The Obituary Boys

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It's time to get busy covering up what's true and what's false.

Chapter 56 (v.1) - Cover it up

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019



"Gev, just tell me what you need me to do," Yakusoku is trying his damndest to keep the panic from his voice. The last thing Gev needs is to hear panic when things are already this high alert. "How long is the sentence?"

"I didn't call a lawyer yet, but they said I'm a fucking statutory rape, felony D- I don't know what the hell that is- look it up for me," Gev was silent a moment as far as speaking to Yakusoku went; however, the Land teen can hear him talking to someone. "They're telling me my minute is up, but fuck them,"

"Gev… something to do, come on…"

"Call Hakuo,"

"What? Why?"

"Tell him to get the charges dropped with that hocus pocus of his,"

"Yeah, his 'hocus pocus' is coput for now- remember? It might not work,"

"It might, though. Just ask him. I'm not gonna get my parents involved, if I can avoid it,"

"Okay. I'll call him," Yakusoku told Gev to stay sane before hanging up.

He squeezed the phone hard enough to make the plastic creak. Thankfully he doesn't toss it but let it drop to the bed where it bounced due to the height from which it fell, but it remained unscathed. Yakusoku thought he'd leave footprints in the carpeting and floorboards he's marching for the front door with enough angry weight to create such a scenario. He's not gonna let this go. Fuck no!

That little asshole spent the afternoon with him carrying on and making fucking nice just to pull this shit the minute the 'date' is over. This can't go unpunished. Not this time.

"Will, where are you going? Dinner's gonna be on the table in six minutes?" Renee called out to him when she saw the front door open from where she's standing in the kitchen.

"I gotta take care of something, I'll be back," he snarled.

Zane, as if a moth to the flame of a guttural tone, jumped up from the couch and hurried after his brother.

"Zane?" Renee wondered when watching her other child, the one who didn't slam the front door on his way out, also have a need for sudden departure.

"Sorry, mom, we'll be back!" He called before closing the door.

"What the heck is with them?" She wondered to herself.

Yakusoku was up the street and at the Graham house as if by teleportation; his fist pounded on the front door. Zane caught up to his brother just in time to see Bishop snatched from his home, dragged to the front lawn, before Will's fists went flying.

"Holy shit in the daylight," Zane's wide eyes beheld the scene like a train derailing, only after it had smashed into another one.

He's never seen his brother like this. It's frightening. So much so that he didn't think to stop the massacre, all he could do was stare. What could have happened to warrant such a reaction from his brother? He thought they were getting along. He thought that they were friends. He's hated Bishop due to thinking him gross for being 'into' him, but has it gotten this far? This cruel? It's almost criminal!

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Graham exited the home when she heard the meek pleads and cries coming from the front yard. "Will get up, stop this, right now!" She reached out to pull him off but the teen gave her a violent shove causing her to stumble backwards and to her butt on the soft grass.

Zane snapped out of his stupor then and made a grab for his brother, well, grab wouldn't really describe it properly. Zane lunged at Will to dislodge him from the weeping Bishop. Will thrashed and bucked until he was free, he made for Bishop again but Zane held him fast and strong keeping him bound within his grasp.

"Let's go, honey, come inside." Mrs. Graham helped her bleeding son up from the grass and assisted his pummel-slowed pace into their house. "I'll be calling your mother about this, Will," her threat was adamant.

"So fucking tell her," he spat- literally- he drew it back and spat at Bishop, the crude 'fuck you' landed not on the intended target but on the teen's mother's shirt sleeve since her arm is around his shoulders and unknowingly blocking the area the projectile intended to land. "Don't you ever let me see you again, Bishit, because I'll fucking kill you!"

The shouting brought the neighborhood to life and those who were a little more curious than moving the front window curtains, wandered outside on a pretense to see what the fuss was about. But, the most they saw was Zane dragging a raging bull away from the Graham home. Kids. They're always fighting about something. Although, they seldom say things about killing one another. Whatever had transpired between the duelist must be serious. Probably has to do with a girl. Yeah. Kids.

