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This is the story-line I had hoped for, for the 200 word Flash-Fiction Contest, but it just wouldn't condense into 200 words. So I gave up and changed things. Hope it is enjoyable.

Submitted: June 18, 2019

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Submitted: June 18, 2019



What are you talking about, Taylor? You have a "To Die For" job," said the short, petite, red head with green eyes and a pixie-like smile. Then she stated, "You go where you want, you do what you think is best, and you answer to no-one all during the project.

Taylor took a sip from her glass of wine and glanced at her friend, and then she said, "I told you before, Cathy, it isn't a job, it is a research assignment and it is finished. The Grant ran out at the end of the year and I entered my research data and my findings on my laptop. As soon as I get home I'll submit them. But until then, I'm on my own."

Cathy snickered a little, and replied, "Well just e-mail your findings, get a real job, and see the world. Better yet, do some traveling with me first. I have to meet some clients in Las Vegas next week, you could tag along and we could see the sights during my off-time.

Taylor shook her head, indicating a "No" answer, and replied, "I'm sorry Cathy, my mind is made up and I'm going home.

If I've learned anything at all while on this research assignment, it is this; I hate big cities and I'm not real fond of the inhabitants that live in them. They are rude, crude, and don't give a rats-ass about anyone. They just want what they want and heaven help who gets in their way. I've had it!

What is it that they say about home and the heart?"

Cathy replied, "Home is where the heart is, There's no place like home," yada, yada, yada.

But that doesn't mean that you have to go running back home right away. Stick around for awhile and let's have some fun before you go back to "Small Town America", or wherever you grew up. You know, we could have fun like we once did, like when we first met."

Taylor responded with a mini-trip down memory lane and their chance encounter, "I have to admit, we did have a good time. You have been the only bright spot in this otherwise dark underbelly of human existence. If not for you showing me around the city it might have taken a lot longer to finish my study. But it is over now and my mind is made up."

Taylor's cell-phone made a buzzing sound and she quickly glanced at it. That is when she took the last sip from her glass and stood up from the bar stool and stated, "Got to go girl friend, my ride to the airport is here and you know how I am about long goodbyes. So don't walk me out, just a big hug and I'm out of here."

Taylor reaches over and hugged her friend, and then she pick up her bags and headed out the door.

Outside the Cocktail Lounge Taylor tossed her travel luggage into a nearby  dumpster, then she got into a dark Limousine and fastened both her seat-belts.

Once in the vehicle she set coordinates on the digital display that was positioned in front of her, and a computer-voice stated, "Coordinates set for the Gamma-Four quadrant, light speed chosen. Please specify planet destination and type of hibernation desired."

Taylor made two other choices that were displayed on the screen, and then the vehicle departed.

As the vehicle passed under a dark underpass the clocking devise was deployed and the vehicle morphed into a spacecraft. It was soon making its way into space.


Meanwhile, back at the bar.


Cathy was about to finish her drink when a young athletic looking man seated him beside her. He motioned for the bartender to serve them two of whatever Cathy was drinking, and then he said, "Well, how did it go?"

Cathy smiled as she handed the man, her partner, Gary, a flash-drive. Then she stated, "I don't see how a race like the Cantonians can be so advanced and be so gullible at the same time.

She never suspected a thing. I was in and out of her laptop in a wipe and a flush; Cantonians take forever to take a dump.

The mini-explosive that I put in her purse should be signaling the 30 second detonation warning very soon. We don't want her taking any information home to Canton that they might use against us, so I'm afraid she had to be terminated."

Gary got a curious look on his face and inquired, "A detonation warning, what does that sound like?"

Cathy smiled and stated, "Oh, it makes no sound, it just flashes a little red light for the last 30 seconds."

Gary pointed in the direction of Cathy's purse and replied, "You mean like the light that is flashing next to your purse?"


Cathy looked and said, “Oh shit!!!





D. Thurmond / JEFalcon


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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