vehicle, had the driver not been holding the handlebars and keeping it upright while sitting on it. How could something like this happen? And who the fuck would do it?! That was the real question. Honeymoon was over, he knows that much. Even he knew Hakuo needed to be present for something like this. He'd want to know. He has to know. And so he and Gev returned to the London home to grab his bike and head for Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

It was roughly a four hour drive unless the traffic Gods were on their side by keeping car traffic light and traffic lights green. They'd be home sometime around one o'clock. Four hours for Mamoru to fume. He knows what happened. He knows every touch, scent, and taste from those dark days. Memories and feels he was about to pass onto his charge when they conjoin and become one person again. It was horrific to think that he'll be leaving him with so much damage control, so much trouble to clean up all on his own. Who could help Hakuo?

He wished he hadn't left his phone at home.

It was precisely 1 and a quarter by the time Gev's bike roared up the driveway of the Krenn home. Mamoru climbed off, removing the helmet which he handed back to Gev. He made an abrupt turn to leave, no last goodbye, he wasn't sure if he could make it. This was all too sudden from his original plan, which was to have the day belong to him and Gev. But the London teen stopped him.

"Do you want me to stay?"

Mamoru opened his mouth to say, yes, but then he shook his head just to end up nodding. Maybe it would be best if Gev stayed. He wasn't sure how or even if he could help the situation, but it was nice to have more people by his side.

"I'll try to hide, Gev; maybe I'll see you again." He said hastily; reaching out he wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tightly, desperately not wanting to let him go. "I'm keeping your shirt," He mumbled into his boyfriend's shoulder, smiling when he only received a snicker in return.

"Who are you?" Emiko asked when exiting the house.

Mamoru pouted then hurried over to her with his arms out, crying dramatically. "Mamaaa!"

Emiko scoffed before the bundle of alter crashed into her for a hug. She rubbed Mamoru's back and hushed his worries- however childishly-exaggerated he made them out loud. Gev slowly walked up behind them, he looked guilty, though he wasn't sure of what.

"I contacted the cyber police, they're removing the website; that was hours ago, it should be down by now." She looked over at Gev and greeted him with a dry. "Hello. Mamoru, and... you," His name escaped her in the bitterness. "Come inside,"

The trio are seated in the den; mother bear with her arms crossed and looking disdainfully at the scandalous pair. Of all the times for Mamoru to rear his head, it had to be on a day like this. She needs her son present.

"Mom, I just wanna say that I'm sor-..."

"Save it. I'm not upset about that, that you didn't tell us you were leaving, yes, but not where you went. Mamoru, where is Haku'? Is he alright?"

"As far as I know; I'm surprised to be out and about myself,"

"Then how did this happen?"

They could tell that the woman was doing her best to keep her head, but she was losing it in voice because the edge was there. She wanted blood, and she wanted a name of a person's she could take.

"I'm just as in the dark about this as you are," replied her alternate son.

Hakuo sighed, and answered tiredly. "If anyone is to blamed for something screwy going on lately, it would be because of Lee Deakins," He'd only come to at the tail end of the conversation.

Gev's mouth dropped, just a bit, when hearing the tone of the speaker. Beside him no longer was his boyfriend but Hakuo Krenn. Their time together was officially shot. However, he still wants to be here, in loving memory of all sides of the Krenn teen which he intimately knows.

Hakuo noticed instantly that, one, he's not in his bedroom waking up to start the school day, and two Gev is here, and three he's in the middle of a conversation he's only guessing about the content. He doesn't actually know what's going on, just that someone has done something stupid that's got his mother worked up, and Gev at his side. Whatever it is, it must be big. It takes a lot to crack his mother, before what happened to him, that is. And right now, she's got her jaw so strained to keep from screaming it's a wonder her teeth can't be heard creaking.

"So, tell me, what's going on?" he looked between mother and friend for an answer.


School let out and the students exited the building. All who know are still buzzing about the content of the Facebook page, others have moved on from talking about it due to being too angry about their phone, or tablet, or laptop being struck with a nasty virus. Their parents were going to kill them, and will think it was their own fault for playing some game or looking at some website they shouldn't. The embarrassment was overwhelming.

Anyone who was beginning to let it go, which were a slim few, picked it right back up again when seeing the absent Krenn teen standing outside of the building, his blue-green gaze searching each of their giggling, leering, sneering faces for the guilty culprit. This was going to be a bloodbath! Mouths watered and the sudden flow of foot-traffic slowed to a near crawl as none wanted to load a bus or car to go home, they wanted to see the fight of the century.

Hakuo watched them, knowing what they were waiting for, as well as how they are now viewing him. But neither did he allowed himself to really notice or care, he was out for one person and he had yet to see his target. Then, gradually, heads began to look over their shoulders to where Lee Deakins was emerging from the school building. He was going home, pissed and suspended until further notice. The vice principal was not so kind to him when she checked out the webpage. But she also had no proof that he had done it, so until she found something linking him to the slander, he was merely held to the original punishment of two weeks off of school due to fighting.