With nothing more to see they drift back into their homes; it took a struggle of tug-of-war but Zane finally managed to drag his brother back home as well.

"Will? Will?" Renee bounds into the living room after hearing the front door open. "Mrs. Graham just called and told me that you and her son had a fight?"

Zane snickered at the description because fight wasn't even close. To 'fight' would mean that both parties participated. Bishop barely registered that he was dragged outside.

"It's probably more accurate to say that Bishop got a beat down. Mom you should have seen it; it was like watching Clark Kent say fuck the cape, I'm gonna handle this myself- it was amazing!" Declared the excited twin.

The guilty party has yet to speak or even lift his gaze from the floor, not from out of shame but because he's so angry he really can't see straight. The coma left Will color blind, but right now Yakusoku can very vividly see red.

Already done with the pair's need to protect and answer for each other, Renee doesn't spare her second born a glance when saying, "Zane, go to your room,"

With protest, the teen groaned. "But I didn't do anything,"


Mouth agape, he hopes to distract her by saying, "But, dinner...?"

Never taking her cool blue eyes from the rebel with glasses on, she snips at his twin. "Fix your plate then take it upstairs, I wanna talk to your brother alone."

Dropping his head in defeat that he can't eavesdrop from the kitchen, Zane does as he's told.

"William, Elroy, Matson,"

'Uh oh.' Thinks the boy who's slowly plating his meal. 'Not only did she use the middle name, but she used dad's last name. Will is so thoroughly screwed.' Maybe it's best he do eat up in his bedroom; this will be much too gruesome on a full stomach.

He hurried through the field of land mines and bolted up the stairs.

"Have a seat," Renee ordered. "Will. SitDown."

Yakusoku reluctantly does so. He's still fuming- who could blame him?! He was played like a fool by the biggest piece of shit roaming the earth in disguise as a human. The true ruler of the position, Marissa Ashford, is six feet under now. He supposed the crowned Prince has just taken the throne. What is it with people doing shirty things to people he cares about?

'Is it me? Am I bringing on this type of insanity from others?' Wondered the Land teen. 'No one can seriously just be an ass like this...'

"I'm not gonna yell," began Mrs. Hyde. "I'm not gonna scream and rant about how wrong it is to beat up your friends,"

Yakusoku snorted his anger. Friend? Is she fucking for real! He'd sooner call a cannibal who's always asking 'what is your diet and weight' a friend than that SOB.

"Just tell me what happened to cause all of this,"

If towering over him is supposed to come off as supportive the woman needs lessons in bedside manners. Yakusoku has had enough of this bullshit for one day. And with a knife-sharpening glare he looked the woman, who is nowhere near his mother, dead in the eyes and says.

"Fuck you "

He then turned himself into an impenetrable fortress by crossing his arms and securing a none-shall-pass expression. However; no chew-out came, no fail-safe slap in the face for his defiance. His words were met with silence then tears.

"Every since you woke up from the coma I've been trying to right my wrongs as a parent to you boys, but it doesn't seem enough for you to notice. Will, I only want to help you, but you have to help me,"

Yakusoku clamped his mouth shut, but the situation then dawned on him that he could spin it in his favor. "Fine. I'll tell you. But you have to listen and not get mad,"

Renee's expression became grim. What could her son have to say that's bad enough to throw it out there that she can't react in a negative way? Drugs? Sex? Alcohol? All of the above- what?! What has changed her boy this much that she can no longer recognize him? She should bone-up on the defects of comatose states.

"I made friends with an older guy, we've been hanging out at his house,"

Here it comes. Drugs. Liquor. Maybe even sex with older girls whoring themselves to a minor- oh, she won't stand for that.

"We've been..." Yakusoku paused to slap on phony embarrassment about it to strengthen his story. "we've been watching pornography together."

"Oh my god." Came a sincerely embarrassed, but; also relieved response. If this was all there was between them then her fears could finally rest. The motherly-mother was no longer sure what was going on with her kids anymore and it was starting to scare and worry her. That perhaps she should hire outside help and get them to a psychiatrist. Will would never go alone, he'd want Zane there. "Why would you do something like that?"

