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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Out Of The Frying Pan

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



Out Of The Frying Pan

I don’t think that was a good idea, Hulls,” says Michael.

And I’ve got to say I agree. For what does he do, that devil, THE Devil, whichever he is? He throws back his head and he laughs. If the smell of sulphur had been bad before, it now becomes much worse.

Run!” Adrian’s shout echoes through the air, and we all start to run once again. Pointlessly, of course, for everybody knows you cannot outrun the devil when he’s got his eye on you. No matter how fast our legs stride out, our arms pump, there he is, taunting and goading with his ceaseless mirth.

Would you ever shut up!”

It’s my own voice I hear, raised in desperation. Have I gone mad? I’m confronting the devil here. I know I have made a big mistake, even though he disappears. I’d seen it, that gleam in his eye that gave me a very good idea of exactly how foolish I had just been.

The others hadn’t caught that look, though. I was clapped on the back, hailed as a hero and hugged by Michael. I took it all in a kind of stunned silence. There was no sign of that creepy figure, but ahead of us stood a tower. I could not shake the feeling that we had just gone out of the frying pan straight in to the fire.

There did not seem to be anywhere else to go, so we walked towards it. It seemed innocuous enough and looked to be empty. Going by the windows, it was no more than four storeys high and was almost square in shape. I guessed it was meant to be square but the builders had had as good an eye as I have in judging whether a line is straight. There was an arched entrance, the red door of which was closed.

Shall I?” asked Adrian, as he gripped the door knocker. He never had a chance to let it drop though as the door swung open.

We were going to walk inside when a voice called: “I wouldn’t, if I were you!”

It was not the devil as the voice was young and female. How we’d not noticed the tree before is a mystery, but even if we had, I don’t think that we’d have spotted the girl who was sitting on a branch, next to a teddy bear.

She swung her legs backwards and forwards which gave even more of an impression of childlike abandon. The thing was, although she sat on the bottom branch, it was an awful long way above the ground. Her ears stood up from her head. Rabbit ears! Of course, they might not have been her own, but costume ones. Before I had a chance to ask, she spoke again.

Look up!”

And the four of us tipped back our heads to find a seething black cloud hanging right above the tower. It was strange, eerie, for the sun was still there, either setting or rising, I’m not sure which.

I’m sure I heard the teddy speak. “Someone’s gone and made him mad.”

Perhaps I imagined it, but I did not imagine that cackle that echoed around the sky instead of thunder. And I did not imagine the bolt of lightning that emerged from that cloud and hit the roof of the tower with what turned out to be some destructive force.

The roof cracked and shattered and we ran once again, dodging flying chunks of stone, burning pieces of wood. The tower had become an inferno. The flames leaped and danced, that devil’s face contained in each lick of flame.

The girl appeared to be gleefully clapping and cheering. What was wrong with her?

I think we might have tried to scale that tree too, if it had not been for her obvious enjoyment of our predicament. Oh, and there were no branches or handholds to be found anyway.

It’s going to blow!” Those words were definitely said by the stuffed bear.

Get down!” yelled Michael, and we all dived, hitting the ground at the exact moment that the tower exploded with one hell of a bang.

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