Lee looked up when seeing the pool of students fanning out; ahead of them in the clearing, stood Hakuo Krenn. He was startled for a second, because the Krenn teen hadn't been at school today, now suddenly he shows up? Who does that? Maybe he should get in trouble for skipping classes when he's not sick or anything. Although, he supposed he's seen Facebook, so he very well could be sick now. A smug smile spread across his face as he approached him; their builds might be the same but he has a slight advantage in height being 5'10 to Hakuo's 5'8", so he can stand tall in power. However, he had a feeling that if looks could kill…

He wasn't going to back away and cower just because the creep showed up. His bravado is still in place, he's the victor of the 'one-ups'. Hakuo can't get him back for this. He wins! That'll teach him for lying about his father. For having shame brought to his family name.

"Hey, Haku', how's life been treating you?" Lee asked through a flurry of hushes and shushes of the gathered students, who'll now be walking home since the buses are leaving with the students who have boarded. "I noticed you were absent today; what, are the John's paying for snuggle service now?"

Gev was going to rip the little shit apart! His hands gripped tightly to the handlebars of his bike, ready to rev the engine and jump up on the pathway to slam the wheel right into the smug fucking face, and from there he'd just let the wheel to spin.

"Mmm," He pretended to consider that comment as a truth. "It was more like your father's been playing with the food and beverage again," He smirked seeing anger flare in Lee's dark brown eyes. "You know he can't perform with his victims looking at him." He ducked a punch, and when he straightened he snatched the bastard by the collar, tripping Lee up so that he's kneeling on one leg while he towers over him. "You're so predictable, Lee, it's pathetic."

Lee would have swung at him again, but Hakuo's got his grip high and tightly braced, like one would a dog's leash when training it. However, unlike a dog, Hakuo's hold is cutting off his oxygen- just a bit.

"I have to tell you, at first, I was angry. I was gonna come here and make you pay for doing that to me," Hakuo confessed. "But, during the trip something dawned on me, that maybe you're a victim, too."

"What the hell are you talking about, you loser?" Lee asked, smacking at the hands gripping him. He bent over on hands and knees panting when he was released.

"What happened to me has changed me so much," Hakuo looked around as if his former self were somewhere in the crowd of fascinated students, peeping. "I wouldn't recognize me if I walked up and said 'hello'," Shaking his head he sighed. "For you to do that to me… Your father must have done a number on you. Because I just can't wrap my head around someone willingly doing this to anyone, if they didn't somehow understand what it's like."

Getting to his feet, he breathed down on Hakuo, his anger at the breaking point. "My father never touched me!"

"Why would he? You were probably just the catalyst, but, spooked about doing anything to his own kid he just projected onto others- it's safer that way." Again he dodged a punch; Gev waited in the background like a rabid dog pacing a pen. If he hit Hakuo, that kid would know real fear.

"He never did anything to me! You made him like that!"

"I never did a thing. You were there, man, you know the truth…" Placing his hand, unsuccessfully, since it was shrugged off, onto Lee's shoulder; he continued. "How can you defend him, unless you're a victim trying to stay safe? Ask any therapist, it's a classic syndrom where a parent abuses a child, but when the child is asked to choose a parent to run to they pick the abuser, being too frightened to do otherwise- even in the face of safety. I may have saved you of having something horrible done to you, by exposing your father. ...I honestly don't want to believe that anyone is that much of a monster that they'd do what you did just to hurt me- to hurt anyone in retaliation."

The students' eyes dropped, they felt the shame of their gossip and interest as they've watched the videos and seen the- obviously- doctored photos as many times as they could before the page was taken down and the viruses started. Some even started to be on their way to home. But it didn't matter. Not to Hakuo anyway. All the times that were recorded... They know. They know it all.

"It's because of you that my father is in jail," Which was no longer true, since he paid the five hundred dollars to post his bail. "It's because of you that he's registered as a sex offender."

"For voyeurism. Even with the video showing that nothing happened, his intentions were clear; his charges were minor. So, Lee, you'd do well to say it was because your father's been preying on you." He lowered his voice to a whisper. A private moment, just between them. "Because, if I have to find out that you're this much of a horrible person, more of a monster even than the persons who did those terrible things to me, even more horrible than the person who'd made it possible for them to do it to me... simply to defend your father, because you're hurt by his lifestyle… I'm going to make you pay."

Swallowing, he tried to regain himself. He could feel his usual self showing. The nerdy guy who loves video cameras and video games, who'd never hurt anyone, and would get a nose bleed if a girl so much as knew his name. And Hakuo, whom he barely knows, sounded serious. It was a weird sort of serious too. He wasn't sure how. But, he felt it.

However, he wasn't about to look like a punk in front of everyone, so he said very callously. "I'm shaking. We've all seen your idea of making people pay. If I go to jail, be sure to stay away. I'm not gay, like you, so your conjugal visits are unwante- oof!"

Lee felt his world split open as a fist came smashing into the side of his face! He hit the concrete with a meaty thump; tears stung his eyes as pain rushed to his senses, blood leaked from his mouth from his teeth shifting in his gums. Murmurs began as students wondered who the stranger was that did what a lot of them had been planning to do themselves. Some of them even clapped, glad that someone stopped this mess.

"Let's get out of here," Gev said in a tight snip. His blood spattered fist trembled wanting more, his booted foot wanted to get in on it too.

Hakuo's gaze locked onto Lee's, a cold wind blew between them as he looked back. Lee Deakins didn't realize it, but he'd screwed up trying to be cool. Everyone can forget what his father did, hell, all of them probably just learned what he did and have forgotten about it that quickly because it was so minor. But who could forget what they saw done to him? Who would ever look at him and not go to the place of someone who knows?


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