"Mom... I'm thirteen years old," he replies as if that explained everything. But seeing the blank expression on her face, he understands that women don't get it the way men do, about growing up with a piece of equipment that sometimes likes to get excited just during sleep.

"And you've been doing that sort of thing over at this; how old is this young man?"


"Nineteen?!" Renee glared at her son in disbelief. "Will, how could you possibly-"

"Stop talking." Will hissed. "You just have to listen right now." Waiting for the intense look on her face to soften, Yakusoku continued on. "Bishop found out about it because he and Zane have been spying on us. The creep has a crush on me mom; he hated seeing me spending so much private time with a guy that wasn't him, that he'd do anything to stop it."

Renee braved herself for what would come next.

"Bishop heard Gev and me making sexual sounds while we mocked the porn video stars." He shrugged his shoulder. "Y'know, kissing and moaning sounds, just for fun," He was sure to stress that. "Bishop thought that we were actually doing it. He said he'd tell on us, said he'd give the recordings of our messing around to the police and have my friend arrested!" He wet his lips that have gone dry because he's unsure of whether or not he's being believed. "He blackmailed me with it by saying he'd drop the matter if I have sex with him."

Renee paled. There's no way that's true! But as she thought about it, it all started to piece together. Bishop has been coming over a lot more lately and luring her son out of the house with him. He sits far too close to Will for Arthur's liking, and they often go into the bedroom locking the door. What reason is there for that! Then there are the times when they're over at the Graham home...

Renee's hand came up to her mouth in the shock of horror. "Oh my god,"

"As if that wasn't bad enough, I told him what a dick he's been for that, and that if he wants to date me he should ask the right way- I went with him on a picnic, for Christ's sake!" He pounds his fist on the arm of the chair. "Just to find out that today he went to the cops about my friend anyway!" Looking Renee straight in the eyes with his hardened kill-glare, he adds. "And that is why you have to hear about my beating up Bishop."

Renee, angered now herself to know these things, can understand her son's volitile rage.

"So if you think I'm gonna apologize or feel bad, you're off your meds because its never gonna happen." Yakusoku informed the woman. "If I ever see him again, watch out."

Renee waved it off. "Don't be so dramatic, if your friend is innocent he'll be let off,"

"It doesn't matter if the charges get dropped! Just having the accusations there taints him. This is gonna follow him around in life, and Bishop knows that... I mean it, I don't ever want to see him again." He didn't need to add the severity of what would happen if he does.

It was then that the doorbell rang.

"Renee?" Mrs. Graham called through the door.

"Go on ahead and fix your dinner, I'll talk to Rose." She nods towards the kitchen them stairs. "Go on,"

Yakusoku left the couch and grabbed his food before exiting with haste. He doesn't even look back to see if his enemy is at the door with his mother, he'd rather not make a mess on the stairs throwing food before punches.

"Your boy had better be ready to apologize to my son, of there'll be trouble,"

"Oh really? Well, my son just got through explaining to me what the fight was about. Let me clue you in,"

Yakusoku stabbed at his tortellini, but as he ate it his anger calmed down. Pasta is very soothing, something about tomato sauce just relaxes his mind. He's got the laptop open and is researching the charges that can be filed against Gev. Hopefully it won't stay on record that he was accused of a sexual felony.

'This is all my fault. I can't believe I couldn't just listen to Gev and stop coming onto him.' He lowered his fork, the food suddenly lost its delicious taste and now it's merely something to stick in his mouth and chew and swallow in repeat. 'God, I didn't think we were being spied on. How would I know something like that?!' He sighed through his nose.

The fork tapped against the pasta, little bits of sauce splattered about the plate, bedding, and the leg of his pants that are folded before the gatling gun of food stuffs. At least bail is only 5,000 dollars. It's steep, but Gev could have that saved up. Thinking about the kind of person Gev is, he figured that it was a maybe not. His boyfriend likes to buy things, indulge all over the place, not save. He goes to concerts, and gets autographed items. He doesn't have the mindset of someone looking to retire like an adult. Gev's young and having fun.

He'd be right there with him. Ludwig, however, would keep things in the right for his irresponsible lovers. He'd sneak money from their paychecks or open secret accounts in their names. Ludwig is like that.

'I wonder if he's awake yet?' Yakusoku frowned. Stuffing a piece of pasta into his mouth he chewed and swallowed then repeats. He may no longer taste it, but it might not be a long ways away before he gets the feeling back in his tongue- why let it sit and get cold? 'I guess I'll have to avoid him, too, to keep shit like this from happening again. Dammit!'

A knock on the door caused him to close the screen down onto the keys to hide his activities. "Come in."

Zane poked his head into the room; he's dying to talk. He just happened to be returning his plate to the kitchen when his mother and Mrs. Graham were in the middle of their heated discussion about the fight, and he may have come to understand the situation- and then some. How dare Bishop sexually blackmail his brother and still end up betraying him! The guy is soulless! Not even he would pull some underhanded shit like that on someone. Why have sex with a person for a price of silence just to lose it all by being a dick? It seems some people have higher morals than others. Although, to be honest, he'd never do something as disgusting as sexual blackmail. He might just take a swipe at Bishop himself for using his brother like that.

Sitting on Will's bed, he plucked a piece of pasta from the plate and ate it. Will grimaced from the action and seemed to lose interest the meal. But he then continued eating.

"I'm sorry about what Bishop did to you," Zane admitted. "And I'm sorry for teaming up with him, but I didn't know what kind of a dirty guy he was."

Yakusoku spared the teen a belligerent look then finished his dinner by stabbing the last four curls of pasta with his fork to stuff into his mouth.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"


"You sure?"


"Because it's me here, not mom,"

"Oddly enough that makes me wanna clam up even further." Replied the let down older teen. "You spied on me, you ratted on me to mom and dad and Arthur, you refused to just let me have this one separation between us. Ya know, Zane, minus the sexual component, you're almost no better than Bishop."

"Don't say that, that's really hurtful."

"Yeah, well, you asked for it." He played the fork through the sauce left on the plate. "I thought we were brothers, but you just kept letting me down with this weird jealousy thing. Did you never stop to think it'd be alright to just hear about Gev and me until I invite you in?"

"Would you have?"

"I might have, until you expressed how weird it was then kept flying off the handle."

"I'm sorry, okay, I am." Zane put his hands together in prayer. "Please don't shut me out anymore,"

"We'll see."

"Want me to take that downstairs?"

"If you want,"

Grabbing the plate, Zane got up from the bed. "Mom's on your side, by the way. Mrs. Graham said her son would never do something like that, and that you're a sick son of a bitch to make something like that up."

"I'm a dumb son of a bitch for not recording us as collateral." Yakusoku muttered. "Guess I'm not as underhanded or sick to do something like that,"

Zane wondered if some of that snark was directed at him. But, he supposed there'd be snark aplenty towards the family that got a friend of Will's jailed just because they liked to watch porn together. He's so embarrassed. When Bishop told him that that's what was going on, he really wasn't sure if he could believe him. But, even their own mother believes in Will. And Bishop used something harmless against his brother just to get what he wants. Sick bastard.

Exiting Will's bedroom, he travelled downstairs to dump the dirty plate into the dishwasher.

"Mom? Are you gonna tell Arthur about this?"

"I have to," Renee informed. "He already feels like he's not really a part of this family because of you two idiots. I can't start leaving him out of things, too."

"Are you really disappointed in Will?"

"I don't know. I'm honestly disappointed in both of you,"

"What did I do?"

"You followed your brother around instead of telling me or your stepfather, so that we could handle it. And it's because of that, your brother was sexually harassed by that mess of a boy, Bishop Graham." She muttered about there should be a law against something like that and that she'd look into it. "Will, we all, could get dragged into this if it goes to court. Do you have any idea of how embarrassing that's going to be?"

Zane threw up his hands. He has no real say. But, yes, he supposed if people knew about it, and it got covered on the news or something, it'd be pretty damned embarrassing. Hopefully, it is a lie. And it'll all quietly blow over.

In Williamsport, Dove Ct.

Hakuo is still grounded for last month's upset; however, just because his cell phone was taken away doesn't mean that he's not allowed use of the home phone. It's why he's currently in the middle of a phone call with his son.

"Why are you afraid to be outside; don't you know it's summer vacation?" Hakuo is saying. "Want me to remove your kid license?"

"...It's just because," came the timid reply.

Hakuo isn't buying it, and declares. "Mmhm. Is it because of what I told you about pedophiles?"

Elias was quiet, slow to reply but, eventually, he admits. "Uh-huh,"

"Oh. But, you remember that I told you they're just people. You can't be afraid of someone- even if they're bigger than you or born with an extra head or something. Everyone can be taken down."

Elias sighed out his frustration. "But fighting is scary,"

Hakuo deadpans. "You are so getting enrolled in karate or taekwondo classes. Put your aunt on the phone."


When the line went silent on Elias's end, Hakuo hears the doorbell ring. Setting down the receiver, he dashed to the hall to see who it is.

"As requested," River D'Isidoro greeted Hakuo with a dimpled smile that's followed up with a firm hug. "Nice to see you."

"You too. Come in, I'm on the phone but I'll be off in a second," He returns to the living room followed by a short person's hurried pace.

A gasp cut through the air before the word "Kitty!" was announced.

River brought his daughter with him. He's not married, but young mistakes can't change a relationship, nor is the love of an accident any less real. He sits down in the armchair, listening without listening to their host requesting that his son be enrolled in martial arts classes.

The request must have been agreed upon because he thanked the person on the other end of the call before hanging up. "Elias." He explained. "I kind of scared him a bit with some 'real talk'. Can I get you something to eat or drink? We've got iced tea and orange juice, water if you don't want sweet. Plus, I baked all kinds of treats if you wanna take home a loaf or pan's worth of something?"

He stood from his seat and gestured with a hitchhiker's thumb towards the kitchen.

"Iced tea would be great, and she'll have some milk and a snack is okay; whatever you've got, but a small piece."

"Coming right up,"

He disappears into the kitchen for the refreshments. His parents will likely be upset by his inviting guests over, but there are some things that must be addressed in person. Besides, he didn't really break his sentencing, he's still at home, after all.

Setting down a wooden serving tray on the coffee table he dishes out the treats. For River one ice cold glass of tea, for his daughter the glass of milk and a slice of marble cake flavored with a combination of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla cream. He was going for a Mexican taste when he created it.

"Hakuo, this is my daughter, Toni Reyes. Toni, this is a friend of mine, Hakuo Krenn. And thank him for the cake,"

Toni cast her big brown eyes at him and said with a full mouth. "Thank you,"

"You're welcome," he smiled kindly at the girl who, when seeing it, smiled back in turn. "How old is she?"



Seeing the lack of sparkle in the eyes of the usually flatlined for expressions teen, he asked in concern. "How are you?"

Hakuo voiced a response with exasperated horse lips. "Unemployed, grounded for lying, no longer a virgin, and that leads me to the point of this requested reunion,"

River perked up hearing that. He thought this was just a meeting of pleasantries not a heat-seeking mission. "Oh? What's up?"

"After I spent the night with Gev," he politely began due to the ears of a minor, who may not be as invested in Nick Jr. as most children, though she definitely seems to be attentively watching Peppa Pig. "he went home some time after I'd gone home, but he was assaulted by someone in the parking lot."

"I see. But, what does that have to do with me?" River sounds and appears more curious than agitated.

"Was it you who attacked him?" He got to the point.

Shaking his head, the accused answered calmly. "No. Why do you ask?"

"Because Gev said the perp' had a Spanish accent,"

"A lot of people do. Should my racial feelings be hurt?" He smiled politely though the hurt was forming.

"Not exactly, I'm just ruling out the only Spaniard that I know. I don't blame you or even want to. I'm just covering the bases."

"Okay. Well, no, I didn't knife your Gev." Because Hakuo didn't call the guy boyfriend, so who knows what went on there exactly. "Although now I wish I had."

"Huh?" He's now wondering if it's he who should be insulted. Hakuo hates people who treat a misunderstanding with the response of doing what's been accused of them.

"If I had done it it would have been a misunderstanding. I would have thought I was somehow defending you. But now I'm worried someone is out to get you in some way again."

"I think you're right. There's this guy I went to breakfast with, he got hit by a car when he arrived at home." He gave a haughty response to River's raised brows. "Then this thing with Gev happens. These turn of events not being a coincidence is a little too great."

"I agree."

"I'm kind of scared now, having invited you over here."

River waved it off. "No one's thinking about me."

"I suppose not. But they could be watching and take your being over here the wrong way,"

"Did you tell the police?"

Hakuo nods. "Mom and dad, plus the cops themselves, told me to stop being so proud and use them. It's what they're for."

"They're right."

"I know. But, I just wish it wasn't so damned embarrassing," He rubbed the itch in his arms. "I'm nineteen years old, why are these creeps so hungry?"

River shrugged. "Maybe because you disappeared suddenly. Think about it that way; someone you like leaves or dies and suddenly they're the most important thing in your world because they'll never have a chance to just become average. Maybe they see you that way," he shrugged out his hand. "This could be their last chance to have anything with you."

"That makes an eerie amount of sense." He's quiet for a moment then says. "With any luck they'll stay hot for me, and leave Elias alone."

River silently agrees that it would be great if they leave Elias Krenn alone. It would be great if they leave Hakuo Krenn alone as well. But with these people, one never knows. He cast a sidelong look at Toni, envisioning all the things that had been put upon Hakuo happening to her, he nearly broke the glass of tea in his hand from squeezing it like he would the throat of someone he caught so much as complimenting the girl a little too much. Man and woman alike. No one is exempt from the crime. Women can be just as pedophelic as men when they're not snatching children for paternal reasons.

The rest of their visit was spent pleasantly. Hakuo talked with River about this and that, and he played with little Toni having borrowing his sisters old dolls that are kept in the attic in a box. Celes decided to keep them rather than throw them away. She'd meant to donate them, but never got around to it, apparently, because they're still in the house.

When they departed, Hakuo watched- not the father and daughter- but around the neighborhood for any cars or people who don't seem to belong. All seemed as usual. Sleepy new neighborhood, same boring neighbors, some are at work, the others are watching television or cleaning the, now empty of messmakers, homes. And other houses have occupants, but they're likely lounging or staring, uninterested, at nothing out of the window.

Binks meowed beside him, dying to get out and run in the yard. Scooping up the tiny ball of fur, he placed him over his shoulder like a petite duffle bag. "You can't just wander without a leash on, you'll get lost, kid."

Movement at his right caught his eye. Ah. Sunny.

Crossing the distance one house away, Hakuo approached his former friend slash prom date slash first decent kiss, and greeted him with a firm... "We need to talk,"

Sunny looked spooked by him, then nervous as he glanced around before replying. "What for?"

"Because this animosity between us is unnecessary,"

Sunny looked wet-slapped by that statement. "I don't have animosity towards you,"

Hakuo looked slapped as well, and mumbled. "Oh, it must just be me then," Shaking it off, he continues with his need to clear the air. "That's great! Then we can try for being friends again,"

He made a rejection-buzzer sound. "That's not gonna happen,"

"Why not?"

"Because it freaks me out," he said it as though it was so obvious. "What don't you get about the fact that it doesn't vibe with me that people- many people- were watching us without our knowing it? I'm afraid of you, Hakuo!"

"I understand that, but what's that got to do with me?"

"Hakuo, it's because of you!" He opens the door to his car. "That sort of thing doesn't happen with anyone else I hang out with,"

Hakuo heard his phone ringing inside the house. Nobody but Nathen calls him from around here, and he's at work right now. Which means it's one of the others back in Groton. Grabbing ahold of Sunny by the shirt to keep him from getting into his car and bolting he says. "This isn't over, Quispe, I'll wear you down."

"You won't," He dislodges Hakuo's hand from his shirt, then climbs into the vehicle. "I need to go to work. Good bye,"

"Good afternoon," he left out the 'dick' but hoped that the recipient knew it was intended to be there. "Some people can be so sensitive." Binks meowed as if he understood when really he likely just was hungry or thirsty and asked relief.

Returning to the house, he checked his phone for the caller, then used the landline to call Yakusoku back.

"Are you serious?" He asked when after greeting the caller with "If you're bored, I'm hanging up" he was bombarded with the events going on in their neck of the woods. "Well. That sucks. What is it with you three? I'm around you and you're all best behavior, but the minute I turn my back you're either run down, gunned down, jailed, or fighting with each other." He listened to Yakusoku, and shook his head slowly. "I'm grounded, dude. And besides, what does he think I can do?"

"Gev's hoping you can get the charges dropped by using your gift to convince the cops that he's innocent."

"The cops?"

"The cops, the Hydes," his exasperation was intense. "who fucking ever, just help him! ...Please."

"Of course I'll help him, I never said I wouldn't… But, it's gonna be damned impossible to convince my parents to let me come over there, without them thinking it's got something to do with my helping you guys with my extra special ability."

"Tell them you're visiting Elias,"

Visiting Elias, why didn't he think of that? "Brilliant idea, Land. I'll do that."

"Thank you, really, thank you." His relief is flooding over his senses.

"I doubt I can do anything, but I'll try."

"Okay. And hey,"

Knowing what the Land teen is going to say, he cuts him off. "No. Ludwig hasn't woken up yet."

"...Okay. Will you let me know when he does?"

"Yes. I promise."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now, get off the phone, I'm gonna call my parents and see if I can head over."

"Okay. Bye."

"Later." Hanging up, he lifts the receiver again and dials his father's work. "Hey Maxwell, is my dad there? Can you get him for me?"

He waits for his father to answer the phone. Through the open curtain he watched the neighbor watering his yard. He wondered if there was a point to it when the sun has dyed the lawn yellow green, but he supposed they have their reasons.

"Dad, I just got off the phone with Elias and he wanted to know if I could come over and see him?"

"Sure. But are you sure you wanna do that?"

"Yeah. I figure we'll stay inside just incase. Or we can hang out in the backyard, maybe go out in disguise," he joked. It was a very natural lie. Mostly because it could be true. This thing with Gev will likely not pan-out, he'll have free time after that, and he can see his son.

"Okay. When are you leaving?"

"Now would be good, I can be there by dinner,"

"I'll tell your mother. And hey, you behave like you know you're being watched." Trevor warned. "I don't want you over there straining yourself with your gift, do you understand?"

Hakuo sighed and quietly said. "Yes. I understand. I can't anyway, I'm tapped."

"Mhmm. See that you listen. Have a safe trip,"

"Thanks. I'll be back when I can."


He hung up the phone and hurried to his bedroom. Packing two extra outfits, not knowing how long he'll be over there, he then said goodbye to his sister and headed out of the house.

Groton, Ct. At the G.P.D. precinct.

Officer Malroy looked across the desk at the stone faced young man, who walked in dressed like a cartoon criminal. Purple slacks, a light green shirt and a dark green tie. What a fashion sense. Ha! Weirdo.

"I'm here on behalf of Gev London," the young man stated.

The officer cast a scrutinizing eye at the young man. He could not be serious? "Do you think that this is some kind of three-ring circus?"

Hakuo looked about the incident room then back at the officer behind the large wooden desk. "I hope not, the color scheme is lacking,"

"Do yourself a favor and go home, whatever this is will only get your friend in more trouble," he flicked his hand outward towards the exit behind the young man.

"I can assure you that this is not a joke, officer Malroy. I'd like to post the bail for my friend," Sitting back in the small leather seat, he crosses his legs then rests his overlapped hands on the elevated thigh. "Please tell me where to do so,"

"I'm serious, man, I could fucking kiss you for this," Gev is saying to his savior as they head through the parked cars about the precinct to get to Hakuo's vehicle that's parked across the street. "Hey," he turned the Krenn teen to face him when they reached the car, wrapping his arms around him he hugs him tightly and whispers in his ear. "Really, thank you."

"I'm just glad that I was able to help," he looked back the way they just came. "Adults treat you like bullshit just because you're young, well, I showed them."

With a big grin on his face, he clapped his friend's shoulders jauntily. "Damn right. I knew you were a rock star. When did your hocus pocus come back?"

Hakuo wagged his finger at the comment. "You're almost right, I'm a rock star but it wasn't due to hypnotism, I posted your bail."

Gev's jovial expression flattened. "What do you mean 'I posted your bail,' you didn't seriously bail me out?"

Hakuo nods. "Why would I lie?" Placing his hand on his friend's tense shoulder he squeezes it gently. "I told you that I'm tapped right now, and where I'd love to be your idol, I'm not that strong to bounce back when I've been disabled of my lifestyle for eleven years. I posted your bail… I'm not sorry."

He climbed into the car and closed the door. "Get in, I'll take you home,"

Gev could only stare, unresponsive. Shocked. Impressed. And oddly turned on. Walking around the car to the passengers side he climbed in and closed the door.

"What's your address?" he punched it into the GPS. He doesn't know his way around the area since Yakusoku's memories went with him. Thank God for modern technology.

"I'll pay you back, just tell me how much,"

Hakuo waved it off. "That's not necessary,"

"It is. You paid me back when I brought you home," Gev felt humbled by this kind gesture.

Why would Hakuo help him like this? Is it because of Mamoru's feelings still lingering inside of him? Or does the Krenn truly care about him for himself? Admittedly, when he wanted Hakuo called it was purely because he knew his strange abilities could help him, that they are the only thing that could. But to be made aware of these lengths… He'll have to revisit his opinion of the Krenn teen.

"Do you have 5,000 dollars?" he smiled teasingly.


"There you go, don't worry about it,"

Looking at Hakuo's get up he blinked. "Where'd you get the money? Did you rob a bank?"

Hakuo smirked. "Course not, I wore this because green is calming,"

"Uh huh, and the purple slacks?"

Grinning, he replied. "Power move,"

Gev shoved Hakuo by the side of his head. "Dork."

"I'm not kidding, purple is the color of royalty. It makes people listen. Green calms you, so you're not so tense."

"And a cartoon clown has nothing to do with it?"

"What? Joker doesn't wear this so often. That would be insulting to go around dressed as him and doing good deeds. Plus, I don't own an orange shirt." He chuckled. "I had the money in saving, I was gonna buy a car but my parents surprised me with one for graduation," he shrugged nonchalantly.



"My bike," he messes with the GPS. "take me to Zaxby's so I can get it," Gev yanked his hands through his unruly hair. "My ass is so fucking fired- shit!" his hand bashed the dashboard.

"It'll be okay. Just tell them you hit and ran or something," the car made a left at the light, they're six minutes from the eatery.

"Every fucking body on staff was there to listen, they know why I was taken in. Officer fucking friendly and grabby-handsy made sure of that,"

"That's too bad, but, hey," he gave him a reassuring smile. "It'll work out. The charges will be dropped by the Hydes, Yakusoku said he's working on them; that the truly damnable evidence was destroyed," The car pulled into the parking lot. "And I am going to see that you are acquitted of the crime because you didn't do anything wrong. And as for my payback, since you'll be let off through recognizance your bail is technically free."

"I'm supposed to know what that is?" he removes the seatbelt but remains seated.

"Granted you've never committed any major crimes, or other if your crimes were super minor then they have reason to hold you. Then there's the situation that you appear before a judge solely for hearing purposes. That's where Yaku's end comes through, and they drop the charges."

Gev could only be struck yet again humbled and silent. Leaning towards him, he kisses him so tenderly it caused Hakuo to blush. "Don't ever think that I don't like you,"

Hakuo laughed at that. It was nice to hear. So it would seem he now has three friends. Nathen, River, and Gev. "Just get your bike and let's get to your place,"

"Yes, dear." He chuckled as he exited the car.

Malique was right to have him recheck his feelings. He definitely can see himself falling for the Krenn.

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